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earthquakeSaturn and Uranus squared off in Fixed signs in 2021-22. Rules changed, reality changed, everyone’s sense of security was disrupted around the world. In fact, “space” (Uranus) became the rule (Saturn) with social distancing.

This “space” was enforced, even in extreme circumstances, causing people die alone and give birth alone… well, you know. You were there.

Many also suffered shocking (Uranus) rejection (Saturn) from their families… and their jobs and work peers as well.  Their security was done in a blink!

At this point, Uranus, The Awakener, has done it’s job (Saturn). Everyone is on to something, even if it’s not the same page! So what do we do now? Well, I’m willing to share what I what I think which is derived from considering human psychology.  As I write, I’m hoping this will not turn out to be a post I link in seven to ten years. These ideas are my own. I do not have “sources”.

Now I’m talking about everyday, normal people, where “normal” means “normal enough”.  Post an event like this, normal people come to realize their massive losses in terms of their families, their communities, their health, their money, you name it.  It’s at this point they want to find a way to connect again. There is a drive to rebuild their social connections.

I believe this is an innate in human beings. People are designed to work together in a complementary fashion.  Together, their power increases as does their happiness and satisfaction in life.

I think this is easy to see. Let’s say the worst happens… life is bereft and you need an egg. Your neighbor has one but he or she or whatever pronoun, did/did not/may have done something in 2021.  Are you going to hold your hate line or your rage line in 2023, 2024, 2025?  Maybe.  But most people are not and this is not because they are weak. Most likely it’s because they’ve learned not to let pride get in their way.  Subject of today’s newsletter – Ain’t No Stopping Us Now, We’re On The Move.

This goes along with my recent posts. Do I think it may get very bad, even worse? Of course! It may and it may not. Either way, I am a normal-enough human being and I know that isolating myself is not optimal!

I also know if you suffer from unending rage; it’s a personal problem. I mean, it’s yours to solve.
And if you can’t tolerate a person not holding the same opinion as you – same thing.  It’s your problem to solve, or not solve, as you please.  But it’s not my problem. I do not expect humanity to agree with me or else.

Last, no one is right about everything. To believe you are shows a total lack of humility and would also get you a nice mental health diagnosis. I’m not sure this is the best position to take.

We are living in a post Saturn Uranus square world. What are you going to do about it?

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  1. Wow. So many profound thoughts in this post Elsa! If one reads this post and is not halted by the wisdom you shared, one should reread it! I will be copying these thoughts in a notebook for frequent refreshing of it!

  2. I wholeheartedly agree with Taurus stellium. This post brilliantly illustrates what we have all been through and where it has left us, and what we can do about it. 👏

    1. I am in the middle of Uranus square my natal Leo Saturn transit, torn between old and new, absorbed in thoughts about the past and the future, learning to live in the present moment and blow away these thoughts, feeling exhausted but at the same time feeling free…

    2. Same with me… it’s been and it will be quite a ride- After plowing through my Moon, SN, Jupiter, Palmas, now Uranus is heading towards Mercury, Venus and Vesta.

  3. “if you suffer from unending rage; it’s a personal problem. I mean, it’s yours to solve.
    And if you can’t tolerate a person not holding the same opinion as you – same thing. It’s your problem to solve, or not solve, as you please. But it’s not my problem. ”

    I think this is going to be a continued lesson, hopefully more come to “get it.”

  4. This idea we will now just MORPH from here, keeps haunting me. Like the Americans did when Wilson enslaved them all with the “Federal” reserve; like Americans did when Roosevelt took away all their Gold – holy crap there should have been another revolution or civil war then – for the same outside evil was busy destroying our Constitution again. The War to end all wars – Crapped up Lie – it was the beginning that never ended! The only difference between a China and a USA is its Constitution, and it is the one thing the outside global bankers have been working to destroy since its inception from the Inside. Most people have forgot the NEED for it, and that is the danger and we keep not HONORING it or ANYTHING anymore and keep sliding into an Elite Cult eating GOOD, being the STARS, and the peons bowing to make sure their lives are great or getting raped so they can be a ‘star’. Where’s this all going to End? Total dystopia and the Earth cleaning herself of humanity again or will the Spirit integrate with the Flesh Finally for a Harmonious Existence with all life – the place where babies came from and old people go back to? Just a waste of time for that is the final Destination OF SPIRIT in the Material in Time, is all I can imagine. At the start of Covid, I honestly thought in a short time – the whole World was going to be cleansed and we were moving into Heaven On Earth – All People standing with truth, dignity and honor.
    It is the future, eventually for it is the energy which makes our body house us – the outside twists the inside up, till the time when the outside NURTURES the inside, shaping the child to understand the outside, and all things becomes stronger with age/time. It is the only thought I can come back to, it is all just a matter of time, sigh. The only real truth I have ever found was in music. I’ve trained my eye and ear, to be able to sing any note, if I can see it. If there is no music, I can pull out the melody and sing it – but I don’t ‘KNOW IF IT IS TRUTH’ in the moment for I have not heard the song before. Music has laws of intervals that if sung correctly, you hold the ‘recipe’ of how to replicate it. Singing, aMassing, is the only truly spiritual thing I know people can do and what all church’s are based upon – the Word. Well MUSIC came before the WORD and if all people can play and sing, then we will have a harmonious world.

