Mothers Estranged From Their Adult Children

mother and sonsHolding a grudge has become a way of life for many. I don’t know that my perspective is trustworthy on this as my family is given to blood feuds!  Also, my parents were both hard-core Aquarians and not prone to clinging. I’m going to offer it anyway, just start this conversation.

I just mentioned, Longstanding Disagreements, which has also become a way of life for people as well. But this loss of the mother / son and mother / daughter bond is really disturbing.  It’s one of the trends that’s really taken hold. The pain is astounding in many cases.  Further, there’s virtually no help, for those who would like to reconnect.

I favor healing these rifts if there is any possible way. I’m not talking about hanging with people who threaten you. I’m talking about possible stubbornness, fear of rejection, possible misunderstanding and the like.

It may be the parent needs to download some type of update, regarding the world today. The child may need to set aside some rage, the often arises during puberty.  Take another look at things from a more mature point of view.

Unfortunately, our culture does not encourage this for the same reasons as all the other negativity. It’s easier to control, sell to and even victimize a person who lacks family support.

I want to put this out here so people can discuss it, but also to say I work on these types of situations. It’s typical a person’s friends support and agree with them, never advocating for the other person, who likely has a reason not to contact, that at least has some validity.  This is why an outside perspective can really help.

Further, astrology is an enormous help.  Case in point, I just spoke with a gal with a child, overwhelmingly Gemini, Sagittarius and Aries.  This would be a person who really wants to have their own ideas, independent beliefs and such.

A tiny bit of knowledge like this may be all it takes to engage your loved one in a way they enjoy and appreciate.   Quit trying to connect to a point that doesn’t exist? It’s worth the effort.

We suffer as a culture when young people can’t benefit from their elders and vice versa. I mean the idea a 75 year old woman who needs to move to a smaller home, with 40 year old son who won’t help her is… dismal.

What do you know about this?

Mother and sons, on their way to school” by Ed Yourdon is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

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  1. Ouch. Going through this too. Daughter in law is …. oh well. Both son and D in Law have Uranus opposite Venus. Not sure if that’s relevant. My heart goes out to everyone going thru this.

  2. This is so sad and I hear of it too often. No family is perfect, and having strained relations at times is normal. Some family support is better than none.
    I can see the value of astrology assisting in such cases and I hope more people hear of this, and utilise this means to help them reconnect.

  3. I haven’t spoken to my mom in years, and it’s for the best.

    She’s a sag and I’m a capricorn. This is the second bout of no contact we have had. I wish things were different, but sadly they aren’t.

    1. I lost my mother early in 2019. I’ve missed her every day. I also deeply regret the years I was distant from her emotionally.

      If I could, I would go back and change my behavior.

      It was foolishness on my part.

      1. Thank you for your reply, I’m sorry you lost your mother.

        I wish it were as simple as me being stubborn. She’s abusive and I finally escaped.

        1. I totally understand. Once my parents passed, I’ve tried to not say negatives about them but I totally get what you are saying.

          At some point hopefully this will come full circle for you. As in, she will see that abusive behavior is not the way to connect. Hoping for you.

          It was cyclical for us. My mom was a major Cancer. Most of her planets fell in my 6th house. (8 in water, mostly cancer). Breaking away was sometimes difficult!

          1. To avoid cutting her off completely, I tell myself that if she makes certain personal changes that there might be hope for a relationship in the future. We’ll see.

            Lol I’m a cancer moon in my 10th house, so that’s very maternal. I can’t help but pity her and want to fix her life, even though she’s abusive and self-centred. That’s gotta be the cancer moon talking 🙂

      2. SO sorry, Paula….I understand this place too well. Whatever you do, try to give yourself a break by recalling a good moment here and there, rather than continuing to dwell on what you should have/could have done as that is so personally hurtful and will keep solidifying the negative scenario exclusively.Try to remember, if you think back to a particular pleasant moment or memory with your Mom, she surely felt the same.

        1. I do. The (last) year she was so sick and had dementia. she was so precious to me. Nothing mattered but being there for her as much as I could. Believe me , I have come around on this over the last several years. Thank you for taking the time to remind me. Can’t get enough reminders!!

  4. I’m estranged from my mother for 30 years, occasional spurts of hello or happy birthday but nothing more. Not by my choice. It’s so hurtful because as a mom myself I couldn’t imagine not connecting with my children on a frequent basis. Oh well maybe you become the parent you never had

    1. I know what you mean, Isabella.

      I’m childfree but cannot fathom being the type of mother who doesn’t try to repair the relationship with her kids.

