Mars In Gemini Social Effects

gemini vintage twin dolls red dressHi Elsa ,

Mars is in Gemini, a social sign. Will Mars be too aggressive, pushy and demanding? Could there be a negative side to this. And if not what is the positive side of Mars in Gemini?


Love this – short and sweet. But each question is important so I’ll take them one by one.

Will Mars be too aggressive, pushy and demanding? 

Mars in any sign can be pushy. Mars in Gemini does tend to be impatient but can easily be strategically patient. This is important – Mars wants wants what it wants and it wants to be effective. If you’re going to get what you want by appearing patient while your heart pounds, you can easily do this.  Gemini is a Mutable sign so there are numerous choices.

Could there be a negative side to this?

Yes! You can be verbally attacked; you can speed through a red light, cause an accident and be hurt or killed or hurt or kill someone else.  Less drastic, you may just be rude; unable to stop interrupting people.  But you can also opt not to.

Someone react to something you say and become quite angry. It’s a versatile placement to say the least.  The main thing is to not shoot your mouth off unless you’re prepared to deal with the consequences or as it’s commonly said, don’t write a check with your mouth, your @ss can’t cash!

What is the positive side of Mars in Gemini?

You can think on your feet. This is a clever placement; people with Mars in Gemini are never dull and not likely to waste your time.  You’re effortlessly not-boring.  How about that?

What do you think of Mars in Gemini?

17 thoughts on “Mars In Gemini Social Effects”

  1. “you may just be rude; unable to stop interrupting people.”
    oh gosh yes, with natal Mars in Gemini & 5 planets in Aries I have to make a major effort not to do this… my mind is just racing so fast, what can I say!! Apparently everything lol 😀

  2. I love my Mars in Gemini. It’s an interesting placement, with my moon in Scorpio its very investigative. I’m sixty and I am still learning how to deal with it!

  3. My guy has Mars and Mercury conjunct in Gemini. His most often beginning of a sentence is “I hate to interrupt but…” He doesn’t hate to interrupt at all.

    1. lol! ofc. weirdly my husband’s best friend has mars gemini/ venus gem. he likes to get things done fast. he’s got taurus moon and he isn’t very talkative weirdly. i notice this with my nephew who also has mars gem/ venus gemini, and he’s taurus sun. aquarius moon. he isn’t talkative. must be taurus.
      my husband is earth dominant despite being very fiery so he’s quite easy going and slow. i’m just slow myself, i have taurus. lol

  4. I’ve got two grand air trines in my natal.Saturn is part of it in my 7th where Mars will be doing its thing. I will say I’ve been aggravated by people and I’m trying to navigate potential landmines I probably won’t do it perfectly but I’m definitely working on being measured and nimble.Its too early to tell if I like it but I hope to use the energy for benefit of all.Meaning my heart is in the right place and I know I’m showing up best I can.

  5. Avatar
    Hildegarde's Noviciate

    Mars in Gemini. House is important where it might hit the hardest I imagine.

    Mars in Gemini is “expression with aggression” so to speak

    So I’m thinking people asserting themselves period. No matter what form communication and travel it takes.
    Pushing yourself into a full subway car.
    Driving recklessly to get where your going.
    Speaking up if you’re in line for too long.
    Talking fast and loud. Spouting opinions then changing your mind and back again lickety split.
    My son is thinking of putting black polish on his nails in support of the LBGTQ2+.(I recommended his pinkies first then see) I’m doing it with him to support him.

    1. I agree with a few things. I have Mars in Gemini and I am a very careful driver. Gemini rules short distance travel and I am a great driver. I’m sixty and have never received a ticket (I did talk my way out of a couple lol). When I go to the city to visit my children my daughter says I drive way too slow. Having the sharp tongue that I have, sometimes I have to remind her about her driving record! That’s when she’ll get a glazed look on her face!

      I do have a fast intellect but I have learned to curb my tongue. No one wants to hear the truth about themselves. My Mars is conjunct Pallas Athena so that gives an extra layer of intellect. I always say Mars in Gemini is a trip and I have not seen to many astrologers get this placement right. It has many layers and our minds work so fast we can’t keep up with it sometimes!

      I have studied astrology for a long time, but in Mars in Gemini fashion I have not committed to the practice. Mars placements seem to take over the chart, I know my Mars in Gemini does. One thing is a love of learning, which seems to drive my family insane. They say ‘you are sixty years old and still going to school?’ Yep!

  6. Oh this is actually super groovy for me.
    It’s a welcome respite from the sturm and drang of the last 2 yr battle of the fixed shit in my chart.
    I sat squarely in the middle of Uranus square Saturn (and all the other Aq stuff earlier last year).
    I’ve got Sun in Taurus and Moon conj Mars and Chiron in Aq.
    So excuse me if I catch a breeze, get light on my feet and free my mind so my ass can follow.
    Mars is all over the Aq stuff as they’re in early degrees.
    Oh yeah I have Merc in Gem early and Venus toward the last degrees (26).
    Mind is twinkling.
    Energy is high.
    It seems not only can I ‘do’ but I get to think most stuff through much more clearly now.
    Thankfully the Neptune in Pisces thing is just hangin there. It’s been there so long I’ve come to recognize the scams and bs as well as the sensitivity on overdrive.

    Conversation is stimulating. If it’s not I’m probably going to just be out rather than argue and watnot.
    Intellectual discourse is one thing (pro n con-versation lol) but time wasting, petty squabbles ain’t happnin.

    This is nice so far and I don’t expect it to get any worse.
    Although all of this may need take a step back – decidedly un-Mars like whrn the Rx comes.

  7. My Mars in Gemini is currently transiting my 2H. Found my fortnightly wage was underpaid by hundreds $$. Completely shattered by it. I was angry, distraught and totally upset. Wage admin isn’t back to work until next week, so will have to wait till then for it to be rectified. Ugh! Talk about feeling undervalued! Had to go to the shops for some basic items and had a near miss on the road. Woah. I made it home alive with my meager groceries but only just. Its a classic Mars R in the second house event! Ouch!

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