Pluto Transit to the Moon – Mine: Be Still, Swamp Thing

I was on the phone with Alexa. She knows some astrology…

“Yeah, I’m good,” I said. “I had a pretty good day, though I don’t do much but lie around in black clothes,” I laughed. ‘Don’t worry, it’s not like it may sound. I’m not depressed. I’m not depressed in the least. But this transit is turning out exactly as one of my astrologer pals said it would, last year. To hell with it. I’m just going to lie down in my black clothes and let it come to me.”

She laughed.

“Well actually, it seems this is what it takes. Everything is shifting inside and these things… pieces break loose and come to the surface and I like them quite a bit. I like what I am getting out of this, but it doesn’t seem conducive to the process to rush around all that much. It’s like I have to lie still and let the piece come into my into my psyche and I say… oh.” I snickered again. “I am remembering pieces, or things are coming together in my mind so I just lie around and let them and then every once in awhile I see a window and get up and write something. I mean, this weekend when my kids were gone. I’ve had a break for two days.”

“That sounds good.”

“Yeah, I think it’s good. But it’s like… have you seen Apocalypse Now?” I asked. As soon as I asked I knew there was no way she’d have seen in. She’s very airy and avoids Scorpio like the plague, so she says. She flipped her lid when I told her that her son had four planets in the sign, but anyway…

“No. I’ve never seen the whole thing.”

“Well the guy in there… it’s my favorite movie of all time and there is a still in this movie where this Special Forces guy, he’s in the swamp.”


“Yeah. I mean, he’s completely submerged. And then he rises up and his head come up out of the water all slimy.”

She laughed.

“Yep.” I laughed with her. “That’s me. That’s exactly what I’m doing with this Pluto transit. I come up from the swamp, write something and then go back down. And I don’t think people can tell which is… well, it’s surreal if I seem like a land animal at the moment.”

“I don’t think you could write like you do if your life wasn’t so hard. I mean you could write stuff that was funny but not the stuff you do. You have to access that emotion.”

“I agree! Just because I’m in black clothes… including a turtleneck, does not mean there is anything anyone should worry about. I’m okay. I’m comfortable, actually. And I’m getting pieces I don’t think I would get if I were moving around too fast. I mean, it’s a swamp. Once you’re in it you might as well be there. I think it suits me. Actually. I know it suits me. So anyway, no worries. You stay fluffy and I’ll stay here,” I said with a snort. “And now I better let you off the phone, in deference to your attention span.”

“Yeah, it’s short,” she said with a relieved chuckle. (double Gemini) “See ya.”


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