      You become the person who would have saved you. And folks like us, without stable moms, have extra love to give.

  5. Extremely tough subject for me. My mom was severely addicted to Soma, as in the Soma coma. My entire life growing up, it was all I knew of her. One minute she would be fine, then boom, she was completely knocked out cold and I was alone, helpless. I remember pouring a bit of water on her head and face, attempting to wake her, but it was a muscle relaxant and a bit like anesthesia. She always put me in dangerous situations, I resented her greatly for it. My dad basically abandoned us. At 17, I remember crying on the phone to him, begging him to take me in, because of it, but his wife refused to allow me so he said no. My mom finally sobered up, long after I left home to join the military, and was stationed a ways away. Then she became this completely different person who I did not recognize. She worked, had loads of friends, maintained a clean and orderly house, travelled and tried her best to be the mother she wanted to be. Unfortunately, it was too late and I just completely used her and abused her. I disregarded her kindness and too advantage of her generosity. I acted like a drug addict, except the only thing I was on was marijuana. I wish so bad I could have a do over, but unfortunately she died suddenly when I was 30. I am 60 now, my own grown only child son, barely tolerates me mostly. I don’t say anything, because I understand that I hurt him too. Not being parented properly in the first place, I have terrible personality issues that plague me, and I am 60 yrs. old now.

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      Hildagard's Noviciate

      I had the same situation with my son. I had a period where I distance myself from him because I was watching my mom slowly decline from dementia. I wasn’t available for him to deal with the grief he was feeling. I sorely regreted it
      I had to recognize that he now has the choice to have me in his life or not.
      I think alot of paŕents forget that. Parents look at their kids as owing them.

      My niece told me one of the most powerful things for parents do is to take ownership of what they did and be genuinely sorry AND say it to their kids dire tly. I apologized to my son and told him he has the choice to continue his relationship with me or no. I gave back the power I took from him when he didn’t have any. This help start the healing for us

  6. i was reading an article by a therapist on adult children estranged from their mothers and she was saying how in the 90s, if they were estranged it’s due to severe abuse in the family. but now it’s not so black and white. It’s a growing trend where there’s alot of damage in the family and the forgiveness is hard to come by, and it’s not all about severe abuse as in the cases in the 90s. i’m understanding the articles point to the damage of patriarchial society. “Women cannot respect their mothers in a society which degrades them.” this too goes to mothers and sons. if the child doesn’t learn to see his mother as respectable he will feel somehow want to hurt her through other women. I think that goes to the article here on this blog on men who hate women.

    1. I’d like to read that article. It brings up a new idea on the issue and I like reading new perspectives on old issues. Redundancy is taking over intellect too so anything new is good food IMO.

    2. Avatar
      Patricia B Schroder

      The insight about societal (and personal, for that matter) degradation and disrespect is profound.
      I don’t think the estrangement from my three children is irreparable but it is painful not having the easy give and take we once did.

  7. I’m estranged from my Capricorn son whose Sagittarius Moon is loosely opposite mine, and he has Chiron in Virgo in the 4H loosely conjunct my Ascendant. His Pisces father was an abusive narcissist, and when I found the courage to leave him he used abusive litigation to gain custody of our sons, which nearly destroyed me. However, my relationship with my sons was fine until they had their first and only girlfriends. My Capricorn son has a Scorpio girlfriend who’s very controlling and paranoid. She succeeded in isolating him from all his friends and family, including myself and his brother. It’s impossible to try and reconcile with someone who has blocked you.

    My Scorpio son has an Aquarius girlfriend who also isolated him from friends and family. She too is controlling and manipulative. I only get to see him briefly once every two years as a result.

    I’m noticing with this 90s generation, many of whom have a Capricorn stellium, that ironically they’re rejecting traditional family and instead live in a more isolated bubble with few friends. It’s saddening that they don’t have that diversity of relations across the generations, as the time will come when they too are old, and they’ll finally understand that humanity is about taking care of and learning from each other. Perhaps it’s because they were the first generation to be stuck at home with constant adult supervision?

  8. The thing is, the parents do not change or admit past mistakes or hurts. “Gaslighting” is big now but it really happens. “That didnt happen. Youre delusional. You’re always making things up.” And then the blame, the refusal to grow or change. It becomes just too much to compensate for. In my case there is substance abuse and of course boomer trauma from their own fraught childhoods. At a certain point complete shutdown becomes freedom from the emotional anchor. Whatever they have to offer in terms of lessons experience and knowledge is simply not worth it. Of course on the flipside the over-psychoanalyzation of everything has really muddled everything.

