Is the House or Sign Most Important When Interpreting Black Moon Lilith?

black moonLike any other placement in a chart, Black Moon Lilith is interpreted based on the house and sign she is in and the aspects she makes. But compared to other planets, the interpretation works just a little differently.

For most planets, you can understand houses and signs like a play. Planets are the actors, the sign is the character they play, and the house is the set. In other words, the planet represents a part of your life, the sign is how the planet operates, and the house is the area of life that the planet most affects.

However, Black Moon Lilith, true to form, works differently. That is because Lilith’s entire story is defined by her relationship with authority. She does not operate independently. She is always reacting. Just like the actual Black Moon point is inherently tied to the movement of the Moon, Black Moon Lilith is inherently tied to the movement of those in power.

So with Lilith, the house placement represents the external forces that make up our Lilith experience. The house shows the source of the pain, or where the Lilith wounds come from. The house is what is outside us.

In contrast, the sign our Black Moon Lilith is in represents the way those outside forces affected us. It describes the type of wound we carry and how we have reacted internally to carrying that wound. Let’s look at an example.

Say someone has Black Moon Lilith in Virgo in the 4th house. In the 4th house, the wound likely comes from home, parents, or the family of origin. Perhaps the family is controlling or have unreasonable expectations, or perhaps they are explosive, lashing out at anything in their path. So the Black Moon Lilith person learns, in true Virgo fashion, to be perfect and smart and not to make waves. They learn to hide their own shadow to avoid the judgement of those in authority. They become the perfect, responsible little angel. Thus they create an effective strategy for dealing with power, though they deny a piece of their own soul in the process.

It is common for people to identify more with the house their Black Moon Lilith is in than the sign, which is understandable. It is a lot easier to identify the bastard causing us trouble than it is to talk about how the bastard makes us feel! I always recommend that people start getting in touch with Lilith by getting a good feel for the house position, which is why I started the series on interpreting Lilith by focusing on the houses. In the coming weeks, I’ll be doing the same thing with signs. Put together, this will give you the tools to start getting comfortable with your own Black Moon Lilith.

Where is your Black Moon Lilith? Do you relate more to the house or the sign?

20 thoughts on “ Is the House or Sign Most Important When Interpreting Black Moon Lilith?”

  1. What a great article, Midara!

    For me, my Lilith has revealed itself by stages in my life. I think I first related to the house… It was in the 12th. So, I wasn’t even conscious about the wounds that was inflicted.
    Then it was the sign: Capricorn.
    I came across power hungry women that stabbed me in the back, so-called frenemies (12th house). Especially during the time Saturn was traveling here between 2017 and 2020.

    With Saturn’s help, as he squared my Libra Moon, I became aware of Lilith’s link to my mother – my moon in the 8th house, Libra, is in a 2 degree square to Lilith in Cap.

    Power,sex, relationships, neglect, abuse, (covert) tactics, powerplays etc.

    As Jupiter has travelled Cap last year, I was through a psychological assessment and finally got my diagnosis as well as several people suggested my mother could be suffering from Asperger’s by the things I told them. My sister was diagnosed with the same condition some years ago, and they are almost spitting images of each other.

    Everything has started to make sense,even though the power stuff from the unconscious house still haunts me. I am sure this will be healed to a good degree the next couple of years as Pluto finishes up his tour of my 12th house.

    One of the way I have healed is by owning and getting treatment with professional therapists who knows how to address the wound.
    The sound itself consists of an inner conflict in regards to ‘competence’ – or a feeling of lack of the same.

    I think it’s a classic expression of Lilith in Capricorn. Competence/incompetence, all tied up to my mother’s way of being a mom.

    She and I have had no contact for 2 years. In all reality I did a “Harry and Meghan” with the rest of my family, sans the royal stuff and the press.

    One of the other ways I have started my healing journey is through blogging about my condition, seeking to help other people in the same situation with my experience. I hope it will succeed with time ?

  2. BLM 4th house Aquarius conjunct Chiron. Family and upbringing. The wounds are very deep and to this day I keep a wide berth and hands off approach to all of my family.

