Lying To Undermine Someone – Neptune!

This is an old video about Neptune on the midheaven. It’s about being mistaken as an alcoholic. Someone told a number of people that I was drinker…hiding bottles under my sink, no less. Total lie.

I made this video about my experience. A couple days ago, someone watched this video on youtube. They left a comment that that the idea I was drunk was their first thought.

I’m not at all surprised. I realize I have this quality. It’s apparent in this video, for sure!

This also reminded me of this old story I wrote. It’s true and full of sex and swearing, so if you don’t like that, don’t click. But if you don’t mind that, it’s a pretty good story about Neptune transiting my (Capricorn) ascendant. Three parts.Wild Astrology In The Wild.  It’s about a Pisces and a Scorpio…who sort of met through me.

People interested in alcoholics will be particularly entertained.

Tell us about your Neptune transit.

9 thoughts on “Lying To Undermine Someone – Neptune!”

  1. I can tell you this Elsa: I know what alcoholism is…..I don’t think anyone can tell me something new about that. (I don’t drink a drop myself on the rebound). And I am sure you are NOT a alcoholic. Neither on the video. I seems not even like that to me.

  2. That makes me nuts when people make false accusations about anyone. I don’t care if they think it is cute, funny or whatever they may be thinking at the time. I have known people both men and women who were and are flaming substance abusers and I would never ever tell anyone that they were or that I believed they were. It is wrong on any level you can think of. What if they have an illness like diabetes and their medication is off and making them behave oddly or whatever there are a myriad of conditions that can cause someone to behave as if they were under the influence when they have a medical condition. It is just wrong period. Like the old saying goes when you assume you make an Ass out of you and me.

  3. I am a recovering alcoholic. Nobody knew. I think one person I dated has his suspicions but his brothers an active alcoholic and he knew the signs. Most people don’t know what they’re talking about when it comes to what makes an alcoholic. I grew up with an alcoholic and I am one and I still don’t know a ton. It’s still one of those taboo things in our culture that is just not widely understood. Plus I just think a lot of people make assumptions. Wild judgements based on shallow investigations.

  4. And even if you were an alcoholic what business is it of theirs? Even if a judgment is true it doesn’t make the act of judging any more righteous.

  5. Elsa, after “one night sleep” I think: your spirit is so fast,that your tongue is not able to keep it up! 🙂 That is great and there is nothing wrong with it. I think/feel you have a lot hardship in your life but I see a sparkle to. Are a people jalours on you?

  6. If this person told several people a lie, then this is deliberate – not a mistake.
    People believe what they want to believe, sometimes they know it’s a lie but still they pretend to believe it, because it makes THEM feel better about themselves.

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