Pluto In Aquarius: Died Suddenly?

harmonic convergenceThe phrase, “Died suddenly” is trending around the world. I want to be clear here: I personally have no idea  if the reports of all these deaths are truth or fiction. I do know there is always something on the horizon that’s going to kill everyone.

I’ve been aware of this since I was a little girl.  Back then, there would be billboards along the highway, naming the dates of various catastrophic events, with creative names or inflated happenings. “Harmonic Convergence” for example.

Just since I’ve been blogging there was the Mayan calendar ending, Y2K, Comet Hale-Bopp, that situation in a late degree of Sagittarius… I can’t even remember what that point was called, but several astrologers ran with it and had nice careers for a couple years, advising people about the hologram threat. This is common and ongoing. Hairspray + ozone layer = wipeout (Pluto) humanity (Aquarius). Like I said, there’s always something.

With Saturn heading into Pisces, I expect all kinds of undermining via fear, but we’re talking about Pluto in Aquarius.  Uranus-ruled Aquarius is known to surprise and Pluto which is associated with death so you can see how this phrase comes up.

Some people may think this is foreshadowing but I’ve been around look enough to realize events can be planned to occur according to the astrology. Did you get that? It’s a chicken or the egg situation.  So it’s possible you’re being told “died suddenly” to scare you for no reason (Saturn in Pisces).

I don’t want to fight about this. I said it was possible and that much is undeniable.

What do you think?

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  1. The Jupiter-Pluto conjunction on the Galactic Centre at 27°Sagittarius?

    Haha yes I remember that well, being on my Ascendant. Nothing really earth-shattering happened, the only thing that “died” was my 30 a day smoking habit, which unfortunately got resurrected a year later 😞 (finally quit for good when Saturn crossed my Ascendant instead!)

    I will have to ponder on the rest of the article, as it’s intense and fascinating to read! Makes sense why my spidey senses are unusually high of late.

      1. No worries! I can’t think of anything about that conjunction that springs to mind, only when Pluto entered Capricorn a year or so later, then the world went South, with the global financial crisis.

        Back to now, I think I have a rough idea of what “various catastrophic event” people have in mind. Talking to non-Astrology folk (who are sceptical but open minded enough) when I tell them about Pluto in Aquarius, the FIRST thing that came to their minds were robots and artificial intelligence! And how that might turn quite dark.

        Also, the current situation with the “weather balloons” being blasted in the skies of late. People are starting to link them to UFOs, so I see a revival of interest in extra terrestrial life, aliens, even the paranormal. In a similar way to the Victorian era, when seances and mediumship became hugely popular. Occult interests (Pluto) may make a comeback.

  2. I woke up this morning to Spectrum’s internet down on Super Bowl Sunday. 5 hours of speculation and anxiety! Died suddenly and miraculously resurrected! Right here in my living room.

  3. With Saturn and Neptune in Pisces I can’t help but think of some sort of realization or reckoning about drugs, poisons and water. Locally they’re estimating pandemic level in the area by the parts detected in sewerage tests. Died suddenly sounds Pluto-Uranus. Across Aquarius- Taurus transformed collective values.

  4. People forget so easily.

    History of even just 5 yrs ago is forgotten, context is garbage I mean who needs it right!?…and nobody seems to be able to say it as it is – really as it is and believe me, I get it, who wants to have that on their shoulders.

    All so sad. Some nights i just think all of it is such BS including astrology cause it goes nowhere…just over there and over here then back to there and then spun around again with a different flavor 100 years later.

      1. Well I can say with certainty that no one remembers being in elementary school as a kid and suddenly classmates keeling over and dropping dead or sports mates suddenly collapsing or having multiple friends who’s parent all died around the same time. Who remembers this occurring – nobody- but these younger kids today will…

        Just saying context be gone and history will be faded and this will be the norm

        1. That’s true, but a lot of what we see is fabricated so how do you decide what is real and what is fake? And how do you know what killed these people and how, assuming they are dead?

          I really don’t know what is actually going on.
          The part I don’t grasp is how people choose what part to believe.

          For example, sports are fake, but the death on the field is real? I don’t know how people select these things to believe or disbelieve. I’m trying to understand.

          The controlled bollocks is no small thing. It’s equivalent to the regular bollocks and maybe bigger. I mean, they make bank either way. So we see all these people falling down dead or do we? Even if we do, what killed them? A shot? Black ops? Natural causes?

          Also, people did die when I was a kid. My best friend’s brother, for example. And parents died as well. And a dead body was found at my high school. One of my friends drove by her (dead) parents car accident, on a school bus coming back from her volleyball match. People do die.

          News did not travel around the world at that time and we all know about green screens and fake everything so I just don’t know.