    1. Most people i know in no contact situations would gladly happily joyfully mend fences but how do you mend a fence with a brick wall? There’s the idea going around that all the boomers and gen xers have a little lead poisoning from exposure to lead their whole lives which has caused basically brain damage and emotional atrophy. It makes sense to me but then iwork with the general public haha. I just dont think most of us are walking away and never looking back. It simply becomes impossible.

      1. If you believe it’s impossible, you’re setting up a self-fulfilling prophecy. You easily say, you’re making it so.

        I don’t mean that in a critical way. It’s just that it probably *is* possible but if you don’t think so, you’re dead where you stand.

        1. You’d have to know my mother 😆 Its definitely possible of course. Im a natural defeatist. Every situaton is different. Things for me in my case i dont see the benefit of it as she will never “see” or respect me enough to try. Whatever learning happens isnt worth what i have to put in. But thats me. Me and them are talking a little now but from where i am sitting now i dont see us becoming close, not how she wants it. Im speaking from a childless childs perspctive, i think, from the opinions ive read, parents pain is much worse, none the less so because of the confusion of what they really did. But do they ask? Or attempt to adjust or atone when they hear the answer? Like i said everyone is different, love is the most important but it should lift up not wear away.

          1. I read another post from you Charlotte, that stayed with me for days…l kept thinking ‘l hope she is ok’. I understand where you are coming from. Love should lift up not wear away. True. Love is not submission to another. Look after yourself, Charlotte.

      2. I’ll offer a slightly different perspective, you don’t need to forgive or mend fences with people who abused you. Cptsd is real, boomers and genxers are struggling right now with thier children going low and nc because it opposes their constant patting themselves on the back. Boomers especially made choices that directly impacted thier children in a negative way, and when confronted they double and triple down on it, still claiming to be fathers /mothers of the century.

    1. not always the case in the bible (if you’re quoting) My favourite is the redemption son, who leaves home & fell down in life; the good son stayed home the whole time and helped around the farm and was diligent and did everything. I think it’s not so black and white in this case either, especially with humans who have complicated lives and relationships.

      1. The quote that I linked above, Mathew 10:34-42ff, are the words of Jesus Christ, and is clear as crystal. There is absolutely no ambiguity, AT ALL. It’s the story of Jesus and John the Baptist which is not often taught in Sunday school. Please read it again. I apologize that Jesus Christ remains so controversial. BTW, Buddha taught the same exact thing.

        1. i apologize too, i didnt take that quote i read as what you said, as parables and quotes from the book has more layers and deeper meaning and can be percieved differently. However, i took that as ‘worship me over your parents’ which really goes back to the ten commandments, ‘no other gods but me, no other idols but me’ suggestion. I guess if one does follow his heart and soul and loves, the commandments are easy peasy.

          1. Mark 10:18 Jesus says, “Why does thou call me good? Only God the father is good.”
            Clearly, he is telling his deciples NOT to worship him!
            He wants people to FOLLOW him. I think Muslims have a better understanding of this. Most Christians don’t pay any heed to what the Son of Man said. Your prodigal son parable means that rejoice is warranted when anyone returns to the straight and narrow path as per Jesus Christ.

  9. No contact with a parent is the last resort, and when a person finally gets to that point it is not without careful deliberation, anxiety, guilt, sleepless nights, and a heart that has been irreparably broken.

  10. I love that this is coming up, Elsa!
    I am the family scapegoat. My younger brother is the golden child. My mother is a martyr, part narcissist, NEVER wrong. Her years of being an alcoholic and favoring my brother to the Nth degree means she has abdicated a close mother-daughter relationship. Other women have filled that mother confidant role for me as best they could without being blood kin.
    Our moons are opposite, she is Cancer moon, I am Capricorn. I see this as our biggest astro-indication of not getting along. I read somewhere that opposite moons can be perfect balance or tug of war. They are 100% tug of war for us.
    We have had periods of not being in contact, and when I lived out of town I set the boundary that she could no longer stay with me to visit due to her drinking.
    My sense of duty (Capricorn moon?) and not wanting to feel any guilt when she dies means that I am LIVING with her right now (due to her recent health challenges) and it’s hell. I cannot wait to get away.
    She recently allowed her now-deceased younger bi-polar sister and her husband to send me very ugly texts, totally unprovoked by me. She did not stand up for me or tell them what they did was wrong. When I move away again it may be no contact or very little contact.

