Projection & Getting Triggered: Blame Whoever For Whatever

projectorThere is a lot of projection and misdirected anger out there right now. If you’re the one in the line of fire, you may feel you can’t do anything right.

This post relates to this: Getting More From Your Interactions With Others.  I don’t think many people read it as there are only two comments but I have had private feedback about it and I think this is good time to consider this stuff due to the stress people, etc.

I’m not such a nice person when I have to have a MRI. I have claustrophobia and it’s particularly intense when the tech person thinks they are going to strap my head into a cage… like they do for cervical issues or to look at the brain.

I know how this is going to be for me and I try very hard to keep myself calm… whatever. But when the person starts attaching me to a board, invariably, my blood pressure starts to rise and no matter what I do, I start being short and clipped with the person.

Now I know they are innocent but they are also the person strapping me down, or trying to, so there is always some level of altercation, even though, I desperately want there to be no altercation.

So in that moment, the person who is trying to help me, becomes a target. I really want to spell this out. In this scenario the problem I am having is internal but I am blaming the other person. 

And here’s the phenomena: once the test is done, I have no issues with the person whatsoever.  Well, I had no issues with them anyway, but this did not stop me from acting out to whatever degree.

I’m saying that I get off the table and I wish them a happy day.  No skin off my nose, at that point, though I may have bloodied theirs!

This is how a good person with good intentions can victimize an innocent person… and then go on their way, perhaps in denial of what just happened. You may not be claustrophobic but I bet you have your own trigger points.

Can you see things like this?  Do you try to control yourself?

11 thoughts on “Projection & Getting Triggered: Blame Whoever For Whatever”

  1. Sometimes I’ll be big mad at … all things … *sweeps arms* … things you can’t really do much about, or maybe my husband was pissy. I’ll get in the car and crank up some tunes loud, yelling in my car about stupid drivers, on my way to the store or an errand and 99.9% of the time when I get there, there are just regular people doing regular things, living their lives, and I’ll see humanity and feel calmer.

    The last time I got a booster I was so pissed that I bitched at the poor nurses and said I didn’t want to be there but I was pressured and I would never be doing it again. They said they were sorry because what could they say. Then I apologized for being a bitch and it wasn’t them, and I hope they had good holidays (I meant it).

  2. Pluto transits, or transits to Pluto (maybe other outer planets and Saturn, but especially Pluto) can make people temporarily be in this sort of state of reactivity, acting out, projections, unconscious behaviour, and then it ends and they recover, but during the transit all hell breaks loose. How best to deal with it if you’re the observer or witness?

    1. If a person is triggered, they are in distress. I would try to help if I were in a position to. I’ve actually had this happen in the scenario I outlined in the post. One gal was bullying me; she was downright abusive. And older woman, more experienced, heard her and came to help. She sent the gal out of the room, asked me what I could tolerate. I told her, she agreed and we got test done.

      Had she not been there, I’d have left for sure.

  3. I see this in myself, and it often just means I’m tired, hungry, or uncomfortable, and snapped at someone before thinking how I’m coming across. It’s generally only those I’m closest to who have become targets. As soon as I realize I’m doing it, I try to just shut up and ride it out. I might apologize for being grouchy. I feel that more often, I have been a target. It happens a lot to those working in retail and healthcare. When I recognize that it’s not personal, I can usually remain calm, and stop egging them on. Depends what kind of day I’m having. Unfortunately, someone being triggered can trigger me. After all, I’m only human. I think the worst thing is a sudden, unexpected, unwarranted verbal attack by a loved one.

  4. Geez. Life is my MRI table. Barum-pum. 🥸

    Truly though! I resonated with your description. As you advised with my move to a new city, it takes a while for the nervous system to attune. I attend a meditation sangha, sporadically, and the calming is evident when I do. Moments like gems of a greater consciousness are generated.

    In mundane life and my interactions with others, I am battling to remember others’ sentience and that we are all suffering. There is a general feeling of being trapped, and I have to very deliberately work with myself internally not to lash out. I know better yet my body is on fight mode.

  5. I have north node/retrograde uranus/retrograde neptune in my 2nd house and saturn in the 3rd house of aquarius. I find that certain people that put their personal planets in my 2nd house and 3rd house get mad when I see through them and their projections and facades because I read energy

  6. Being the Master of Illusion means working in mysterious ways. The fact that it is retrograde about 40% of the time, also means that Neptune’s effects are subtle, and even sneaky—very sneaky. When direct, Neptune will put a veil on our eyes, helping us hide anxieties and unwanted realities. Once it is retrograde, Neptune loses its powers, and this illusion is slowly but surely stripped away; sometimes leaving us face-to-face with a harsh and painful reality. The rose-colored filters are gone, and we must face reality.

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