Pluto In Aquarius: Collective Dark Night Of The Soul Stages

dark night of the soulI wrote about Pluto in Capricorn signifying Collective Depression back in 2015.  I updated this idea at the end off 2022.  A New Low.

Pluto ingressed into Aquarius in March this year. Many were struck by lighting of the harsh type, which I guess is no surprise. I mean, the who, what and when  is shocking but the fact this would happen with Pluto in Aquarius is textbook.

It’s very early in this decades long transit but I’m ready to go on the record to say that Pluto in Aquarius will deliver a “dark night of the soul” to all of humanity.  I know it’s a strong statement but I think it’s correct.

If you’re unfamiliar with such a thing, here are the stages you can expect to go through:

  • Stage 1: Major disruption or triggering event(s)
  • Stage 2: Loss of direction and hope
  • Stage 3: Rock bottom
  • Stage 4: Waking up to the truth
  • Stage 5: Spiritual study
  • Stage 6: Authentic living

The time frame here is variable, based on the individual. For example, a person might spends years in the second stage… or any of them really.

If this process is familiar to you, it should be much easier. Perhaps you can help others to let go of whatever they are trying to hold on to. Comforting lies for example.  Delusions of what’s possible in this world.

This is all I have. We’ll see how this ages.

What do you think about this idea?

26 thoughts on “Pluto In Aquarius: Collective Dark Night Of The Soul Stages”

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    Shimmering Light

    Thank you for sticking your neck out, Elsa. Much prefer this outline to the fluffy descriptions I have read elsewhere.

    Incidentally I have, 5 minutes ago, stumbled upon this poem I’d like to share which seems apt for the stages you have outlined (unless you think it’s a comforting lie ;-))

    When All Feels Lost

    The map is not the territory
    —Alfred Korzybski

    All the old signposts have fallen,
    wood cracked and rotted,
    atlases crumble, a pile of maps
    flutter and dart like hummingbird
    wings, the GPS signal is out of range.

    Her compass slips from her hand,
    the only thing she knows is that
    she walks in circles now,
    the trees ahead familiar
    but really nothing is the same.
    She wanders for hours, days,
    weeks, loses track of the nights
    as one tumbles into another.

    Finally, she stops, builds
    a bonfire from all the old maps
    still in her pack, invites others
    who wander by to gather,
    each of them savors warmth
    from flame and kindness,
    laughs while they tell stories
    of how they once knew the way.

    Her eyes meet another,
    hand outstretched, together
    their breath rises in white spirals
    into cold air and they
    stay still long enough
    to learn to love the quiet ache,
    the old longing to be sure,
    to see the country of certainty
    as a memory receding
    like an evening horizon until
    there is only the black bowl of sky.

    They begin to hear the whisper
    of breezes, the secrets of birds,
    follow the underground stream
    that runs through each of them,
    and they no longer ask
    which way to go,
    but sit and savor this
    together, under night sky
    illumined by fire and stars.

    from “Love Holds You: Poems and Devotions for Times of Uncertainty”

  2. Yes, agree with you. It has not been easy so far. Family being destroyed through arrogant ego of a brother. He is a leo at 25 degrees. I expect things to get very interesting for him in a few years. I just hope to live through all of it.

  3. Thanks Elsa, gotta be honest that this has been scaring me much more than Pluto In Cap, probably because the only cardinal I have is an early Aries moon, but also because you have to be someone who is not up on where the earth and the climate not to mention AI and Russian/Chinese aggression (and the rise of authoritarianism/culture wars in response to fear – plus so many other things) are at etc to know that this will indeed be the dark night of the soul. A very long one, with Pluto in Pisces perhaps as the transcendance, whatever that is.
    At 60, I was born with Pluto Uranus square my 1st house Sun, and have had Pluto opp Aries moon, then conjunct both my natal Scorp/Ven/Nept/Isis rising and Sagg Sun Merc, square or opposite everything T squares in a row, but it is this that I feel will be the hardest. An that’s not only because I have Saturn in early Aqua, loosely square Mars in 9th Leo and the Scorp bits.
    Maybe it’s just because my Sagg Sun is progressed to Aqua with Saturn on it too and having been someone so HSP yet stoic it’s not funny all my life I find it really hard to feel or hope these days at all. It’s the concatenation of factors: the online world plus AI plus climate plus rising fascisti thing that makes me want to fast forward to Pluto in Pisces please.
    Sorry for the downbeat take all; I rarely post anywhere but just needed to let that out.