  5. So good to see the words that described the Saturn Uranus square. At different points of the transit wasn’t sure I would come out of all of the intensity. Had uprising from my family and all the words were quite hurtful, at the time. The money was the scary part. “What if”was a deep fear, but came out standing on my feet. The entire time was exhausting, terrifying at times, challenging, exciting when I got my head clear about what might be going on. Then I sat upright with both fists clinched and ready to do battle. I had TR Saturn 10th H 25 Aq, square my natal Uranus 1st house. 25 TA. Then, perhaps for a “reality check”, TR Uranus 12th H conjunct my natal Saturn also 12H both at 14 TA. During the times of intensity I also had been doing some personal growth work. Believe that is what kept me able to continue takes the deepest breathes I knew how to do. The heaviness has moved off and I am feeling much more centered. Plus taking an exercise class.

  6. This reminds me of years ago, maybe 25 years ago, they started turning men on women and vice versa. I was offering advice back then. Women would write and say the hate men They’re bastards and such.

    I would respond, pointing out they were talking about half the population. That’s a lot of people to hate. So now, that’s resolved for the most part. But now we have this.

    I think it’s the same. We are divided by so many lines that were put in place by design.

    I hope that Saturn in Pisces blurs, then erases these lines and people respond to that. That a person be open to being open.

  7. With Uranus right on top of my ASC, I’ve never cared much about what most people (especially people connected with Government) think or say…But there’s been a definite loosening up in the last few weeks, as a lot of people suddenly realize that Government is not their friend, their friends are their friends…

  8. Do you think the Saturn square Uranus aspect was trying to teach us something though? That freedom (Uranus) is not an absolute, that if you use freedom without regard to the consequences (Saturn) it will bite you in the ass. You can’t have freedom without accountability.

    Say if you go to an all you can eat buffet. You have the freedom to eat what you like, unlimited. But you still have to deal with the consequences of a bigger waistline, and hit the gym the next day! No such thing as pure and undiluted freedom without consequence.

    Pluto is coming to Aquarius soon. Those who use freedom to corrupt, control others, or who use freedom as an excuse for their selfish behaviour (which many do) may find their freedom unexpectedly curtailed 🤔

    1. To add, Saturn has been in Aquarius for more than two years, I hope some of us humans have learnt something?

      Reminds me of an old friend, said whatever they wanted and acted like a jerk, because “it’s my freedom to”, and if people got offended, well they should learn to accept them for who they are and suck it up. I was the last friend out the door. This was 5 years ago. Having the freedom to act how they want, with no regard for consequences, left them absolutely friendless and alone.

      That’s an example of abusing freedom. Saturn has only been in Aquarius for 2 years. It will be handing over the reins to Pluto…. For 20 years!!

      What we do matters. How we affect others matters too. Have you freedom, but take accountability by still considering others. Let’s remember that lesson now 🙂

  9. “Do you think the Saturn square Uranus aspect was trying to teach us something though? That freedom (Uranus) is not an absolute, that if you use freedom without regard to the consequences (Saturn) it will bite you in the ass. You can’t have freedom without accountability.”

    Sounds valid to me.

  10. Wow…have just remembered a sharing on the net from lady who had a near death experience, went to the other side and was told the following:
    **2024 no more paper money. Crypto instead so that governments can track money.
    **2028 Donald Trump in power again. USA splits in half with half joining Canada. Trump will do away with world banking system and will print money for the USA.
    ** 2063 war. China will invade USA.

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