March 3, 2022: Venus, Mars, Pluto Conjunction – LOOK OUT!

Venus mars pluto conjunction in Capricorn March 2022I just wrote about the US Pluto Return. I explained how I did not thing the exact date was the thing to watch. There is a rotting process underway! I will seemingly contradict myself today, but I can explain.

Venus, Mars and Pluto will be conjunct at 27 degrees Capricorn on March 3rd. In this case, the date does matter… or rather, I would pay close attention between now and the end of the week.

The difference is the involvement of the faster moving planets. They often act as triggers of events, especially Mars.  This is also a very rare combo.  Pluto is extreme and Uranus is in Venus-ruled Taurus.

This is most likely a stock market thing… or crypto / digital currency (Uranus in Taurus). It may also be violent.

I’ve been talking about “cracks in the foundation” since Pluto went into Capricorn, more than ten years ago.  Plenty of time to address the problem but what happens if the situation is not address. Collapse?

This conjunction will also affect individuals, especially if you have planets in Cardinal signs.  But everyone might check the house in your chart where it falls for further insight.

There is also “karma” involved here, which can be good.  But it may also be comeuppance on the way. I love that word so much, I made a tag of it.

This conjunction hit my chart, profoundly. Yours?

45 thoughts on “March 3, 2022: Venus, Mars, Pluto Conjunction – LOOK OUT!”

  1. The guy got the kids to drink the Kool-Aid and resulted in a mass suicide?
    For some reason my grandson has been attached to the Ukraine incident he’s never been political or news oriented three days preceding he was excessively gaming with a new friend or friends now he tells me his friend died in Ukraine??? I’m terrified to think there is something going on with children ,teens young adults; they been isolated, abused by teachers breathless for control and ego , Covid now what?this event in Russia and Ukraine they are pulling at their heartstrings ,kids believe things they see
    Without any real connection to their physical world just the world in the computer/ phone??it’s frightening I think we should have a national day where we put down the phone.Koolaid kills

    1. My son also has made friends in Ukraine through video games. Our children have connected to people all over the world. My son has been quite distraught since this war began. I pray for the Ukrainian people.

  2. This transit is more of the same for the past 2 years. Total life transformation! Sun 26°, Venus 24° Capricorn. Every time the inner planets have been around Pluto since then, they have been disrupting my world. Natal Mars is 23.55° of Pisces, smack on top of where the Neptune/Jupiter conjunction will occur in April, making a sextile to all of this. I’m thinking the sun’s transit to that degree on March 14th will shed light on what I might expect? Not to mention the fact that my natal Pluto opposes that Mars at…27° Virgo! I have a grand trine in earth sign when you link up my moon to this at 21° Taurus. All my personal planets will ultimately be activated including Saturn who makes out of sign square from 2° Taurus and opposing Jupiter at 4° Scorpio which gets activated by Venus and Mars together when they get to Aquarius the following week! And transiting Saturn will be at 20° Aquarius square my moon in Taurus!! This month’s transits literally cannot miss me!!

  3. Its definitely interacting with my chart. The Pluto bunch lingering near my DC, with aspects to Mercury, Venus and Sun. And on 3rd of March my Saturn return is just exact. Looking out, for what ever, could be a good idea…

  4. Wow. I will have a packed Eighth house. Saturn and Mercury exact conjunction to my Natal Aquarius Sun at 19 degrees and Venus, Mars and Pluto at 27 degrees. this is actually occurring for me on March 2. Should I be paranoid? Should I hide under the covers for the day or two? Are come out swinging at windmills?

    1. me too, and my father passed away on Jan 16, victim of threats and an extortion scheme that the local prosecutor is investigating.

      A very Capricornian/Scorpian theme if you look at it.

      This house is psychological, rules intimacy matters, fear, the law.

      I´ve been wondering, if you see the truth, should there be fear?

  5. This actually bothers me a lot. I’ve been waiting/watching this transit nervously ever since I did my solar return/secondary progressed chart last year and noted the major transits.

    My natal Saturn is 27*21 Rx Capricorn and these 3 will all be on it – ugh! Real gains or real losses scares me; what more is going to be taken from me? Betrayal by others (as in work, natal Mars is in H10 3* from my MC and conjunct Pluto)! Mars is pretty strong at the moment as it is.

    I got stood down from New Year’s Day with no pay and not permitted to access any leave due to these ‘no jab, no job’ policies. Essentially, it is unpaid leave. I have never participated in a clinical trial in my life and will not start now. I watched 2 primary school classmates suffer directly from these (one was a thalidomide child and the other from polio vaccine; neither is alive now).

    Every letter I wrote to my employer, who is a Japanese company, was completely ignored by the Sydney HQ; not a single question answered, let alone a response. Just contemptuous silence from them.

    I have lost a job I enjoyed through nothing related to my work performance at all; lost due to a private, personal medical choice. I even got a bonus last year and probably would have received another this year as I had saved many thankful and congratulatory emails from my customer (I was a contract administrator).

    Employment was terminated via the ‘constructive dismissal’ process on Feb 3. I immediately lodged a Fair Work Commission complaint, which will not be heard until April 6; well after this triple conjunction.

    Australia has a Federal election that must be held by end of May. Oh boy, am I so looking forward to voting this time around! Liberal/National coalition are as useless as tits on a bull – that’s why they get labelled ‘fiberals’. Well, the PM, ‘Scotty from Marketing’ is a well known liar after all. As to the ALP/Greens, they’re no better. The worst states in Oz at present are all under the ALP dictators who are drunk on power trips.

    Oh well, only a couple of days to find out what will come at me next 0:) Maybe one of these many job applications I have made will come good. Fingers crossed 0:)

    1. Also consider launching your own business over the internet, be your own boss… that would be your rebirth, bringing you Joy and Gratitude about the past job… likely a badly needed passing.