    1. Fiona, I hear you and feel your stresses. The world looks grim these days doesnt it? Saturn in Pisces can bring us an inkling of faith and hope.It ‘s hard to connect to it,for certain,right now.. but personally I feel the flicker and just do all I can to fan the flames..I meditate, i pray, I am focusing on building stronger friendships, I spend a lot of time outdoors, in nature whenever I can.Read spiritual books, and look at those times of y life when i DID face big challenges and made it through to the other side. You are 60 and likely have been through some trials, as well. I hope that you find small ways to fell a bit more hopeful and draw on the strengths of your Sagg sun to pull through.. with Saturn transits,I always seemed to bite off a really big goal that would be hard for me, and would take perseverance and hard work..and it usually paid off..maybe there is something like that for you in the near future.

      1. Thanks Madeline, very sweet of you to respond and very sensible advice.
        I wrote a great long reply (loss of faith etc) that was very therapeutic in some ways – I’m crying, and to feel is a good thing – but I won’t inflict it on you or other readers!
        Maybe I need to start writing a diary to get it all out.
        Again, thanks for your kindness 🙂

        1. I write in a journal every single day.I do mine on a computer but you could hand write into a notebook , too.. it is very therapeutic.

  4. You are spot on Elsa. And yes, someone can easily get stuck in one of the stages you mentioned. My observation so far in the weeks Pluto has been 0 degrees Aquarius has been a dark explosive nature of an uprising (Uranus). I saw it also when Pluto was 29 degrees in Capricorn. I might see astrology different than some as I feel when a planet and sign are at its end degrees and ready to shift, it’s already taken on the energy of the next sign. I also have witnessed that even if an aspect has happened and it’s done , it can still carry on at sone point (dejavu) as it’s happened and doesn’t change really unless it’s transformed however it’s transformed. I can still witness people still stuck in the Saturn square Uranus and we are done with that aspect. It will be interesting when Pluto finally lands in Aquarius November of 2024 and Uranus moved into Gemini in 2025. Space odyssey truth here but at least it’s a Pluto trine Uranus. And I agree 💯 that it’s also an individual collective with Pluto to a point. There are many aspects yet to birth that involve other planets like Neptune in Aries coming that will of course bring on another shape and transit of humanity. I could go in and on but I’ll leave it until the next topic I wish to jump in on. Pluto is one of my rulers. I’ve never been attached to it. I’m more of a mars Scorpio. However I can say that I’ve definitely died (endings) re-birth and transformed a zillion times lol
    But I try not to attach to it. There’s a light!!!

  5. I also want to say besides being a personal collective there is still a mass collective and I feel this may show up many different ways depending on what city, state or country you live in. Look at Sudan. Exploded so far with Pluto in Aquarius. Of course there are other aspects but I’ve just noticed this explosive nature at the end of Capricorn and 0 degree Pluto in Aquarius. Atomic bomb scenes. Quick and explosive!

    1. A lot of things are rotting outside of me. I noticed but wasn’t sure, and went so far to ask myself if I’d recognize a death rattle (a last breath) of what is crumbling. I didn’t want to be morbid, but it’s a little scary to wonder if Im noticing things before they happen.

  6. I am seeing so many people in my sphere keep trying to change the minds of those who are “in power”. They have their agenda and it does not care one bit about “you” or “me”. I say focus on “yourself” and your immediate community and let that (hopefully positive) energy spread outward. If shit hits the fan, who is really there to help? Wouldn’t it be great if we could count on eachother? Maybe I’m just dreaming of a revolution!

  7. I think Poppymoon is onto something: that our biggest strength is what we can do LOCALLY, in our own families and inner circles, in our neighborhoods and towns, and with the REAL HUMANS surrounding us. I think we all need to take a break from the ipad and LOOK UP AND INTO THE EYE of our fellow man/women.. and in that lies the only way to get real again.

  8. When Pluto hit Cap in 2008 I finished my master’s degree and went straight into unemployment, financial crisis and depression for 3 long years. At the same time Saturn conjucted my Natal Libra Moon, and then ended with his own Return, smack dab on Pluto as well (natal)… untill Pluto then decided to hit my South Node, and then my natal Mars, and THEN ….
    The carpet was pulled out under me, I lost everything… My apartment, my relationship, a lot of my friends…

    I did get a job though, I learned a LOT about working your skills and resume, and the results is still with me today, when Pluto will cross my Ascendant in 2023-2025….