          I do think people are sick and dying at a high rate but there are many explanations. Which is correct?

          I am not trying to give you as hard time. But I think these are legitimate questions.

          Stress is horrific. Psychosomatic illness is also real, plus the food we eat makes us sick… You see what I mean. How do you pin down a true cause of a true event in these conditions?

          One thing is for sure, it’s distracting. And while this is going on, our money is disappearing at a steadily increasing rate. Hmm.

          I’m sorry but I just don’t know how to get truth from liars. I really think there are small pieces of truth in a sea of lies.

          There are some things I feel I know are true but I have learned to be careful… Mostly due to the Saturn Uranus square over the last two years. There have been a lot of reversals.

          Many of people’s reliable sources are likely not reliable at all. This is something I actually know.

          I’m to a point where I trust people I know firsthand. I know quite a large number of them and most got the shot. No one has died suddenly.

          I’m not saying it hasn’t happened. I’m saying I don’t know because how would I?

          I am leery of pitching in to advance these scary but suspicious narratives of whatever type. I just don’t hop on band wagons, which is what I was implying in the post. I see too many things like this over too many years.

          1. I get everything you are saying. Thank you for taking the time to explain.

            Between my husband and I we know about a dozen+ people who are having major health issues this is across 2 states and 2 countries all this happened within the last 15 months or so. From cancers to brain bleeds, strokes and heart attacks and autoimmune collapse ranging from 23 yrs old to retirement age. We were caring for one gentleman and doing his groceries cause he cannot drive.

            In my world this is very real and we have a very small circle and live in a rural area.

          2. Elsa, I recommend the Youtube channel of Dr. John Campbell: Expert at medical data evaluation, one of the first to change his mind on the jabs. He has interviewed several of those embalmers. Extremely reliable. Never jumps to conclusions.
            You will be overloaded with great data by just selecting some of his videos. Martin Armstrong of is an outstanding source for guy next door stories of big happenings, give your email to get his free newsletter, and he sends 4-5 per night(I skip his market watch), but his understanding and experience with international banking is unparalleled. He used to interview all the presidents to see how well they understood what they were getting into, until he got to Bush Jr, when they said he was “stupid” but he had the name. He also developed the first real AI program that uses Pi to predict highs and lows in the markets, economies, countries, wars, etc. Martin Armstrong was jailed for not giving his program to the government when they demanded it from him- for 10 years-on contempt of court. He was approached to help take down Russia when Hillary was due to be President- you just have to listen to his stories. Those two perspectives are fundamental, honest and true, and will give you great awareness of where we are without any of sniveling. I have a scorpio stellium & Uranus asc, so I don’t suffer fools gladly. If you want real knowledge, try those two sources.

            1. Thank you Susan (and LN) for providing this, many people just dealing with what’s around them (like I) are having a hard time to even engage in the conversation anymore. Haven given my everything to my large family…I could care less anymore about the discussion, trying to prove anything…time will tell to some and not to others as it unfolds in real time- also if discernment is not there then hands up and shrug is my motto at this point.

              Being confronted with conversational pieces that try to make you question and undermine what you are actually living, observing, breathing and intuitively processing is quite manipulative. Ya i lost a friend back then, I lost people down the line. Did it happen over a STRETCH OF TIME yes, not condensed in few months and in numbers.

              That’s what happens, the ‘overload’ is so overwhelming that it tunes people out completely regardless of what they see, hear or question, process and live thru.

              1. It’s been my experience as well. I would simply like to say that I respect and appreciate you piping up. Looks like we have taken on the role of the shadow in a very real way. It’s been three years more or less I’ve worn this badge. It’s not as uncomfortable as it used to be but it has been a battlefront we’ve been on and the landmines are everywhere. After the war, nobody wants to talk about it.

              2. No not at all. This post/dialogue is like the micro of my macro and it’s been this way intensely for months. What is being expressed here all around represents the larger picture. I enjoy coming here and have been for years for good reason, you and the community.

            2. This is interesting. Thanks for these resources. You’re the second person to mention M Armstrong today. I had a “download” right before new years that there would be a draft of practically everyone including women and old people and he seems to think that’s going to happen too. Maybe a little too grim for this already grim thread.

  5. The last time Pluto was in Aquarius, there was the French Revolution. Doesn’t exactly give me warm and fuzzies… On the other hand, the US wrote up the Constitution. There is a theme here. Right now there is social unrest all over the place. I’m expecting it will come to a head.

  6. My daughter has a friend who works with her in home health in occupational therapy. His wife died suddenly. She was pregnant, full term,there were two massive blood clots. They saved the baby but the mother is gone. She was only 28 ys.old.
    The conditions surrounding death just ain’t what they used to be in a variety of ways.
    You can put your nose down to the ground and not look up but any way you parse it these stories are growing every day. I am really struggling with all of this personally. Its a thing that can’t be reconciled. I am devastated having already known too many people that are now merely a statistic. It’s a lot to carry.

