Mars In Sagittarius: A Masculine Perspective

mars in SagittariusI’ve been talking to a lot men, lately. This had been going on for a month or so, and then Frederick Woodruff, kicked it into a higher gear.

I think it’s because I’m becoming more outspoken, which is more my natural state. I figure it’s the planets in Capricorn crossing into my Mars-ruled, first house. I am on the verge of existing, again.

Mars’ current transit through in Sagittarius is probably another factor. The conversations have been interesting and outside my normal reach or area of operation. Expansive!

The men have ranged from their late 20’s to their early 70’s. They are from various cultures; gay or straight. I’ve enjoyed each encounter, noting that each of the men were interesting and posed no problem. By that I mean, they don’t want me; they just want to talk (about astrology).

I love women but I like men a lot. Generally, they’re okay if you “step on a crack” when attempting to communicate.  For a person like me, it’s a Godsend.

What have you noticed with Mars in Sagittarius?

10 thoughts on “Mars In Sagittarius: A Masculine Perspective”

  1. Yes me too, I like working for men rather than women they’re more direct, don’t talk around the houses or use jargon so much and don’t mind you being the same.

    With women you have to couch things so you’re not stepping on anyone’s value judgements, talk strategically and prepare to be tested and scrutinised for every nuance of the role. And that’s been to the point of bullying. Interestingly, nearly every job interview I have been successful in Is when its 2 men on the panel. If it’s all women I never, ever get the job! (And I’m pretty sure that’s not to do with looks, more that men will take you at face value and not see you as a threat. I hate the way women look down at your shoes when you walk in and then appraise you upwards before you’ve even sat down. I think well i might as well just go now rather than smile through an hour long interview for a job I know I won’t get hired for. So I’ve given up and am going solo. Liberty from judgement and a leap of

  2. I’m a staunch feminist but all the women I’ve worked for were nuts. The men were just straightforward and left their emotions out of the room. A godsend indeed.
    I’m a straight talking sag with many planets in sag in 3 house. I say what I mean and I like it when others do, too.

  3. I have natal mars in Sagittarius. I think I’ve been facing situations head on and more direct in my daily conversations. Generally speaking, I’ve always liked how guys tend to be more active when hanging out eg. sport. I would like to incorporate this more with my female friendships eg walk and talk

  4. Yes, this has been my exact experience with men. It’s why I value my friendships/interactions with them so much, and no matter what I do, I have friends who are men, they find me, I find them, it just happens.

    Recently, I’ve started to develop friendships with women, which makes me really happy. I just wanna hang loose and be myself, knowing that I have the best of intentions (I’m direct, don’t attach myself to opinion, like to toss ideas around). Men seem to recognize this about me, and it’s all good. The few men who don’t are outliers, ime. For all the great things about having women friends, they are fewer who give me that, even though the benefit of the doubt is automatic from me.

    Hmm, Mars in Sagittarius (with Jupiter in Cap)… not sure. It’s in my third house, aspecting ninth house stuff. My studies have been great so far. I have a renewed sense of purpose. My car battery died today and two men and two women converged and came to my rescue (complete strangers). I’ve been walking longer distances to places I’d usually drive. Sleep is iffy, but better than it was. Most that comes to mind, I’m really grateful for. Taking it day by day.

  5. That’s a good way to look at directing the masculine. For me, Mars in Sag is conjunct my Natal Venus in Sag, and that Venus conjoins Jupiter … looked at this way, Mars is adding to the energy of my natal desires and dreams trine Pluto in Leo in my 7th House. I’m growing up my desires and dreams as I grow old.

    I find myself being more powerful, even though understandably venerable in my aging body … but then there’s all this Lilith energy Midara is unearthing for ElsaElsa readers and this is Lilith in my 1st House. All those Capricorn planets are coming up on my Lilith.

    Old Warrior Woman, capable of being a rogue dragon and yet, she is acting with internal power in an old and wise way! That feels like directing the masculine in an Old Lilith fashion:) We’ll see.(I’m setting a New Moon Aquarius intention along those lines.

  6. Right now I’m watching two Japanese men try out foods on their channel TabiEats. They sure go through a lot of ramen. ?
    I think this is how my Mars transit through the 12th is playing out. I’m secretly finding (or being introduced to) new channels on YouTube that are located in other cultures.

  7. the mars sag and jupiter capricorn in the sky is much much better than when it was scorpio mars. only because it seemed so negative and a downer with the stellium in cap/combined with scorpio. Although i love pluto energy, it’s really heavy and not exactly “light” and “fun”… sigh. so this energy is alot “sweeter” in terms of fun and the air also seems to be lifted up despite jupiter in capricorn there.

    1. ohhh. forgot to mention; hmm i dont really see a difference in men and women …meaning i talk to the same amount /female/male. but i do remember when i was in college, high school, the water sun males love to hang around me. And i notice watery guys love women. lol so with that in mind, feminine energy (water) vs. (fire) masculine;i understand why the preference for males with fire mars.

  8. I just saw the Netflix series The Crown, and the visit of Jackie Kennedy.

    The queen and the effect of jealousy was really sad -but it’s how women often work, when we feel challenged by a ‘competitor’.

    I think men are more prone to handle competition more openly and direct while women hides the aggression under being ‘nice’ (but vindictive or sarcastic). My previous boss acted in a horrible way when she felt threatened (I think her birthday was in November) and was really really MEAN to me when I challenged her, or made her feel threatened somehow.

    She made me quit my job last year due to her nasty passive aggressive behaviour during the whole 2019, and I hope she is proud of her ‘win’ because I will never speak nice about the company or her from here on.

    That’s how you piss off a 4 X Scorpio female employee on the other end.
    But compared to her, I think my brain is more male oriented as I called out her bullshit earlier in 2019 and told her her behaviour was more than unprofessional. She responded by telling me I would get a warning next time I was late to a meeting.
    I started job hunting right away.

    Disgusting female passive aggression if you ask me. I would rather have a Mars in Sag call me an idiot and be done with it than an ongoing war. I think she has Mars in Scorpio or something…

  9. Mars on the midheaven in Sag here. Not military myself but both parents were. I don’t mind working within a defined hierarchy. Also responsibility at work has always found me and never seemed like a choice. I stand out whether I want to or not and I’m too tall to hide. My career comes more from my Uranian elements I think. Aqu rising and Uranus in 6th.

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