    I am feeling this shift in energies, but I have natal Uranus sextiling my Ascendant, so the changes might be beneficial for me at least, even though something crazy could evoke a shit-hitting-the-fan period, as Pluto will also square my Scorpio stellium when he reaches 20 degrees Aq.

  9. People are slowly waking up to the damage, death and deception from the vax… one aspect of the collective dark night of the soul for sure.

  10. This has been on-going for several years now, and perhaps this is the final crumbling cliff, deep-dive into the collective shadow that humanity has been toying with. Only so much worrying about the crumbling cliff underfoot before it collapses. Since this all started in a very personal way for me (years and years with saturn and pluto on my 24deg moon in 2nd), I’m very in tune. The problem is with the majority of humans I encounter, they are still so wrapped up in their superficial realities, they are still in denial. But I do see more and more individuals ‘coming out’ about their shadow work. Shadow work is even becoming a trendy thing. Imagine that.

  11. Makes sense to me. I’ve been through each of those stages so many times in my life I’ve come to expect them. What’s hardest for me is watching people I care about going through them and feeling powerless. No one likes to hear “Oh, this will pass!” as it seems steal the potency away from them somehow. We’re programed to “stay positive!” when sometimes it’s the shit hitting the fan that is the real remedy for a more potent way of living. As Americans and other more prosperous nations, we think our comforts are a guarantee. We might get a taste of what all our government sanctions did to the people around the world we’ve treated so badly. A long day of reckoning is bearing down on us. I hope people have been preparing.

    1. So true! I’ve spent time in less prosperous counties and I found after a while I had everything I needed. I didn’t have a million things to choose from but I didn’t care. Sometimes we had brown-outs ane everyone was unfazed. I was surprised to learn the cost of enegy was much higher abroad; America has enjoyed artificially cheap energy for a very long time and what would happen if we had to pay what the rest of the world must? However, if most Americans had to live like these other countries, it would collapse for sure.

      If it does, other countries will be happy to jockey to take its place after a dowmfall disrupts other parts of the world. It was usually what happened in the past.

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    Bob (in Australia)

    Hi Elsa
    So glad you are able to “feel” the cosmic energy on offer to all of us in this present moment. The light from your spiritual beacon is burning bright, guiding many through this maelstrom. I’ve got 9 grandchildren 0-21 & my observation is they all seem to have a different, more natural attunement to “source” than other generations (even though they are, in reality, closer to the coal face than the rest of us) I don’t prompt them,I just observe. They are where our collective future lies after all and they just don’t seem to struggle with all the angst that previous generations like us have had to endure to reach a new level of spiritual satisfaction. I must check to see if I can confirm this with the interpretations of birth charts of this generation more generally! That gives me great hope for our collective future and holding that glimpse in my own physce really helps “tune” my own spiritual instrument. I’m curious whether any of your other readers recognise this phenomenon?
    Just the act of removing ourselves from our own “brain chatter” to look at them and the rest of nature can be so cathartic. Try it!

    1. “Just the act of removing ourselves from our own “brain chatter” to look at them and the rest of nature can be so cathartic. ”

      What a great reminder. Thanks, Bob.

  13. I am so thankful for this. I am middle aged, nothin did work out but spiritual matters came to light. I know spiritual will only matter back with astrology, and my doing is positive now. With alot of videos for spirit (scripture) that been about astrology(Gemini woman). Without these my heart would not be good today, without reading horoscope. I have tried to see the problems like the twins, as learning to become good, we will be thankful. Read other horoscopes like those that I have been able to find, but find myself still wondering who has this feeling sometimes there is a dark side> so anyone feel it?

  14. Pluto in aquarius worries me a lot as it will affect by square all my personal planets.
    Pluto in Capricorn was in my 6th house and it was horrible. I had great difficulty finding a job and it was mostly dead end low paying jobs, constant loss of jobs either working long hours or not at all. It squared my aries MC and I have no idea how to get back to work or what am I suppossed to do for a living. Uranus is transiting my 10th house as well and it adds to that struggle. I feel pluto has ‘killed’ the old but has not given anything to replace it..

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