Venus Conjunct Mars – Triggered!

triggeredI started writing about the current (long) Venus Mars conjunction nearly a year ago. There’s value in looking ahead but with the transit underway, various themes have emerged. Things I didn’t see coming for the most part. Specifically, people are getting trigged in relationship right now, big time.

As always, I am not excluded from this. In fact, the conjunction kicked off with Venus and Mars in Capricorn squaring my planet in Libra. I should have noticed and now I have.

When Venus and Mars in Capricorn hooked up with Pluto, a lot of people amputated or got amputated. In some cases it may have been an impulse (Mars Pluto) but in other cases, it’s been a slow burn.  A person builds up resentments and then KA-BAM!

In other cases, a person can be hurting and they take it out on someone else.  Hey! Let’s spread this pain around!

Beyond that, Venus/Mars/Pluto in Capricorn can be a bully.  You know the classic deal, “And the youngest beats the dog…” Ugh.

The conjunction in Capricorn is breaking up but it’s not too late to catch on to this.  I recommend it because the triggering deal will continue. It may not be as harsh (Pluto in Capricorn), but this might be made up in the unpredictability of it.

I say this because Venus and Mars are headed into Aquarius, where they will square Uranus in Taurus.  Details here:

The Venus Mars conjunction in Aquarius will act more like a hair trigger. The volatility will increase as it closes the square with Uranus.

As an example, someone might just GO OFF on you. If this happens, detaching may be the best option.  My idea here is to not invest in a fight that comes out of thin air?

The other shift to note is who will be triggered.  We’re flipping from the Cardinal signs to the Fixed signs. ::ducks::

As for other ways to use this energy, it’s pretty easy to do.  Try (Mars) to get along with others (Venus), for the the love of humanity (Aquarius/Uranus). Experiment with it. Change your reactions or your reactivity in general.

Hey, I know! Make love, not war!

Here are other details:

As for other ways to use this energy, it’s pretty easy to do.  Try (Mars) to get along with others (Venus), for the the love of humanity (Aquarius/Uranus). Experiment with it. Change your reactions or your reactivity in general.

How are you faring at this time. Have you cut someone off or been cut off yourself?  Have you been triggered or involved in something like this?  Got any ideas you can share?

20 thoughts on “Venus Conjunct Mars – Triggered!”

  1. I have been cut out by people.

    Not in a screaming battle ‘get out of my life kind of way’….more like…. ‘you as a person and the way you think is too challenging for me because you mirror things I am not open to seeing’

    So I was cut out BUT NOW I am the one doing the cutting as these people swing back around ~ karma’s a bitch! My energy is to valuable to waste.

    I can appreciate the cleansing period of the last 2 years as close minded people have been revealed. As they swing back, I kindly say NO because I choose to surround myself with folks who cultivate strong discernment and are open minded. Life in my neck of the woods is gardens, canning, planning, chickens, researching and building. There is tremendous strength in seeing thru the thick layer of BS in the world and i feel like I am reaping the rewards of that in so many ways.
    ~ True currency of the universe is energy, don’t let yourself be triggered or do the triggering it robs you of your focus in life.

    1. Well said Hazel- ‘Don’t let yourself be triggered or do the triggering- it robs you of your focus’. Truer words never said.

  2. I heard from my husband that a lady at the grocery store went off at the checkout because of the price of tomatoes. I mean, it *is* March…I guess she was having a rough day. Other than that, I’ve been doing more biting of my tongue than usual, but having some very productive conversations. When people are feeling edgy they’re more likely to tell you how they really feel. It’s good to know where you stand and stop avoiding talking about the elephant.

  3. My heart is broken. I am a late degree Cancer rising, so this has affected my Descendant and 7th house.

    I fell in lust/love with a distant supervisor at work, back in November. I have tried everything to seduce him. He blows hot and cold. Mostly cold. I now realize that I cannot continue to beat myself up over this loss.

    I have half a mind to quit. Unfortunately, another job is not waiting magically in the wings. I am embarking on my 2nd Saturn return currently. 8th house Saturn natal. Heart hurts as I approach my 59th birthday coming up late this Summer.

    1. This is exactly what I was talking about with the Pluto in Cap deal. It’s a hard no or ending or consolidation of some kind. I’m sorry you’re hurting, Sherry.

  4. Brilliant. Thank you. What you mentioned was actually my first New Years resolution in decades: “Change your reactions or your reactivity in general.”

  5. Right, even when negative energy blows your way , or close by ,still energy?
    It will fill your sail, where are you sailing? Only the wind knows, yes can feel like a vacant heart. Try reminding myself I am in a powerful love affair with the out of doors
    Yes I too prefer the kisses that make you dizzy but?
    I will share a little story ;walking my favorite new piece of beach I found
    A man passes , nice enough pats the dog tells me how he swims right in front lives right across the street new to our a little island continues to say would you like to walk again together, this is where I should of said, Sure I’ll catch next time I am around, but I said sure and he says tomorrow sure he says do you drink coffee sure sometimes would you like to have coffee tomorrow and then walk sure OK now tomorrow comes coffee was wonderful says would you like to see my house I’ve just renovated lovely little cottage lovely guy after the tour I’m ready to leave he landed to kiss on me one of those kisses really dizzy wonderful then he leans over my shoulder and locks the door says would you like a drink and I say open the door open the door because I could not do lock who asks somebody for a drink at 9 o’clock in the morning and locks the door so now I’m going to see my lover the great outdoors no locks no coffee no bozos

    1. I was laughing a bit reading this:) Seems some things never change LOL…unfortunately, in so many ar
      eas right now, the bozos seem to be driving the clown bus(!) 🙂

  6. Avatar
    elizabeth gannon

    Wow. My dog just had her front leg amputated two weeks ago. She had an osteosarcoma. I lost a 40 year friend over the whole thing who told me I should never have another dog – because I’m too emotional. I blasted her to Hell and back. She’s an Aquarian so she’ll be back when she has HER next crisis probably.

  7. This transit helped me find anger I had repressed. A decade-long relationship in my life was fully revealed as toxic and I was able to tap into a newfound love for self, which prompted me to actually find and express anger I had buried around the situation. Shitty, draining relationship amputated. Hallelujah!

  8. Avatar
    the laughing goat

    Last week a co-worker resurrected an old conflict (2.5 yrs old), which I thought was solved, and put a new spin on it. Out of the blue. I suspect it comes from a third party to which we were both friends of until I cut her out (she’s a Cancer literally and figuratively) in late fall. The third party has been covertly effing with me for months but to no avail. I suspect they are trying to get me to quit so the third party can take my hours. Not happening.

    Oh what a tangled web we weave….

    I’ll just wait for Karma to come around and quietly watch and smile.

  9. On March 5th, overwhelmed with a feeling of love with my heart wide open, tears gently fell… my boyfriend responded in helpless anger that led to an angry litany of things, all of which were extreme exaggerations. I stayed calm and in an I love you, let’s work this out place. He asked me to leave, texted my things could be picked up when he want home and then “bye”. I left the door open. Are breakups in response to this transit reparable? I imagine us getting back together in a more solidly committed scenario ultimately so it would be a “different” relationship but I don’t want to split hairs …

    1. I’m sorry, songmistress.
      Yes, I think things like this *can be reparable because they are sometimes impulsive, like the heat of the moment. But it’s also possible this has been simmering awhile and he just snapped. I hope it works out for you.

      1. Thank you so much for responding! Yes it was impulsive, though I wonder if it was building. I too hope it works out though I’m not sitting in wait. Love❤️

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