Love Tips From Taurus… Now Tips From Venus Neptune

love.jpgI am not sure I came across in the last blog so I am going to try again.

The soldier is extending himself. He is stretching because I am effusive and he is regular so he does not think I necessarily understand that he is content and he is right. I do not understand so basically he’s put his mind to how he might remedy this and he’s decided to try to learn this new language.

It’s a gesture like my learning to cook his home food and the main thing I see is people won’t do this. They will extend themselves if and only if the other person does x,y,z, proves a,b and c and love just does not thrive in that environment.

“If he would do this, then I would do that…”

Just do the damned thing!

Here is a tip for Venus Saturn (restriction) types from a Venus Neptune (higher octave of Venus type): If you are a loving person, you cannot go wrong. If you give your love freely regardless of what the other person does, you are never going to lack for a partner or people who love you. So what if someone withholds? So what if someone is limited? Does this mean you have to follow suit? I think that’s a mistake.

Give your love on faith knowing it will come back to you somehow from someone somewhere and even if it doesn’t you will still be better off then sitting in your bedroom, miserly counting beans and tit for tat. I have never understood withholding love, affection, sex or whatever… and I just mentioned this to the soldier:

conditions-and-per.jpg“…I am writing about people withhold love and affection,” I said. “They are not going to love you unless you do all these certain things. You have to meet some criteria and then they will turn on their love.”

“Well most people are like that,” he said.

“I know. They don’t realize it will never lead them to happiness so I am saying so. They are going to be loving only if certain conditions are met.”

“And even if you meet them, they still won’t do it.”

“No, they just come up with more conditions.”

Sorry, but this is a law of the universe. Loving people love, period. And if you are not a loving person what in the world makes you think someone will love you?

Are you a loving person?

27 thoughts on “Love Tips From Taurus… Now Tips From Venus Neptune”

  1. I don’t love easily or half-heartedly. I’ve actually kept all my relationships extremely lighthearted until I met the person I’m with now. But what I’ve realized about my current relationship is that it’s all or nothing, there is no medium or in between. I’m all about her.

    But, I do have my ideals, if they aren’t met, I can’t open up my heart like that. I’m very focused on the details of my relationship and I haven’t been disappointed nor do I think I will be in the future. I’m constantly voicing my affection for her. I’m loving in every aspect of the word.

    Elsa, I was wondering what you can tell me about venus in libra square neptune in Capricorn. What’s it like having that aspect? You have it, correct?

  2. “Elsa, I was wondering what you can tell me about venus in libra square neptune in Capricorn. What’s it like having that aspect? You have it, correct?”

    No, Diana. I have Venus in Leo (heart) square Neptune in Scorpio and no chance in hell of doing anything but walking ’round with an open heart.

    The rest of it comes from a Mars Mercury conjunction which is a whole different animal..

  3. I always gave my all and found myself out on a limb by myself. It tends to lead to me being taken advantage of.

    I try to hold back a bit, but honestly, it kills me to not wash a huge wave of affection at everyone I date. I’m not made to be calm and detached, yet it seems to be what everyone wants because it makes them feel less obligated to be adorable back to me.

  4. “(Unless you get involved with a serial killer or something I guess.)”

    And even then, you die with love in your heart… which is probably better than living with a heart full of hate.

  5. I dont withhold in any way personally, dont believe in it. However, there can come a point where everything youre putting out is being sucked into a giant black hole.. love and affection go in, nothing comes out. Kinda like a broken snack machine LOL

  6. Jessica – we saw this loud and clear when you sent your picture to Captain Gus.

    I mean, it just radiates off you and his wife got jealous by the way. ::smiles:: My kind of gal!

  7. Love, at its core, is unconditional. If people are attaching conditions to it, it’s not love anymore. “I’ll only love you if you do [x]” is a mockery.

    I have a crippled Venus (in Aries square Mars, Uranus, Saturn, and Neptune in 1st house Sag and square Chiron in 7th house Gemini) and even I know that withholding love kills it and giving it away keeps it alive. Yeah, you get hurt sometimes. So what? It’s not gonna kill you. (Unless you get involved with a serial killer or something I guess.)

