Manipulating Energy – Death And Money: Pluto, Scorpio And The 8th House

I was talking to my husband about my position on the exchange of energy that takes place when someone dies…

“The idea you inherit energy is no different than when someone dies and someone else gets their money, This is something everyone understands. Some rich guy dies and his money goes out all over. Ultimately people are empowered by it. They get richer.”


“Okay, well money is just one form of energy. I’s not even particularly valuable if you ask me. I mean, it’s money but there are other forms of energy that I think are preferable.”

He stared.

“Money will never be priceless will it?” I asked. I grinned and he laughed.

“Exactly,” I said. “And we both know there are things that are priceless. There are all kinds of things money can’t begin to buy but you get what I am saying. A person dies and their energy is dispersed. It’s released and people wind up with it. And what they do with the energy could be anything. Most people waste energy, obviously. This is my opinion.”

He agreed.

“We agree but it’s irrelevant anyway. If people waste energy that’s their business. It’s their energy to waste but it will be a cold day in hell before I waste mine.”

He smiled.

“Yeah, because I paid for the stuff  and the price was very high. It was so high I’m not likely to be stupid, even if mistaken as such.”

Do you waste energy?

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5 thoughts on “Manipulating Energy – Death And Money: Pluto, Scorpio And The 8th House”

  1. That is absolutely brilliant and I have never equated money as a metaphor, so thanks for that Elsa! Perfectly illustrates what you’re saying.

    Do I waste energy? Well, I have my South Node in Aries, so I’ll let you guess (it makes me tired just thinking about what I’ve wasted)!

  2. Yeah, I waste energy worrying and doing things in my head but not in the world. The advantage of being able to do things in my head is that I can also go wonderful places there. I love, though, the theory that Elsa has shared about fear (i.e. the negative places I go in my head). If it is something serious, your palms will sweat/heart pound. That combined with a few mental questions like, “What are the chances of this happening?” helps to spare my energy.

    I have thought a low about shared energy too. I have often pondered the possibility that energy disperses and that we’re all made up of various soul’s energy. We have this linear view of energy and a soul. What if soul’s disperse? I’ve often wondered this and am so glad it has come up here. That can mean that we’re truly all one.

    Think of it this way also. We have ansestrial genetics (energy) from both our mother and father. That happens at the time of conception. What if death is a different type of conception? Maybe at death instead of something ceasing, what if something is born and it is born from various energy sources? Maybe certain energies merge and certain parts fall to the earth, the living.

    Curious if others ponder this too?


  3. Fabulous topic! I have, and do waste energy. I wonder what would happen if every time we caught ourselves running down these worn familiar worry paths, if we stopped and sent out some positive message. Like for instance let there be peace in Darfur. Just anything that is positive that you can think of.

  4. Tam,

    That’s a wonderful idea! It is almost like recycling. . . maybe more like “pre-cycling.”

    Turning worry energy into an instant blessing for someone who needs it. What a beautiful form of gratitude as well

    Thanks for this wonderful idea.


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