  11. I agree with Charlotte on this. It’s not for lack of trying. I’m almost 43, my parents, boomers. They’ve destroyed me in so many ways I can’t write a book today. Conservative Christian and entitled, they grew up when the most expensive thing about university was the text books, they had a wonderful life, full of adventure and money. I actually preferred my grandparents who grew up in the depression and spent every summer with them. They taught me about frugality, WWII, not spending but window shopping until the prices come down to what you’ll pay, my grandfather was a veterinarian, a joy to spend summers in a routine, up at 5 am, walk miles, work in garden, clean entire house and once or twice a week, help with animals at the clinic. My parents got tired of me as soon as they thought they broke their toy. Age 1. Almost died. My brother conceived the next month and he became the golden child. I was molested throughout Jr high while my parents envied their rich older friends with grown kids, I was often thrown in a room with an adult teen boy, 17-18, who had his way with me regularly. My parents told me to shut up and never talk about it. Fast forward years, grown up, they refused to pick me up when I begged them to save me from 1st husband who nearly choked me to death. Fast forward, I got pregnant. This is when gaslighting began. They actually… loved me?? So I thought. I spent years bending over backwards for them, forgave them etc, they wanted to see my kids all the time, 2nd husband btw. They got him a good job, I was told, stay home, home school, I did everything they wanted, lost a lot. Now I finally drew the line when they pushed me to bend over backwards for a third husband who spent all my money and was abusive. My father was constantly telling me, life long, projections, I’m difficult, controlling, hard to love, and men don’t like strong women. My mom is the center of attention, and she called me dramatic and too sensitive growing up and also accident prone, yet, no more ER visits when I got old enough to take care of myself and my kids never got injured from neglect like I did. My parent spent summer 2022 telling my daughter strong women are unlovable. Every woman she liked on TV like Emma and Regina on OUAT, bad, be like snow, like my mom… they called my son a sheep. Understand my “alpha” father brags on his individuality being the 1% while watching fox News, laughing at rape jokes in front of my kids who know how many men actually did that to me. My mom loves to make fun of rape culture and they know not just molestation occurred but i was raped by a number of men, a boss, a friend, and spousal rape repeatedly. It’s hard on my kids watching my parents constantly berate me, other women and yes they are racist and homophobic, I’m used to it, my kids, not so much, my brother is gay and they try to pray that away and refuse to let him come out. My son is a Gemini with Taurus and sag thrown in, difficult and cruel at times, but no sheep. What was the most destructive was finding out they sided with the men who abused me. Trying to convince my kids I’m the problem. Not understanding their dad and 3rd husband have been horrible to them and they had to tell me, they were the ones who made me stand up to the men. For them, I did. I have a libra stellium. Pluto in libra 12th house. Power struggles, what power? It’s always been taken by force and I’m literally broken. (physically) I loved my parents but realized they’ll never love me, only use me. They won’t change and lie to my kids, deny reality. Gaslighting. I have to fully submit or they break me until I do. My parents favorite past time is my dad telling me everything that’s wrong with me till I start crying and my mother dies laughing.. now in front of the kids. I won’t let them break my kids like they did me. Again, I finally stand up to others for my kids. People will think I endangered them by not doing it sooner but I was genuinely gaslit into believing I was the problem and I loved my parents and husbands enough to believe it. I don’t only resent my parents, I think they have a special place in hell. Demented evil psychopaths. Sorry, but there is no dealing with people if they refuse to. Narcissistic people are at pandemic levels. Our efforts only rnd up killing us with fight or flight until we break with ptsd, fibromyalgia, autoimmune disorders. Dance with the devil, you get burned.

  12. My son moved in with me 6 months ago so he could pay down Debt. {he is taking over the lease}. Now I just got an apt so my grandson’s girlfriend who has his newborn and a 2 and3 year can have a place to live. She had to leave her mom’s home because of a child endangering on her mom’s part which landed her in a shelter. So of course, upon leaving her mom’s home her mom turned into a major witch. She is a Scorpio with an Aries moon. {Shudder}. My life has become total drama in the last 4 months.