  8. “And even then, you die with love in your heart… which is probably better than living with a heart full of hate.”

    This is assuming you haven’t stumbled upon his cache of bodies before he gets you, right?

  9. Jessica – Venus in Virgo sq Neptune in Sadge re: the Gus thing.

    Send (Virgo) your beauty (Venus) across the world (Sagittarius) in service (Neptune and Virgo).

    No wonder that picture was touched. 🙂

  10. This is the only concept that I have ever really, really understood. Venus (Virgo) square Neptune (Sagittarius). I would think this aspect would make me a whole lot more religious than I am…but no. Just full of love. I totally understand.

  11. I’m a very loving person. I did have a huge problem with the witholding thing (Mars/Moon sq Saturn maybe?) mostly out of fear. I let that go a long time ago, and it is amazing how much love you get back in return. Not just love from your mate..but from friends, family, and just general friendliness from strangers. It radiates.

  12. Wow, Elsa. And that Venus is in 3rd and Neptune in 6th. So, wow. Jesus, you’re good at that. I didn’t know what I was manifesting, that was just the first and only thing that occurred to me.

  13. I am a loving person. At times it is hard. I still love the fathers of my kids even though they don’t reciprocate. They have done so much to hurt me and in spite of that hurt I still have the love. My love isn’t conditional at all. EVER.

  14. Elsa, my Venus is in Scorpio. Sun, Venus and Neptune all in the 8th house….is that kind of the same as what you said? (post #3, walking around with an open heart)

  15. I dunno, this sounds like something that can be very easily misunderstood.

    I don’t put myself out where I can be hurt as much as I used to. I agree that it’s best to look at other people with love and forbearance when you can, but I used to just have no skin at all when it came to people.

    I finally had to come to a truce with the fact that I’m naturally sensitive, and if I’m going to make it through this world intact, I can only put so much of myself out there.

    Still. It is best to look upon people with love and forbearance. Just don’t turn into a doormat.

  16. what about venus square pluto? love will always be painful?

    i have a hard time loving, because it usually gets so overwhelming, i end up hurting for it.

    i withhold, very much so. maybe too much aquarius in my chart?

    i think some people are born loving by default; it comes naturally.

  17. “They are not going to love you unless you do all these certain things. You have to meet some criteria and then they will turn on their love.”

    You know, I’ve know people like this all my life and I just don’t get it. What the hell kind of love is this? This shouldn’t even qualify as love. It’s an insult to something as divine as Love – it defeats the entire meaning.

    I would rather be without personally, than to be ‘loved’ according to how I perform. Because in the end when they are finally ‘giving’ their love, it does not fulfill of course, because it is not sincere. Genuine love exists without expectations, reasons, definitions, limits. It does not turn on/off according to circumstance, cannot be increased or decreased – it just exists. A simple as that. It always bothers me when someone tells me that they love me because I am so X, or because I do Y. I don’t like being loved because of some function I serve in someone else’s life. It also scares me to think of what will happen if someday I can no longer fulfill that function. I don’t want anyone to love me because of something, I just want them to love me.

    “Well most people are like that.” Elsa, this makes me very sad. It makes me think that the majority of people come and go in this life hooking up, exchanging vows, having kids and yet it is all FALSE. It’s meaningless because at its core it is unconditional. How can anyone be happy with such relationships? They cannot stand over time, they just aren’t made out of something real. The only real security comes from unconditional love and support. Why would anyone accept/settle for anything else? There is no sustenance, no nourishment…it is all filler. Who wants a fake? At that point, you may as well be alone, because that’s how you’ll feel in the presence of a conditionally loving partner anyway.

  18. Lol, I made so many mistakes writing that comment. I meant conditional: “It’s meaningless because at its core it is unconditional”. Among other typos *sigh*. It’s that mercury rx I tell ya

  19. i love people who feel authentic to me. and then i don’t care about the details. if their clothes are dirty or where they went to school or what job they do, just as long as they’re real (and respect me.)

    i can love in a very abstract way, too. full of filios, i guess.

    but i have venus saturn _and_ venus neptune.

  20. Hey Jessica. I was subscribed to this and saw your comment. Yeah, thanks for bring me back to this. It’s timely, and it was a good one –

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