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zoomFirst, a warm welcome everyone who’s arrived here from Robert Phoenix’s Sunday Night Show. Please make yourself at home!

If you’re looking for some of the content I mentioned, please check the search page. Not the tabs which open up to display tags used on the site.  Whatever you’re curious about, chances are I’ve covered it.

I’m also heavily into psychology, psychopathy, pathology… 8th house stuff.  Hunting love, maintaining relationships and tactics for every situation imaginable are also key interests of mine.

If you like video content, I’m known for being succinct and candid. I’m a former card player and if I’ve got the ace, I’m going to throw it down. I don’t mind being provocative. Video tag

I’ve also maintained a newsletter for more than 10 years. I send short letters several times a week, designed to help you, significantly, in the two minutes it takes to read them. I respect your time!  Sign up here.

Regarding the show, I liked the topics and I’d like to do it again. I didn’t know what to expect so I wrote down something things I’m thinking about, that might be interesting to Robert’s audience. On or off his show, with your support, I’d like to get into some of this stuff.

  • Is romantic love a psy-op?
  • Culture wars as entertainment & the effect on the psyche
  • How do deal with life in a container… with the ceiling lowering down a little more each day.
  • The internet is a giant commercial so now what?
  • If the past is gone, how to recalibrate you life and be happy.
  • etc.

If you missed it, here you go: I come on about 30 minutes in.

Thanks, everyone. Robert, in particular!

30 thoughts on “Welcome, Astro Friends Of Robert Phoenix”

  1. Hello
    So enjoyed your conversation with Robert. Trust you both will have an opportunity to reconnect in the future for another exchange of experiences and ideas. Found them informative.

    Hello So enjoyed your conversation with Robert. Trust you will have another opportunity to have another “sit down” and exchange more of your experiences. Thanks

  2. Fiddlesticks! I missed this Elsa!😒I put it on my phone calendar but no notification came up. Will watch the replay here and by the sounds of it, you did great!!

  3. Thanks for the replay Elsa!! Was afraid I’d missed it… How wonderful to see the real you in conversation!! To hear of your struggles w/ media, your fun beginnings, your tenacity and heart for helping!!! wow wow wow!!!

  4. Elsa ! That was fantastic with Robert last night. He talks a lot, but we loved you together. <3 Please consider a monthly chat with him, (or more often if possible). I was cheering you on in the chat the entire time (wearetheones) because we need your viewpoint out there on podcasts, etc… You literally saved my life so to speak about 15-16 years ago when you answered a question about my husband leaving me with little kids. You were right!!!! I will always hold you in the highest regard for your abillity to see what others miss. You ROCK!!!

  5. Elsa you are just my type of person!!! I prefer one on one interactions with people in person, so I often don’t comment ALL that I’d really like to say, or sometimes at all, but let it suffice that I really appreciate your depth, curious nature, authenticity and rebelliousness. These are values I hold dear to my heart and I am so glad that Robert and you were able to get together and have a conversation for all of us to join in on because otherwise I never would have found your blog. These are challenging times for sure and I can relate to everything that you said. I hope the real ones of us can find each other and be a support system in the times ahead.

  6. Just watched this last evening and it was really good! Elsa, you hold your own. I like that Robert and you can debate a bit but bring more understanding to a subject. I do think you might do this more often as if what you say is true about Google searches (I use Duckduckgo for more privacy as they block Google tracking as well as other types), we’d hate not being able to see or hear from you in the future of whenever it could take place blogs get completely shut out. I truly hope this does not happen though!
    Anyway as AC says above – YOU ROCK!

  7. Just watched the replay Elsa, it was a really interesting chat, I loved your slant on aquarian themes. Happy Christmas 😊

  8. I lucked into catching this live (by not checking your email about it until 2 mins before it started). It was so fabulous to see you in real time and hear more about your growing up and astro connection and your “crises/trauma” approach to astrology. I could relate to so much (growing up without tv in a desolate area, wanting to use astrology to help people and help them move forward, etc.). One thing I kept thinking as you and Robert talked about tiktok and the short clips of astrology that have taken over parts of social media was the phrase “fast food astrology”. They’re giving tidbits of convenience that could work in a crunch but dont offer alot of substance or nutrition. I’ve followed you for years and appreciate the depth and wide array of information you cover. Thanks for putting yourself out there and sharing in such an honest, straightforward manner. I’ll be keeping an eye out for future talks and videos!

