Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius – Divine Seeker

Lilith SagittariusIf you have Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius, the pain that you’ve faced through your Lilith placement has made you broad-minded and free. You have learned that boxes are for pizzas, not people, and you won’t be reined in.

However your Lilith experience has manifested (shown by the house Lilith is in), you have reacted by searching. You know that your life is a glorious adventure, and you want to put your pain into context. You want to find out what it means. So you have researched and read and studied. You have exposed yourself to different cultures, stories, faiths, academic disciplines, anything to illuminate the larger narrative. You know that your suffering can’t be completely senseless. You can sense the grand design. You know, somehow, deep in your soul, that the truth is out there. And you know you’ll find it.

And this optimism in the face of real pain has left others in awe. How on earth can you keep going, they wonder. How can you keep up the search? But while they may not understand, and they may even scoff and dismiss your quest, they also come to rely on your sense of perspective. In fact, your happiness can become a sustaining force. You may even be made to feel as if you owe others your joy. So your sunny disposition becomes performative, crafted for other people’s comfort. They don’t understand that the happiness is in the search, but it isn’t the goal itself. The treasure you’re seeking is much more meaningful.

And when you do feel trapped, hemmed in, misunderstood, or unduly obligated, you default to the one thing ever Sagittarius keeps in their bag of tricks: you leave. You ramble on in search of greener pastures, of more profound answers, and of people and places that allow you to feel free. Your pain is bad enough. The last thing you need is to have an anchor tied to your waist while you try to heal. And if the next place, person, or idea doesn’t feel right, you move on to the next. Over and over you travel, whether literally or metaphorically, always in search of that golden nugget of wisdom that will soothe your throbbing heart. But as you find out time and again, while a rolling stone gathers no moss, it doesn’t gather much gold, either.

To help ease your soul, draw perspective from Gemini, the sign opposite to Sagittarius. Gemini gathers information just like you do, but they use it to work out the answers internally. Gemini asks, “What if the solution isn’t out there? What if it has been right under your nose all along? What if the portal to OZ is your own front door?” Gemini also knows that people have to earn access to your authenticity. If people in your life are consistently dismissing your pain or your search, or if they are demanding that you perform certain emotions for them, you don’t necessarily have to leave. You can stay put and deflect. No one is owed the details of your inner world. Only those who support your freedom need apply.

There is much more to this very complex and sometimes paradoxical placement. But what I want to stress is that the desire for meaning is not only noble, it is fundamental to human nature. As you seek a better world, you’ll find others in pain who need your perspective. Your ability to turn wounds into a catalyst for a new adventure is an absolute superpower. Remember to look inward every now and then, but keep up the search. We’re all waiting to see what you find.

Do you have Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius? What is it like for you? What is your best Lilith story?

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  1. This is absolutely beautiful. And right now black moon Lilth is in Gemini in my chart…truly a time to not only look inward for the answers but to ACT on them, and I have been feeling this for a while now. Thank you Midara!

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