Mars and Your Drive To Meet Your Potential

Hannah S-Q writes regarding potential:

“Clearly, Elsa, you are living up to your potential!” 🙂

Hannah S-Q, thank you but I disagree. I am merely living. I don’t think there is a lid on potential. I think potential is endless and no matter how well I am doing I can always do better.

And in fact when someone raises the bar on me, that’s exactly what I do. I meet their expectations if at all possible, expanding my capacity and ability in the process. This is why it’s so important to hang with people who challenge you if you want to progress.

I will say I try very hard though. Living full bore is a way of life for me and it is deeply satisfying. Anything less would be… well I am just not interested.

What satisfies you? Where is your Mars?

11 thoughts on “Mars and Your Drive To Meet Your Potential”

  1. My Mars is so very not helpful when it comes to drive. It’s in Cancer, for fuck’s sake. My Aries does NOT know what to do with it. Fortunately, I’ve found a use for it at home, and in functioning with my guy. That’s about it though… I’d rather be at home being comfy and cozy on the sofa with a tv show and some munchies than out being ‘driven’ in a career or whatever.

    Though I gotta say, right now that might be heavily influenced by my way-pregnant belly. 😉

  2. I understand what you mean, Elsa. I don’t fault you for operating that way. In fact, it’s one of those things that’s almost a sore spot for me. Sometimes I really and truly envy people who are more focused/more laserlike/more intense in themselves/more consistent (I should say). I wonder ‘why am I the way I am?!’ I know it’s a pointless question to pose oneself in a rudely beseeching way, but I ask it.

    I guess personally I’m more mutable (true to Mars in Pisces in the 3rd house) though as I’ve mentioned below, perhaps I don’t accept my nature yet. I caught a glimpse of a Wayne Dyer program on PBS and he said ‘Why don’t we trust our natures?’…I think that’s a good question.

    Energetically (Mars) I need:

    Creativity (with periods of brooding and intuiting and empathy) and all manner of artistic and heart-based pursuits are what feed my energy. I am only now TRULY discovering that–since I am totally wiped out if I don’t have those creative and emotional outlets.

    Grats on your pregnant belly, Seekingzen.

    Anyway…I forgot what else I was going to say.

    Oh yes. Elsa, I was wondering if you could regale us with more tales of you and your psychic sister interacting.



  3. Mars in Sag conjucnt Neptune. I find that my mars works best when I use it to do musical things. Its where my mars enegry feels right home. If I try to assert myself it can be a little difficult because I have to be always intergrating Neptune. It like I have trick my mars that Im not being assertive in sense to be actually assert it. And yes potential to me is boundless there is never an end.

  4. Capricorn. I use it for me, whichi I guess is very typical given its first house also. I go my own way and while I’d prefer not to have to fight with you to do it, and I am willing to listen to your opinion (up to a point) I am going to do what I want. It definitely makes me indpendant, and I think probably less afraid because it always see’s me through.

  5. Mars in Gemini, 3rd house (appropriately enough) 🙂 What satisfies me is being able to communicate *effectively*, to help others figure things out (I love problems other people can’t solve! hehe), to use my mind, essentially…

  6. Seekingzen, I feel your frustration with Cancer Mars. I do find it gives me satisfaction to pursue all those cancerian things like geneaology and eating and motherhood. I am heavily driven by curiousity and untangling puzzles of all sorts, but that seems to come from elsewhere in my chart.

    1. I combine both Lilly’s and Ariel’s Mars placement – Mars in Gemini 4H. I worked with a residential contractor to build a custom home – very 4H Mars! I definitely was a home manager.

  7. uhm. well, i need challenge in a partner. i guess that’s the 7th house mars. i’m always ready to go to bat if i feel something needs defending, particularly if it’s someone else. i find i’m capable of surprising things.
    but what satisfies me? i’m not quite sure. once i get a clearer picture on what i actually want it could be easier to guess. i need a strong sense of spirit/connection (to nature) in my life, and i think that’s as clear as mars pisces lets me get at this point.

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