Mars in Gemini – Last Skirmish Peaks On March 14-15, 2023

gemini art twinsMars has been stuck in Gemini for nearly seven months.  Many have suffered from anxiety under this transit. The square from Neptune in Pisces has not helped.

Mars intends to leave the sign, this time around. But at the moment, Mars is again squaring Neptune Pisces, which will be reinforced by the sun and Mercury, on their way to join Neptune in the sign.

The effects of this clash will swell every day until the energy peaks, March 14-15. The Mars Neptune square will be exact on the 15th but the moon will be in Sagittarius on the 14th, creating a Mutable T-square.  Aspects are very strong when they’re applying so  the 14th should be interesting.

If you have planets between 20-28 in a Mutable sign, you are bound to enjoy or endure this.

Personally, I am going to miss Mars in Gemini.  It’s kept things interesting and pried open a lot of minds. It’s also cut through Neptune fog. I’m impressed!

How do you feel about this last hurrah coming up?

11 thoughts on “Mars in Gemini – Last Skirmish Peaks On March 14-15, 2023”

  1. Weirdly, I feel really clear at the moment! I’m Jupiter-juiced up I guess.

    I will miss Mars in Gemini too, but that’s because I have Mars in Gemini, haha.

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    Saggie Saggie

    Wonderbah. I’ve always felt March 17th-ish is when I’d drop my rats in the retail workplace press release. It’s a story of corp. deceipt. Gaslighting to fire starting? I’m no astrologer but the planets are aligned perfectly it seems to me. Will a blow up bring a glow up? #evolve

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    Madeline Kasian

    Mars moving into Cancer will be an energizing time for me that I could really use. It signals my Mars return and also will cojoin Sun and Uranus in time. As Saturn moves to my Ascendant this brings me to a time when i historically get a LOT DONE. I will be re energizing my writing work and sending things out for publication..trying to attract some new clients this year and focus mainly on health and science writing. Last time Saturn crossed my Ascendant, I went back to school and got my Masters/Nurse Practitioner certification. I get a lot done under Saturn transits and welcome them. As I have a Cardinal grand square is ALWAYS some challenge whenever these aspects come , but somehow i buck up and get the work done,thrive on the new routines, and I navigate the emotional side more easily with a routine and a schedule. Looking forward to some new PHYSICAL energy from Mars on my Sun, have been dragging my butt since March 2020 (like many!)

  4. it’s just leaving square my mercury. exact for the last time yest. together with pluto con mars exact for the the day before yest i feel TWITCHY!

  5. Tech has been wonky already, and my brain has a bit of a fog at the moment. I am more tired than usual, but overall I feel like the days are going towards something better, bit by bit…

    I am having a reassessment of my meds the 13th though. This is erhm… Not a good day methinks. On the other hand, it could prove interesting in regards to info/measurements.

    What I am most looking forward to though, is Saturn going into pisces tomorrow (the 7th).

    I hope this will ease some of the tension that’s been felt lately, as well as start healing some of the stuff that’s been needing Saturn’s stabilization.

  6. My brains still blown ( in general!) … my nodes are involved in that T’square – tu for the heads up … been some fun highs and lows through this transit … think I’m ready for it to go, hope I can get through the last skirmish as a mindful observer, opposed to frontline fighter!!!!

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