Venus in Aries – True Stories

heart on fireVenus rules love. Aries is God of War, not love. Put Venus in one of the Mars ruled signs and then it starts to cook. It gets hot. Mars likes to fight. Venus in Aries makes war of love and love of war. My sister, a Pisces, has Venus in Aries…

One day, her husband answered a knock at the door of their home. Somebody was selling something I think. Anyway, he was at the door talking to this gal and my sister got some vibe she didn’t like.

My sister is a dancer, so the front room of their house was actually a studio with a hardwood floor. Catching the vibe, she picked up a chair and without a moment of hesitation, winged it across the room aimed at his knees.

The chair went sliding across the floor and BAM into his shins, nearly knocking him down like a bowling pin. He wheeled around in a flash of anger to look at her, but he couldn’t help it. All across his face was this stupid puppy dog “I love you” kind of look. He shut the door on the woman, without comment. This turned into foreplay for these two.

Know who told me this story?

He did. He was a Scorpio with an Aries rising. Aries hates a wimp and he was braggin’ on his woman for not taking any shit.

Do you have Venus in Aries? Tell us a story!

8 thoughts on “Venus in Aries – True Stories”

  1. My husband has Venus in Aries. And yes, he LOVES a good fight. That weirdo had fun in the Marine Corps boot camp. He loves to argue as well. I can’t stand that. Took a while to get over that hump. And he says he has always preferred strong tomboyish women. He ended up with this Sagittarius.

  2. I have Venus in Aries, (along with my Sun, Saturn, NN and Chiron) and I have been accused of loving to fight, but I always think I’m just talking, lol.

  3. Married to Aries for 35 years Scorpio rising “ He did not make love, he made war, he won every battle , but he lost the war”

  4. hmmm i dont know… i was with an Aries venus guy (Aries sun, close to Pisces) and he had Virgo moon, leo rising. He had sag mars so there was alot of fire. Although he had a virgo moon with stellium. He didnt like fighting to be honest. we hardly ever fought but when i was being difficult; he became upset he’d leave because he didnt like to fight.I thought that was a good thing though because he had alot of kindness in him. he was a good man to me, but my husband is better lol. my ex’s all had aries venus. I thought they liked the capricorn in me, but i think its my sagittarius they were bee-lining to. Because of the trine. And their virgo liked the capricorn (although i too have virgo)

    1. hmm also i jsut realized if one has ALOT of earth, it really dampens the fire a bit. helps alot. as if its more “controlled” fire, because earth is so steady.

  5. LOL…this reminds me of my mother.
    Venus in Aries, Taurus Sun..
    She found out my step father was 6 years younger than her, so she tossed all his clothes, plus his suitcase out the front door.
    The commotion in the house and all I was trying to do was watch The Fly (50)version on TV.
    Still makes me laugh 😃

  6. I am a venus in Aries, with my rising sign on the cusp of scorpio and Sag.. They always called me a little fire cracker lol as for my boyfriends, don’t double cross me, I will be the one to hit u with the car lol

  7. I got really interested reading this because my baby daughter is a Pisces, Venus in aries and also a dancer lol. I guess I got a glimpse of what could be. She’s explosive, only at home though so far. I’m an aries and don’t think much of it lol. My husband on the other hand thinks she’s nuts.

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