  13. I thank God we don’t have to deal with us..We talk with our boys, and sometimes their wives and kids, almost every day..I can’t imagine the awful and loveless alternative….But I know people who aren’t so lucky…

  14. In July 2010, I separated from and eventually divorced my ex, also the mother of our 2 children. At the time one boy was in college, and other still in high school. Ironically, both approved of the separation because they too were sick and tired of all the yelling and fighting.
    But . . . here I am 13 years later, and do you think my kids would even call me? Hell, no! Texting (which they approve of) and talking are 2 totally different things. I am the one who has to call, but it always goes to voice-mail. Then I typically get a text message response of “Whatsup?”
    With the Holi-Daze approaching, all it does is make things worse. They still don’t call, and expect me to call them, but they never answer!
    Personally, I’ve given up. For 13 years it was always up to me to drive the long distances to visit them. I’m 75 now, and driving 4-5 hours one way is too much for me.

    1. I hear you on the texting (yet still not responding), and not calling or answering. If a friend treated me the same way I’d ‘get the message’ and give up on the friendship. But you can’t do that when it’s your child, and their lack of interest or care is heartbreaking. I think they take it for granted that we’re there if they need us, but are too lacking in empathy to reciprocate.

  15. Also going through this. Very sudden detachment that was expected logically but then it just kept going into full on indifference and invisibility. We have autism in us as well so there is that dichotomy to deal with on top of it and I just feel like I woke up in another universe in 2012 and it has progressively morphed into many others leaving us/me suddenly stuck in this shitshow of madness and unanswered questions and lost puzzle pieces. I mean I am trying to decide the best way to off myself (truly- on bridges this week) because my kids are so indifferent that they are unaffected by anything relating to me (although they probably are indifferent to everyone not in their immediate circle but uh I created their existence and maintained it so…. come on). Whether homelessness, starvation, poverty, lack of safety, illness (chronic or otherwise), abuse, death in the family, pleads for help of any kind etc… I get nothing. NOTHING. They would die for their cats but mom is just vapor. But they both literally have said I was a great mom. I was inspiring and kind and supportive and yadda yadda yadda. It is the biggest mindfuck of my life and I know mindfucks -far too well- thank you very much. I thought maybe it was a money issue but then my dad died and I finally had that one chance to get TF out of my situation so I gave them each a small chunk of change (because my dad didn’t even acknowledge any of us for 20 years previous) and for a year I was ‘more visible’ but that tapered into invisible pretty fast again and Covid ripped my chance to GTFO (literally closed us down on the SAME DAY I got access to funds) and now I am on my last few hundred dollars nowhere to go no one to call no support at all and my kids are just weird dreams of a life that seems less real with every breath. Me with my narc parents (one dead one alive now), lack of siblings (technically-a brother in Japan who I never met who is just like my narc mom I hear), no social security coming my way as I was home taking care of my autistic son and anxiety ridden daughter (while working under the table) and bipolar/manic BF. Ugh. Writing it all just makes me ill. I have chronic illness issues from bad bones to a shot nervous system to inflammation in my soft tissue to migraines and bad spinal surgery to a mouth full of broken teeth, both eyes a mess due to a literal 1% chance issue ugh fuck me … I mean I am over it for real, but I can’t let go of wondering how just one sincere empathetic kind reliable intelligent human (that isn’t trying to manipulate me through my vulnerability or screw me) in my life might have saved me on every level, or any level, -like my grandfather saved me through my childhood with my insane narc drug dealing alcoholic mother and uninterested absent father and lack of safety or security. IT HAUNTS ME.
    But my kids… my babies… like how the fuck does that happen? They are now 35 and 31 btw. No grandchildren- so I got screwed there too. Sigh, I know this sounds self absorbed but I have had no one but myself to ‘talk to’ or anything else in a decade. I can not get myself out of this without help. Period. I’ve tried. And tried. And tried. I am fried or as my dad would have said, “Honey, you are screwed, blued and tattooed.”
    I can’t live on air and SNAP forever. I’ll be on the street soon enough and no one wants to be homeless in Los Angeles or anywhere. Been there done that in the 80’s. It sucks. I have let go of everything to keep myself alive leaving me nothing to work with anymore. My kids though. Of it all, and there is SO MUCH MORE, my kids will always be the deepest wound and mystery and love of this life.
    I’m an Aries, Gemini, Scorpio.
    My son is an Aries Taurus Sag
    My daughter is a Cancer Aries Scorpio.
    My mom is a Pisces Taurus Cancer (although she was adopted and her birth date hasn’t ever been proven to me but the birth index says she was born 4 days earlier which would have made her a double Pisces but she’s adamant that is not correct)
    My dad was a Taurus Pisces (unk birth time) so Leo if using noon as a reference point time.
    -Wow, I’ve never put all our charts in one list. My narc parents were literally polar opposites… –
    Anyway, if you actually have been told (I have asked many times to no avail, no response, or this new gaslighting technique to avoid conflict running rampant in our country) or know why your kids have become indifferent to you, consider yourself lucky because not knowing and feeling like they may not even know themselves is SUPER friggin’ insanity inducing. Black hole in the chest kind of madness. Something you can’t fix.
    And that there is my ‘snippet’ story of indifferent children in today’s screwed up world.