    1. Fast food astrology is a really good term: highly processed, manipulated taste that gives a quick dopamine hit, but is of superficial (without depth of individual consideration) value.

  9. Elsa, I can speak about how Pluto in Capricorn has hit my Moon. I am presently working on how I can take this microcosmic story and through my lens look at the wider territory of our nation but it will take a couple more days).

    Currently Pluto is on my n. Chiron. ( But that’s huge too & a story of it’s own).

    Transiting Pluto has hit my natal Moon and is presently on my natal Chiron as well.

    I worked in a medical environment and when the pandemic hit us I made the decision to retire a few months early because I am immunocompromised. It was a good decision. Though at the time I was shivering in my boots worried about the financial risk.

    Then a break-in occurred at 2:30AM in our home, ( I lived with my best friends). So lucky to still be alive & they didn’t come upstairs to ourvbedrooms. My roomies insisted that I could never afford a place of my own. After this I promptly & systematically set about finding and securing my own apartment 5 miles away from my “bad” neighborhood. (And it was statistically off the charts for a wide variety of criminal activity).

    I found my home after a bit of boots on the ground research too. Cheap, great landlord and cozy 1910 house with a studio that had storage, a laundromat in the basement & sociable tenants as well as one of them serving as the fix-it-man. Yes, Pluto’s underworld became immediately known in this hood also. ( Crack addicts and dealing.) But I was thankful for the appreciable improvement on my previous crime infested neigborhood. And it was full of gardeners! Always a good sign that had also drawn me to the hood.

    Pluto in Capricorn affected my physical body- it’s supportive structure too. I had gotten Rheumatoid Arthritis – a real wake up call. Pluto in Capricorn. Immediately researched that and bought the very last stationary bike in the sports store ,( during the pandemic). And then discovered a man named who is in recovery from it and applied his suggestions. I am in remission. I also lost a front tooth and that remains a bit traumatic because I can’t presently afford an implant, which the dentist says is the only option. I have given up on dating. I look like a pumpkin .

    So that’s the story of the hits of t. Pluto conjunct my Moon. I eventually retired and approximately after a 1 1/2 year wait I got off the waiting list to move into the safest neighborhood yet. I was “gifted” with a beautiful,spacious Section 8 apartment. And thank goodness- because I was scraping by with my savings which had dangerously dwindled. My friends call it the “penthouse”. The building is not tall – so it’s funny.

    I do have n.Pluto trine my n.Moon ( and n.Pluto also squares my n. Venus, so it all
    makes sense).

  10. Great seeing you and your exchange with Robert. You did well in spite of being a bit nervous. I never knew the two of you were connected in any way. It was nice seeing the two of you connect more completely. I appreciate the mutual support, generosity and respect you both have shown one another. That is a commodity more precious than gold. I have always been able to rely on you both as being real. Some of us value that above all else.

    1. Thanks! I had an old friend (40 year friendship) watch. He enjoyed it and thought, Robert and I were well matched. I was very engaged and interested on many levels.
      As for nerves, I did not know what to expect. I thought I would be able to see the chat… though it might have been a blessing that I couldn’t. Ultimately, I could just see the split screen. I found myself looking at Robert while he was speaking; also when I was speaking to him. I thought this probably looked weird on the front end, but did not want to use the time, concerned with my vanity! I also had (overnight) house guests arrive, just as I went on. It was a timing clash but again, I think it went well. I gave had 100% positive feedback, which is unusual.
      Thanks for listening.

  11. Last night when Robert was on Ground Zero, I was hoping he’d mention you, but no. So I’ll pop this page over to Clyde, maybe he’ll invite you on. You did a Fabulous job and look absolutely fantastic on screen!

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