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  1. I’m more self-protective. Though there probably were situations in which I just jumped headlong without contemplating the possible consequences to my psyche, but those are very rare. There probably were situations where I thwarted myself, but that was lack of awareness and not self-destruction.

    How I feel about self-destructive people? First, I think they’re idiots than I try to be more compassionate and try to understand what pushed the self-destruct button.

    As for self-protective people, unless it’s taken to an extreme and the person is practically living in a bubble, then I’m fine with it.

  2. I don’t understand being self-destructive.

    I am self-protective. I feel my Aries Sun in mutual reception to my Leo Mars, which makes me want adventure. However, my Pisces is too prominent in my chart. I NEED a peaceful, calm life. My panic attacks keep me wanting to avoid anything that will knowingly make my life difficult.

    My Pluto is in Virgo 7th Conj Uranus. It is Trine Trans Pluto Cap 11th. I welcome change, even sudden change, as long as I know that it’s to rearrange my life to make it more orderly, and ultimately the way I want it – stable and within rules I am comfortable with.

  3. What is that saying about rushing in where angels fear to tread…my first instinct with self destructive people is to save them. I actually feel more connected with them than those who tend towards self-protection.

    I protect myself by maintaining independence…rather unconsciously I might add. Working now on bringing it to the light and acknowledging it.

  4. People might think that some of the actions I have taken in the past were self-destructive, when in reality (my reality) they were self-protective. What do I think about these? I think that people do what they need to do in order not to feel pain. In many minds, pain=death, and the ultimate irony is that some people choose death in order to make the pain go away. But suicide really is death. Pain can always be transformed.

  5. I think I am self-protective (in large part due to my Moon in Taurus, in the 4th house), but I am usually attracted to self-destructive types (Sun in the 8th house, Mars in Scorpio, Pluto in 10th conjunct Midheaven – seeking transformative experiences, healing?). In friendship and intimate relationships.

  6. moon in the 12th house. I don’t know that i am self destructive. i would say I am highly interested in the radical transformation (pluto in scorp in the first) of my self and others (7th.) People who are may or may not be on a spiritual path towards something greater – it can be frustrating to watch. I’m trying to drop my tendency to try and control them. I am self protective to a fault. I am likely to protect try to protect my siblings (Sun in the 3rd) and my partners. I think that others who are self protectors are trying to be safe in what seems like a dangerous world. I’m learning that sensitivity to danger may actually bring some of it on. This s a new idea for me that I’m still developing. Pre Saturn retn

  7. I do not feel I am self-destructive but I am certainly self-protective. Self-destructive people worry me, I can sympathize with the self-protective people though.

  8. Used to be self destructive in a self exploratory/denial way but now so excited about the future. Not even self-protective. Letting the light in :))

  9. The Self-detros are pertty worrying as Caroline has mentioned. I wouldnt want to get too close to someone like that, for obvious reasons. I think I can be self destructive due to some bad habits like smoking, and, unfortuneatly, putting myself in bad relationships. However, with pluto transiting my venus (exact now) I think I am more interested in protecting myself and allying myself with self protective people. Said enough to a broken, somewhat abusive, addictive and unhealthy thing in my life so I feel a bit better. Making better decisions and thinking about the future, at my Saturn square.

  10. Not self destructo in the least. Self protective…absolutely. With this 8th house stellium and Moon/Pluto, but your little tushy!

  11. I’m ultimately self-protective. “My body, my temple” goes for everything in my life – my relationships, my career, my mental health are all treated as being sacred.

    I can’t stomach self-destructive people. I get such bad vibes around them I remove myself from the picture. There are people I love but from a distance for this reason.

    As for self-protective people, I empathize with them. There’s a level of respect that I can build a solid relationship on.

  12. I often feel that self-destructive behavior is a cry for help. I feel it’s a subconscious form of slow suicide. My heart goes out to those living self-destructive lifestyles because I was there once.

    I’ve gotten more self-protective than I was in my youth. I guess I realize my limitations (boundaries) more than I did before and how important it is for my well being to guard them (myself) more. Don’t want to go overboard on this though and get paranoid. πŸ˜‰

  13. Mmm, thought about commenting in detail; but self-protective won out.
    It’s a fine line. Sometimes I think they can look very similar.
    So how do I feel about others…well either extreme can be hard to be around. No shape or dangerous shape vs too rigid a shape. I sympathise, I empathise, I can’t always be there. It’s hard to properly protect a self you don’t really like, I understand that.

