Lunar Return – Your Monthlong Mood

I’ve been tracking my lunar returns for many years. I’ve come to see the charts as telling my monthlong mood or emotional state. I look at my lunar return to see how it’s going be for me, month to month.

For example, I am in a private phase right now. I am not doing much “reaching out” as they say, because I am some kind of alchemical process. I can look at next month’s lunar return chart and see that I am going to be far more visible, communicative and boisterous.

Minding lunar returns has taught me a lot of about flow and patience.  When someone goes does down or out or whatever, I give them a month. Two months. Whatever. Because these moods do come in and you may as well respect them. Not just you own but other people’s moods as well.

There is no sense trying to drag me onto a stage at this time, or make me talk to you about things I don’t want to talk about.  Next month, there will be no sense trying to get me to shut up, brood or be unhappy.

This is a really interesting area of study.  If you want to look into it, we have the lunar return reports which are very inexpensive, especially if you buy a year of them.  I think you’d be amazed at what you can learn and how your perspective can change via study of this very personal area of astrology.

Do you keep an eye on your lunar return?

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  1. No but it’s been on my to do for a while. I usually find the moon is at late degrees of a sign when i feel a shift but its not the same every month. Didn’t realise you did a lunar report. Going to check that now.

  2. I haven’t been but I’d like to. Do you think there is a big difference in interpretation if you are having a major transit to your Moon?

    Eg Pluto won’t be done with my Moon’s degree until late 2013. I wonder if a Lunar Report would be more or less helpful during this next year.

  3. I don’t know, Kash. The only thing I can really testify to is my own experience and these charts really help me in a number of ways.

    I guess, they are always important but sometimes your attention is called to something.

    I started printing mine about 3 or 4 years ago, thanks to some random impetus. I’m glad I did.

  4. I should keep a better watch on the moon considering how important she is to my chart. It’s one of those things I keep meaning to do and never actually do it.

  5. COOL. 🙂

    It’s nice to be reminded things are temporary. A month of “X” is no big deal. 🙂

    And if it’s fortunate, you know to extend yourself,

  6. Definitely, I can vouch for them as well.

    They’ve been very helpful by helping me focus on the stuff that matters along the month.
    Though these lunar reports give me insight on my emotional/inner life, the solar return one has surprised me the most because of its accuracy on timings and more mundane happenings along the year. =)

    It is funny reading them both after awhile and realise how much of it was “right on target”. It makes me rethink some decisions.

  7. These are very nice interpretations, too. Spot on — the reason I said that is because I was curious ( and not doing much) so I ordered this month’s report, not December’s. Just about summed it up, seriously 🙂

  8. Whoa…
    No, I don’t, but it has been the next topic I’ve been wanting to tackle in my astrology studies.

    How do you always do that, Elsa? Seriously!!! 😀

    I take this as a welcome kick in the tookus to get to it.

    @SaD – You said your moon is prominent in your chart. How so? (It’s always nice when you’ve already got something we have in common figured out…bwahahaha!)

  9. Just discovered your lunar reports and ordered one. This has been a real revelation! After tracking the general moon cycles for some time (new moon & full moon) this makes so much sense to me. Question: For charts with a prominent moon (e.g. cancer sun/cancer rising and a lot of moon aspects) could the return of the moon be considered just as important as the solar return? With cancer rising, a prominent saturn in cancer and my progressed sun close to conjunct my natal moon this is interesting stuff…

  10. I bought a years worth of lunar returns. I just passed over my last return in that bunch at the end of this month.
    These were an excellent learning tool. I was able to track mine and in turn, use the knowledge I gleaned from those reports to help interpret returns for others.
    This is how I worked with them. At the beginning of the return, I printed off the report for that month so I could get a general feel of how the month would be. I paid particular attention to the ASC in the return because I’ve found they are pretty significant. Then, at the end of the month, I went back and re-read the report making notes on how each reported aspect played out.
    Not only was it good practice for learning about lunar returns. But, it also solidified the beginner’s astrology information I already had as far as learning how certain energies play out for me.
    After a year, I learned how different aspects feel for me. I learned how to feel more satisfied by “living out” the ASC of the return. For example, this month, my ASC is in Cancer. So, I know that being around my family, cooking and being nurturing in general make me feel better. The ASC falls in my 5th natal, so children, creativity and romance also played a big role.
    As for the long-term influences (I think Kash asked about this) the report tells you each month “This will be in effect for several months” I had Neptune conjunct Moon and Pluto sextile Moon all year. Those aspects played out like background noise, if you will. They were constantly there. Neptune/Moon was best addressed by surrounding myself with positive people as often as I could and taking time to sort through my feelings,etc. Pluto sextile moon brought a depth to feeling and ability to heal from old wounds. I watched which house they fell in the lunar return to be able to tell more about what areas these types of things would occur.
    So, there ya go. One year of reports for an excellent price paid off in spades for me. I highly recommend them. Such a valuable tool!

  11. @Eix, I have Cancer rising and my moon is also the handle on my basket chart and my only public planet. Highly aspected, too, though I tend to forget about that. *looks at halo*

    With moon in Aquarius, square Uranus and trine Pluto, that equates to deep feelings that turn around in a split second! [That’s double the Aqua and treble the Pluto if anyone’s counting; moon in Aqua (1) aspecting Uranus (2) and moon in 8th (1) trine Pluto (2) in the 4th (3).] Any guide to give me a heads-up would be very appreciated and necessary for smoother interpersonal interactions! 😉

  12. Hi Elsa,

    I love the sound of the Lunar Report.

    I would like to order one but am moving from my current address this week. Do you email a copy of this report as well as post it?

    Kind wishes,


  13. SaDiablo,

    I hear you, I have the same combo plus my saturn in leo is t-boning it. Aqua moon has a unique ability to detach and be compulsive at the same time. If I had moon in a different sign I would be depressed every time when my t-square is activated, but I’m never depressed, I’m just pissed, angry, and do compulsive things in a dramatic way(got fired a couple of times because of that). I observed lots of Aqua suns and it takes muuuch longer for them to detach. And yeah, I use lunar returns all the time and I agree, it’s a very accurate tool.

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  15. I generally draw one up, but I’ve never found them to be that pertinent or useful, tbh. I’d LOVE to really rate them because the current kite/grand trine hangs over my MC and AC this month and next. 😀

  16. Also… anyone have any idea what to expect (if anything) when your lunar return MC falls over your natal ascendant?

  17. Elsa, do you use your current location or birthplace for lunar charts? And, why do you prefer the equal house system? Just curious…Thanks!

  18. @Scorpio, yes I use the current location for all secondary charts (returns and progressed).

    I prefer Equal based on 40 years experience. What I like about it is it has never failed me – not once. 🙂

    I started with koch (popular 40 years ago),switched to placidus when it became popular (about 25 years ago) and then started to experiment with Equal about 15 years ago.

    I played with Placidus / Equal for several years. Determined Equal was preferable with no doubt in my mind at all, and then switched even though it put me at odds with others.

  19. Interesting. I didn’t know you used equal houses, and the reading you gave me several years ago was spot on (and helpful). I’ll take a closer look; do a little study of my own. Thanks!

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