      Stay ✨??Powerful⚔️✨ Louie2U!

  6. Holy cow. It is opposite my Saturn ???in 6th house, squares my Chiron 29Aries. Trines my Mercury, Venus, Vesta in Taurus 3rdH Placidus. I hope the expected pain will somehow not kill me.
    My area accepts now the wave of stressed refugees, circa 150 000 in PL, we have all hands on board. I am stressed by the war while providing professional help for others

  7. It’s trine my true node in taurus, mercury and saturn will be trine my sun and mercury that day, too. I’m not worried for myself, at least.
    When I was looking at 2022’s transits last July I made a note in my journal “sh*t hits the fan Feb 16-23.”

  8. This conjunction seems to me exactly like Putin launching nukes and I have been paralyzed with terror for several days now. Not especially expecting to be alive a week from now.

    1. Do yourself a favor and turn off the brainwashing ?machine and state “not my circus, not my ?Monkeys?” ?

      Really, seek to stay healthy and pay no mind to the on going terrorism mind control PsyOps coming from the sewage open pipe pouring into the living room. Just switch it off and go ??‍♀️Meditate??‍♂️ under a tree

    2. Avatar
      Clifton Greene

      Please don’t let the fear of
      an atomic bomb exchange with Russia overwhelm you. The effects on the world would be negligible as compared to the amount of nukes that have already been tested…,where%20the%20U.K.%20exploded%20nuclear
      This does not even include the pollution from uranium tipped “bunker busting” ordinance and fallout from melted down nuclear reactors. Since 1945, we have been living in a slowly moving nuclear holocaust. Still we’re all OK!!!!

      1. Avatar
        Clifton Greene

        Just one more thing, and I’m apologizing in advance for dark humor. Putin has, in effect, cured Covid. The media has something else sensational to talk about now.

  9. “Faith is the best defense against fear.” Thank you, Elsa!
    And thank your husband for cleaning up the Jonestown bodies and other things we do not want to see.

  10. I don’t know really…But there are two reasons for this lack of fear and trepidation I have. I switched off the news a while back as I think its controlled drama and much of it untrue/slanted towards creating more fear. Also this lovely conjunction is in exact sextile to my scorpio Venus in the ninth so its a deeper feeling of love for me. However the conjunction is in the twelfth so perhaps all the mess and terror is just hidden from me. All my friends and family are in a state of hysteria and cant understand my calmness, you know, its like they were waiting for some big event to have a terrible dramatic feeling about and now they can let rip and feel all those feelings, Like I say, I don’t know really…X

    1. Gratitude for staying in your ✨?Sovereign??✨ ✨??Power⚔️✨, Michelle

      You’re the same amongst the insane, that is needed.

    2. I think this looks a lot what I feel at the moment.
      It’s in my 12th house as well.
      My Venus/Sun/Jupiter in Scorpio 9th house (stellium) is involved too, but the conjunction also squares my Saturn/Pluto in Libra in the 8th house, so I don’t know.

      I too have switched off the news, Twitter and Facebook. It feeds me bad energy and it spikes my anxiety. Don’t need anymore of that. Boundaries, right?!

      So yeah, totally feeling this too….

  11. Please be very vigilant over family and acquaintances with suicidal tendencies, call them often and meet up.

    War of the sexes and also threesomes, plus it coincides with carnival! ??

    Let’s transmute all that cos people may be going nuts as if the world ends tomorrow, like the Devil is on the loose… wait ?

  12. 5:38 AM, March 2 and still awake. This conjuction drills deep with natal Venus at 27 degrees of Capricron, a nervous bow pulling at my heartstrings.

  13. It is exactly opposing my Sun.
    I feel that anything that doesn’t serve my highest good is being stripped away from me.
    It’s at this moment, mightly humbling.

  14. probably. five degrees off squaring my sun. hope my kids are ok. won’t see them for a couple days. (cap is in my fifth.)

    i need to restart my fire. maybe this will give me the kick i need.

  15. hits me square my sun/venus conjunction in taurus 9th house by 21/2 degrees and trine pluto in libra 2nd by 3 degrees

  16. I have ascendant 28° Capricorn, Already had fix T-square in my natal chart Such as 2° Scorpio moon. It might be a grand cross but I’m not sure. But this Venus and Mars in 4° Aquarius now is squaring my mercury 4° Taurus and soon will oppose my Mars and Pluto conjunction in Leo 9/10°. I’m almost 76 and I’m a nervous wreck. I’ve never been verbally cruel to my family like I was yesterday. Normally I choose my words very carefully. Oops. Even if someone forgives what you say, they will never forget it. The poem by Rudyard Kipling “if “comes to mind we should all adhere to. Thank you! My grandmother was a professional astrologer but I’m just a student. She wrote article for American astrology magazine “fate versus free will. “

      1. Thank you so much. Sorry about my tech typo. Oh of course I apologized, I’m still a sweet Taurus. Yes I’ve learned how to forgive myself. When Uranus hit my mercury I enjoyed the buzz. But it’s squaring my Mars and Pluto and the other T-square stuff. I can’t imagine what will happen if I live to see it hit my sun 22° Taurus. (I don’t like this square from Saturn transit, it keeps retrograding back-and-forth grinding on me lol.) But I don’t fear Uranus, I think it could be exciting… i’d like to hear the experiences of others that have had this transit But very few would be alive… My ascendant is intercepted by Aquarius it said, but not a lot of info on this. Can we see your chart anywhere? In my natal chart my Uranus is conjunct my Venus and north node in Gemini. Etc. blah blah~Just tell me to shut up???

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