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    pedro san pedro

    Self destructive, yet regenerative. Especially when it comes to work. I burn bridges, but I’m getting wiser and trying to burn them after I’ve already crossed -not half way through. Funny cause I work so hard too. (Thanks to my Saturn&Pluto in the 2nd). Maybe I’m self destructive with my image too… Pluto squares my chart ruler… My body is like a house trapped in an impending hurricane. I’m just waiting for it to blow over so I can pick through the wreckage and build something new.

  15. What is considered self-destructive?

    Avoiding taking care of my diabetes for 10 years, having been hospitalized twice, is definitely self-destructive.

    I don’t drink, rarely smoke tobacco, am not promiscuous, don’t self-mutilate, never tried to kill myself. Don’t drive so I’ve never endangered myself or others behind the wheel.

    However, I am currently unemployed, broke, live with my parents and I could have gone back to school this spring but I was too lazy/crazy/afraid/aggrivated to finish my paperwork in time.

    The last couple/few years I’ve been feeling self-destructive/apathetic after a bad encounter. Because, apparently, I don’t love myself.

    I loved myself enough to tell him no, but I guess not enough to mean it.

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    Anna in Canada

    I consider myself self-protective to a fault. I keep secrets to myself and I’m cautious about letting people into my life. Pluto in the 12th opposing Chiron in the 6th.

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    To an extent I am self-destructive, and I can be very self-protective.

    But I’m alot better than what I used to be years ago in the past haha.

    p.s. Can I buy a consult?

  18. I’m not self destructive. I’m overly self protective though. That might just be as bad sometimes as being self destructive.

  19. I am both. I swing back and forth. But because I do, I can’t judge others who are self-destructive. I don’t think any of us start out wanting to be. And we certainly have choices. Sometimes though, when there are things out of our control and we have no other options in the immediate, it can be the only answer. Especially if we don’t have any answers. Or support.

  20. I cop to being self-destructive. Doing things that I know are bad for me without thought for the consequences. I have pluto and jupiter square the Sun. And Sag moon. It’s a combination of impulsiveness, gambling instinct, and compulsiveness that kind of leads to the self-destruction. I’ve gotten a hold of this mechanism through studying astrology. I’ve seen self-destructive people and I’m general compassionate because I understand. I also empathize with the self-protective lot.

  21. Yes. Self-destructive.

    I don’t know the astrology of it, but it stems from feeling like I don’t ‘deserve’ to have or be something. I’ll mess up rather than live with the [consequences] of doing well.

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    I destroyed myself now I am trying to gain stability back. I am a self destructive with a few wild oppositions in my chart and tons of abuse in my childhood. I still think sometimes I am better off dead.

    I empathize with both types because I am a little bit of both. Everyone deserves sympathy I haven’t walked in anyones shoes to know why they are the way that they are

  23. @CArRiE “I often feel that self-destructive behavior is a cry for help. I feel it’s a subconscious form of slow suicide.”

    Yes! At the lowest point in my life, having lost everything (boyfriend, business, health, home), I continued to be self-destructive.

    For ex., I should have been mad at my boyfriend for leaving. But instead of punishing him, I punished *myself.* I self-destructed to the point of a severe mental breakdown. When will I feel I have suffered enough and why do I continue to punish myself? I’m really trying to figure this one out.

  24. I am NOT self destructive and I hate people who are. I do not comprehend anyone who does not have full faith in the future and would shoot themselves in the foot by throwing obstacles in their own path!!!
    I have chiron in the 7th and I married an alcoholic(I didn’t know it at first!) and that was hell, now our daughter(22) is messed up from living with him, and just finished 6 months of rehab. She really needs another 6 months. What a pain in the ass! What a waste! I hate it!

  25. PS: AS IF life were not hard enough as it is! I remember the 60’s, and I remember from then that often when people tried to commit suicide, they often failed, and were left worse off than ever before! Blind, incapacitated, etc…by their own hand! what idiocy! Put that same energy into moving ahead to what you want(be realistic, now!) and you at least are closer to attaining your desires. You can say you tried! You are alive! Thank God!

  26. I am pretty destructive but i guess i never went too far, I’m still alive.I don’t think I’m an idiot at all,but maybe i am wrong.Don’t get why people would hate someone who is self destructive since it’s actually none of their business. I’m also self protective in a way that i always keep a lot of things to myself.

    I’m leo sun scorpio moon.

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