  3. I find it hard to interpret my BML. First house, Aquarius and no aspects to planets (except sextiling Chiron in 2nd house Aries).
    I guess the wound is in, and coming from me. From being Me. Being different. I was bullied from age 7-12 and have a love/hate relationship with groups. Even when I ‘fit in’ something can happen that hurts me. I think this position can make me stand out alone, and sometimes pick battles that are too great to fight on your own. But it sure made me stronger, and although I have felt very vulnerable all of my life, people can instinctively react agressive to me because they feel threatened by something in me.

  4. Avatar
    the laughing goat

    BML 3H Taurus – I relate more to the sign. Siblings and cousins definitely the bastards. I detached from the bullying and family many years ago and maybe that is why I relate more to the sign. 🙂

  5. Wonderful article, Midara. Thank you!

    BML on cusp of 4th House Leo, conjunct my IC. Also square both Jup in 12H Taurus & Mars 6thH Scorp. It’s all too much for me to unpack, but I definitely identify more with the house. As far as the aspects, not sure…

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    Sag with Cap rising

    Thank you for your very helpful article, Midara!

    My BML is in Gemini in my 4th house, opposing my Sag stellium in 10th (1 degree opposite Jupiter). Your article definitely made bells go off; Idk much about BML.
    Nessus, the asteroid related to abuse, is also in my 4th H conjunct my IC. What’s really interesting is the Nessus placements of both younger siblings I helped raise are conjunct my BML (within two degrees).

    Astrology: You can’t make this shit up!

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      Sag with Cap rising

      Midara, I’m referring to asteroid Lilith that’s #1181 in Astro; the symbol looks like a crescent moon ? (like this ⚧ but w/ ? on top vs. Mars symbol). Is this the same Lilith you describe above? If not, how do you calculate BML in Astrodienst?

      1. So there are several points called Lilith. It can get confusing!

        The body listed under 1181 is the asteroid Lilith, which is not the same as Black Moon Lilith.

        The point with the symbol you describe is Black Moon Lilith, and specifically refers to “Mean” Lilith. There’s also “True” or “Oscillating” Lilith, which is another way of calculating Black Moon Lilith’s position. True Lilith is listed under h13 on Astrodienst.

        I tend to favor True Lilith, but I wouldn’t discount anyone who prefers Mean Lilith.

        I also wrote a blog post about this a while back:

        1. Avatar
          Sag with Cap rising

          Ok, got it. The Lilith in Astro’s extended chart selection (and if you pick Astro w/ asteroids) is BML you discuss in your post. So my original comment stands.
          I went in to see where the asteroid L lands for me (1181) and it’s exactly conjunct my 12th H Saturn, which is my chart ruler. The plot thickens …

  7. Looking forward to this series! I have BML in tenth house Libra. Your article on tenth house Lilith was absolute genius, so spot on. I can see how I responded to the alienation in the tenth house in Libran fashion, like owning my femininity, being gracious (to a point), all the Venus love and pleasure stuff. It’s been a way for me to gain back some power for sure and I’ve actually been fairly conscious of that and unashamed as well.

    There’s so much there though! I actually think I want to dig deeper into your application of house, sign etc. I see some journaling on Lilith in my near future 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration.

    As an aside, I would love to read your thoughts on aspects from Lilith to personal planets at some point as well.

  8. The Black Moon is an axis like the Moon Nodes.
    Someone with the Black Moon in Virgo in the 4 th needs to consider Pisces and the 10 th house – its a challenge to individuation and manifesting personal authority and creativity.