  16. OH, OH, this was me…it was angry, sad, fearful and lonely! There was abundant reason as many here are revealing, yet now I find my adult child being extremely distant. Perhaps she learned from me that was something one just does. I wish I knew. I did not learn it from my Mom, who loved her mother, only from how she treated me.

  17. I used to hover near the line of letting go of contact with my mom. It’s just hard when you can’t have a real discussion with someone; she’s very repressed and unconsciously represses everyone around her. I used to kind of think, well if I can’t be myself around someone, what’s the point? If we can’t even talk genuinely and authentically…however, I have let go of that expectation. I can be real with her in the capacity that it’s possible to, while recognizing and respecting her limitations. Not every relationship needs to be deep and meaningful. We can still get along and enjoy each other for the sake of our position in each other’s lives and I don’t want her to feel bad or to beat herself up about her mistakes. That would be totally counterproductive. My life is good and I am good, so her negative views on things do not need to affect me anymore. I can enjoy the parts of her that are positive and because we don’t live near each other, I can also get space easily when her projections become too much. I want her to be happy and to forgive herself and live her life the way she wants to, and now I can’t imagine shutting her out.

  18. I clearly remember my histrionic narcissistic mother jerking my little sister violently by the leg prior to every diaper change(while screaming at everyone around her). I only realized the physical damage she was wreaking upon us as children when I had my hip replaced and found they were at least 20% pulled from their sockets from that abuse. My Dad, who defended me from her abuse as a child, and deep into senility when he held my baby for the first time, said, “Nobody can say I don’t know how to hold a baby”. So, despite being no contact with her for 15 years, the feelings come welling up anyway. My tomato/tobacco allergy and severe colic? Probably from nursing while she smoked 2-3 packs a day. Who knows if I was suffering from a dislocated hip from her frustration with my screams, but the fact that she probably knew of it and hid it, rejecting me in fear of it being revealed, does eat at me. I did walk away, but realizing that the person who falsely accuses me of being a monster, is in fact, that monster, and the world is accepting of her lies, is a heavy burden.

  19. Gee Elsa, you lifted the lid of Pandora’s box and our lives came tumbling out. Both my parents Leo dad and Aquarius mum, were very damaged by pedophilia and our family kept a respectable well- dressed front to the world while behind the scenes about 50% of the time it was like living in dysfunctional hell for us kids. We lived beside the sea and as a young child, I used to float out playing Russian roulette with the sea ” Will it take me or will it bring me back.” It always brought me back on the tide so I had to go on living with them. My mother abandoned us, I abandoned my mood-disorder son. Now I’m 80 and he has shut the door on my existence. Amen. His Saturn sits right on my Leo moon. Deep down we love each other, I’d give him my liver if he needed it, but there is so much ancestral garbage in the way. I miss the adorable little boy he was, but not the man he became.

    1. Maria,
      You caught my attention with your words “and our lives came tumbling out”. Are you a professional writer?

      I had just started a post to Elsa that she nailed the energy. Then my post was promptly lost (which is when I saw your words.)

      I am amazed at the response!

      Nice to see astrology wisdom at work.

      1. Yes Paula a writer, painter and therapist. Great therapy for some of us to respond to this. Skeletons coming out of the closet. Cheers.

        1. Maria,

          That sounds like a trio of symbiotic (is that the right word?) energies.

          I took a painting class in college in the 70’s. Loved it.

          Yes this is great therapy. I’ve held back some because sometimes too much is too much. If you know what I mean. Cheers!


  20. Have faith all; different time’s different families different pain but remember
    Human will to live immeasurable we can feed our soul start deep breathing thru nose out thru mouth
    Engage where it feeds your soul baby steps thru your day we are all gonna figure out how much love we got to give, not trying to say we can forgive but forget
    Most for your day today, I too cast a chip on my shoulder until it chipped a front tooth, so shake the chip cover the crack
    Chin up stay safe and warm❤️frigid here

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