The Unreal And Unbelievable Is Actually Solid (Saturn Neptune)

When I first started writing no one believed a word I said. I would write about someone called, “The Pianist” and he was such a wild character I had to be making him up.

I wrote about the soldier in 2002 for the first time although I was not in contact with him. I was just writing stories and he was in some of them. I called “Top Secret” for awhile because he had a top secret clearance when we were kids.

I’ve also written about my sister for almost 10 years and the stories she is in are the most wild of all.

Some people who read here came from my original blog which I started in April of 2001. Some people (at least 2 that I know of) found my writing even early, the end of 2000 which it just sprung up on day like a geyser.

In whatever case, as people I have written about materialized and become real, I have gained credibility and for most at this point I think I am pretty damned credible.

I just wanted to mention this because as stunning as it may seem, my sister has never read a word of what I have written about her until now and as some of you know I have written about her extensively. As you can see I am able to pull up the words from the horse’s mouth and have the horse check them out and she approves.

As she reads this stuff she emails her further comments and my point her is to say that everything you have read on this blog (and the other one) is not only true, it has not been embellished.

In fact we were talking the other night and you know that sexual harassment lawsuit I filed when I was a teen? I have never put that story on this blog but my sister reminded me she was there when they dropped my check off. They delivered it to my apartment, see?

Now I actually have the check stub. I scanned it and put it online when I first wrote the story because no one believed anything I said at the time but even that is nothing like a live witness is it?

A live witness has their own memory and perception of events. Like the fact they delivered my check. I had completely forgotten and I’d have never remembered had she not mentioned it because it was just not remarkable to me.

I found a video where I make a claim and define a difference between my sister and I. I could not pull it up if it were not accurate. Matter of fact, I’d be in some deep shit right now if I had been making things up.

In whatever case I made the video in 2007 and then wrote a follow up to it where I elaborated our thinking and our observations of this phenomena… which we share.

I have wrote a lot about the Saturn Neptune signature in my chart and my sister has the same signature in the exact same form. It’s tight like the fact our ascendants are just one degree apart. This gives a unique opportunity for astrological study so here we go with that… video and then the old blog with the secondary marvel being the fact that when I said this the first time, it was true then too. ๐Ÿ˜‰

What you have here is an illusion (Neptune) that is real (Saturn) which is a bit of a twist if you think about it.

10 thoughts on “The Unreal And Unbelievable Is Actually Solid (Saturn Neptune)”

  1. Well, for what it’s worth I’ve been reading your blog every day for the past to years and I never doubted or questioned a thing.

  2. Char, I appreciate that. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I don’t write wild stuff anymore though (that I know of). But it is still nice to be believed, I struggled with this for years and I mean 5 of them at least.

    I would write out my grueling life and people would say, “I don’t believe a word you say but it’s a good story!”

    I don’t know if it is possible but if you can imagine conveying something from deep inside you only to have someone tell you you’re full of shit (even if creatively so) is just soul killing.

    Anyway, I don’t write that stuff anymore because it’s just not worth the punishment that people on the internet reliably deliver.

    I may write / publish it someday but if so, people can buy in book form and I’ll be livin’ in the desert by then were I can’t hear the complaints. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. You know sometimes I keep stories to myself because they are so off the wall or storybook that I think no one will believe me.

  4. different topic entirely but i remembering trying to get help for an eating disorder when i was 14 and being told it was impossible i had one because i was “too fat.” soul-killing is an apt descriptive for how this made me feel. but i learned a lot about allowing people to have their ‘voice’. i try very hard to listen to what people are saying. this blog is very good for me, elsa. i spent years feeling afraid to say how i feel and i appreciate how you ask your readers for their opinions on things. it feels safe and that is a great service. THANKS!

  5. i’ve been remembering the experience of reading this ( and wondering how similar the feeling might be of reading yours…
    and it’s been published… i remember seeing it on the shelves of the bookstore when i worked there….

    but maybe people find it easier to believe because it’s not set in the US?
    i don’t know.
    hard for americans to look at the country’s shadow… they refuse to recognize it exists, most of the time. with great effort and denial and anger and repression…

  6. ((Kashmiri))

    I know the feeling. Today I presented my honors thesis which was the culmination of years of research and effort. At the end my dad said that I was pretty good at slinging shit. He meant it in a positive way (I think) but I did not bury myself in arcane Victorian texts for years to be told that I’m bullshitting!

  7. I wonder if there is something in our charts that dictates how weird our lives turn out to be. Some people seem to have fairly sedate lives, not complicated at all. I mean, I have a lot of interests but I don’t go out a lot or party and plenty of wild things seem to happen to me anyway. I wonder though, if it’s because I’m paying attention better? Or if it’s just luck. When I worked at all call center I did seem to get the most crazy people calls. I think to people whose lives have been more normal think I’m making stuff up. I only tell my good stuff to people who will appreciate it.

  8. Kashmiri…Congratulations!!!
    Enen if you feel like the Lone Ranger sometimes, you will eventually find people in your life that will validate you for who You are…being yourself is ultimately what matters, not what other people think you are or should be…so KUDOS!!!

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