Saturn/Pluto Double Whammy

In the Spring of 1968 almost to the summer of 1969, Saturn and Pluto formed an inconjunct to each other, a 150 degree angle which signifies an irritating oil-and-water kind of configuration where both planets rub against each other, like an itch that can’t be scratched. It’s also called a quincunx.

Saturn was in Aries, the sign of it’s detriment, because Aries can be brash and bold and Saturn really prefers to do things in an orderly, controlled way. Pluto was in Virgo, more at home than Saturn was, because Virgo sextiles Pluto’s natural sign, Scorpio and it is natural to Pluto to think things through, deeply. So Pluto had the upper hand in that dance.

Right now, there’s an interesting thing happening to that quincunx. Transit Pluto in Capricorn squares that 1968-1969 Saturn in Aries. Transit Saturn in Sadge squares that Pluto in Virgo. This is quite a lot to handle! I’ve attached a chart, for a visual. I took out all the other planets because they can tend to clutter and distract from these 2 powerhouse transits.

When Saturn and Pluto combine, it’s a little like dynamite and cement meeting. There are going to be chunks of shrapnel flying! This can be an internal combustion, or if someone is power-hungry, it can be a coup.

I have a family member who was born during this time. The day after Thanksgiving, she stepped outside with 3 of her dogs following. One got tangled up in her legs and she came crashing down, breaking her tibia *and* fibula. She is someone who is incredibly active, and this accident brought her to a screeching halt. She is starting to weight-bear, finally but it completely derailed her. The frustration has been immense, to say the least. She has had to ask for help where she has never asked before. She’s had to endure pain she’s never even imagined.

Saturn in Aries is being cock-blocked by Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto in Virgo is being held, nose to grindstone, by Saturn in Sadge.

Were you born during this time? Are you feeling the dynamite more than the cement?


8 thoughts on “Saturn/Pluto Double Whammy”

  1. I was born March 20 1968, maybe just before this quincunx because it is not part of my chart. However, this past week there has been a lot of “dynamite” happening which has upset and affected me a lot more than it would normally. Things seem to go along just fine ancd then everything explodes out of the blue.

  2. Oh wow Diane, you’ve hit the nail right on the head! I was born on 27 Dec 1968 when Plito was stationary retrograde!! This energy is with me every day. I currently have these transits and at the moment I’m feeling the dynamite but the cement is ‘about’, but it is rather like molten lava that I can still manipulate and escape from. This is now, but the last nine months have been prison like cement – Pluto is conjunct my natal merc and square my saturn / moon conjunction in Aries. My youngest son and I are now at home ( after 9 months in hospital undergoing chemotherapy for leukhemia. this was tough beyond everything I have had to endure . . . and it’s not over entirely yet. I know prison like conditions (that moon saturn [and Vesta] stellium in in my 12th house.)and there’s bonds impending, people in power trying to shuffle me into their powerhouse corners but I’m dancing around these seismic shifts until I find the right balance. My natal uranus conjunct jupiter in libra square sun in cappy pushes me I and have to defy to get it right, not just for myself but for others and what I believe is the breakthrough needed to happen. Onward march . . .

  3. I thought that quincunx is 150 degrees and 135 is murderous aspect called sesquisquare ( often considered very important in criminal astrology)

    1. Alice, you are absolutely right. I was typing so fast and did not read over what I wrote. 135 degrees is the sesquiquadrate, or sesquisquare. It is an aspect of extreme ruthlessness and stubbornness, often to one’s detriment. You’d rather chew off your own arm than make a change with regard to the issues involved. I will ask Elsa to correct my error, and thanks for pointing it out. This Virgo appreciates it!

  4. This transit certainly describes our current political climate. In 1968 – 1969, the Vietnam War was still raging, and civil rights’ and women’s rights’ movements were at the fore.

  5. I would say that’s this is not only true about the planets but the signs playing each other. My suns in Virgo. The minute Saturn went into Sagittarius I started having intense health issues that lead to almost impairing my mobility. I was almost paralyzed by cysts that developed in my spine. I was on a walker just after 6 hospital stays; pneumonia and meningitis. Before this period I had never been in the hospital for a while. I’m only 31.

    Like your friend I never asked for any help; I’ve always been independent. Up to even know I’m still needing help and it cringes me inside to have to ask family, friends, institutions. I absolutely hate it. But as Saturns closer to the end of the sign my walking is improving I’m still using a cane and I hate the looks I get but I have faith I’ll recover fully despite what the doctors say.


    1. I am so sorry, Pepe!! But, I like to think that it’s important that we allow others to serve US and experience the joy of giving. That’s my Virgo way of guilting myself into accepting help.

  6. Thanks for this article and your friend’s story Diane! I was born in May ’68. Like your friend, I’ve been brought to a halt for almost a year now, due to cancer and 3 operations. Exactly like you said about your friend: unbelievable pain, and I was forced to ask for help which is something I’m not used to. And also like your friend, I’ve now started exercising, with weights also no less.

    I’ve noticed throughout my life that people with too much saturnian energy direct their bullying at me. Took me ages to learn to fight them back with my Pluto in 1st powerhouse.

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