    All wounding – including Black Moon wounding – has a value for healing and liberation. Its like the Devil card in Tarot – those chains of bondage are of our own creation.
    With the Black Moon – the chains and their removal – are linked to its polarity point

    1. Dear Don,

      ‘ Someone with the Black Moon in Virgo in the 4 th needs to consider Pisces and the 10 th house – it’s a challenge to individuation and manifesting personal authority and creativity. ‘
      Your statement is very interesting to me, as I have so many energies conjuncting my I/C 4th Virgo .. asteroids Lilith 1181 Psyche Osiris Isis Haumea Uranus and Pluto with my moon on the I/C, opposing Hygeia ,Jupiter, Part of Spirit, Sappho, Chiron all conjunct the M/C ..
      I have BML in Virgo 4th as well ..
      I would love to know how to work with Pisces and the 10th house polarity

      1. Ella,
        The Black Moon is an axis like the Moon Nodes. Something needs to end at the point opposite the Black Moon much like the South Node of the Moon – and that in turn opens something previously unknown at the point of the Black Moon itself.
        If you have the BML – the lunar apogee- in the 4 th house in Virgo – the 10 th house Pisces point of opposition describes what needs to be released. You may have taken on too much responsibility in the external world and the 10 th house at the expense of the development of your interior world – your soul.
        Look where Neptune is in your chart and that will provide clues to what needs to be relinquished – and then Mercury will help you create boundries to allow your personal reality to ground , open, and flourish.

        1. That is a great insight. I am hoping you might be willing to offer similar insights for my conundrum. I have BML in the 12th House, which spans the last 2 decans of Virgo and the 1st decan of Libra. True BML is in Virgo and Mean BML is just barely over the line into Libra, but both are 12th House. I do not have any planets in my 6th House which spans the last 2 decans of Pisces & the first decan of Aries. Literally the only things in my 6th House are my Part of Fortune, and asteroids Altjira (Aries) & Lachesis (Pisces). Altjira refers to dreaming, and the precognitions / visions one may be granted via dreams. Lachesis, one of the 3 Fates, is supposedly indicative of the ‘span of life’ or interruptions to what one has planned.

          I have not much of a clue how I would (or even could) go about “releasing” precognitive dreams (which I do occasionally have), or how to figure out what my BML is even trying to react against, since it is in the 12th. You mentioned that Neptune provides clues. My Neptune is the only planet in my 2nd House, in Scorpio, and the only harsh aspects it has is being square to my Nodes. Even though Neptune is the lord of dreams and illusions, when he’s in the 2nd, all I ever see is the same old, same old about not being able to manage money. I’m not rich, but I manage to get by and pay the bills on time.

          Since one of the only 2 physical objects in my 6th House is an asteroid pertaining to dreams, I have to wonder if that’s an indication that I should not waste time on planning for any ‘dreams’ (as in aspirations, rather than actual dreams – which I don’t consciously control), since Lachesis is just going to cut them short? Any insights you might have to offer here would be appreciated enormously!

  9. Hey all, I’m new here and I’ve been on a discovery of Lilith since having my Lilith Return a few years ago. Also a bit new to astrology.

    My BML is in Pisces and in the 12th house. Currently with all the energies in Pisces, it’s all sitting around my BML. With Lilith aspecting my mercury in Gemini 3rd, Saturn in cancer 4th and the doozy-Venus in Leo 5th Natally, I found it hard to be part of the group, among other things. I never seemed to follow other’s expectations and so was ostracized and unable to defend myself from them. Currently having my Chiron in Aries Return, 1st house. It’s sitting around my Aries ascendant. I’m hoping to come to some sort of conclusion during this New Moon phase.

    *my Aquarian moon opposes my Venus. Moon is in 12th placidus and I think all the current energies and transit are trying to push me into my 11th house. Still feels so unsafe to the little girl in me.


  10. Interesting, Midara, you posted this article on 8th of march,- International Women Day. It’s not so commonly celebrated in the USA and West Europe, but in East Europe it is a big celebration: girls at school, mothers, sisters are receiving gifts from boys, brothers, husbands, dads; people are coming together to dine.
    Good article,looking forward for more articles on BML. Thanks.

  11. You mentioned in other article that one of the females very close to you has BML square the Node.I hope that you will enlighten us on this particulare placement in your articles, also when BML squares both of the Nodes – South and North.

    I have a question for you if you don’t mind answering: does BML energetics and her path through our lives has some kind of completion? When you learned you lessons it’s becoming a gift, her knowledge can become your power? I am also curious about females which consciously made their BML a “house of power” in a humble, peaceful,benevolent way? Or is it not really possible with BML? Is BML only learning through pain?

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