    1. I’m sorry.
      I am definitely looking up. That’s why I posted this, and a previous thread in the forum.

      I don’t personally know an embalmer. If I did, I would ask them, directly, what is truly going on?

      I am here right now, attempting to crowd source information, from *real people. It’s a rare opportunity.

  7. I personally know that in last two years many people have passed away.
    Some as young as 35-40 years old.

    Every other day we get information of passing away of some colleagues or friends.
    It had been directly linked to the vaccines..
    Even available on VAERS the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting.
    Kindly see the Horrible side effects for yourselves..
    This was available on the first day itself.
    Unfortunately nobody wants to read the fine print.

  8. When I was in high school, woulda been around y2k, I can remember LOTS of people dying. At least 3 athletes died of heart stuff just in my freshman year. It was a big sports school. Turns out they were ALL messin’ with ‘roids.
    Something I was thinking of the other day.. Remember Alan Thicke? He was 69 and in great shape. Died shooting hoops or something with his son. That was in the before times in 2016. Imagine if it was in this current era, everyone would be conjecturing about what caused his death.
    People have heart attacks, sometimes when really young! And a lot of these major health issues people are having could just as easily be attributed to stress, pollution, crap food, sedentary lifestyle. I just saw a guy today having an overdose at a bus stop. He could very well be dead right now. The uh pharma product’s just the cherry on top.

  9. I think the recent events and our responses to them mark a shift in which each person has an opportunity to move from being relient on external information towards working from internal information, wisdom based in love. There is no truth outside us, it is to be found within. This process is painful because human development is structured based on interaction with the ‘other’ and in turning inward we must give up our attachments which are steeped in dependency on that other, which form forms parts of our personality that are socially constructed, and who, as we get older, takes on many forms – figures or autherites outside us. This giving up of dependency on the other leads to periods of disillusionment, suffering and grief – it is a death. But it also leads to connection with the true self and from that place we can interact and deduce what is true. You feel truth energetically. I’m not discounting that there are groups wishing to control global populations due to their own fearful personalities at the level of psychopathy, but it’s also a chance to personally grow in power by forming a better less fragmented relationship with ourselves.

  10. I must admit that some of my energy/ astrology circles had strong detections of immense change with the planetary action of 2020, but we didn’t know exactly what it would be. It wasn’t like it spread, but multiple people said, ‘yeah, my gut also tells me so!’

    It’s hard to say what is real and what is not. It’s hard not to feel something (fright, concern, etc.) at the current energies and this last new Moon, but I’m sure getting tired of feeling concerned.

    I’ve noticed the deaths of healthy people close to my age (middle age) and I don’t remember these things happening with my parents or their friends at all when they were my age. I definitely think the events of the last few years have ran people’s spirits into the ground, and their bodies followed. Hmm…

  11. Just acknowledging the fact that so many newscasters and athletes, teenagers and Thai Princesses have been felled in their prime after getting jabbed.
    I think people are finally getting the fact that the government/military industrial complex/ elites/ deep state are really in control, really doing things that defy logic if you cared about your fellow man, trying to deprive us of lifesaving time tested medicines, and funneling us towards toxic, deadly, expensive jabs that they have full immunity for, are funneling us towards dangerous, imperfect, electric vehicles all while electricity is becoming less and less dependable, etc.
    I feel like we all have dodged a bullet if we have survived so far, but that they are reloading and we are like fish in a barrel, which is why leaving the cities, going out to the country and becoming pioneers again is a good idea.

    1. Totally agree ,we are definitely not being told the truth.
      These were quickly made without sufficient testing.


      There are more links if you do a simple search.
      From all around the World.
      The Ugly Truth is hard to swallow

  12. In the last 2 weeks I have had a nephew at age 45 have a stroke. My stepdaughter who I am very close to lost a “son” a child she fostered from the age of 13 who was still living with her at 21. He died from a car accident yesterday. My sister died 3 months ago. So much death and sickness all around. so sad.

  13. I was sick for the last two weeks. Bad cold. I was told by an acquaintance it must be because of the train derailment in Ohio. I’m nowhere near it, but apparently the air made its way over here and made me and a bunch of other people have bad colds that lingered longer than usual. I’m not choosing to believe that. I did my rabbit hole work, now I need it to match up in real life. I do believe the died suddenly stuff is sinister, and I’ve experienced some of it in my life. But I also know a lot of people who appear to be doing just fine. I can’t waste my days on it anymore. Is there ever really a way to know? That said, my skepticism and distrust of authority will never leave me, save a rare few instances.

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