Black Moon Lilith in the Second House – Guardian of the Gate

knight haloIf you have Lilith in the second house of your chart, her themes will manifest in terms of value and resources. You will struggle to claim your own worth and ensure that you receive your fair share.

Lilith in the second house usually shows up in childhood in the form of self-esteem issues. You were bullied, nitpicked, or otherwise made to feel less than worthy. This could come in the form of rejection from peers or pressure from authority figures to conform and be more manageable. Lilith in the second house is vulnerable to being demeaned and scapegoated, especially in youth.

It also manifests in terms of resources. Many people with this placement end up with partners who drain them financially or spiritually. They end up in situations that demand their subservience and are punished when they fail to bend the knee. If you have this placement, it’s highly likely that you have had this happen at least once.

In traditional astrology, the second house is known as the Gate of Hades. If we think of Lilith in the way that medieval writers did, she is at home in the underworld and rejoices there. So Lilith in the second house becomes empowered when it is employed to guard that gate. If you have Lilith in the second house, no doubt you have had to closely guard your resources, standing up for your own value and your rightful share on this earth.

There is, of course, so much more to say about this placement. But the overarching theme is this: you belong on this earth. You have a right to survive, and you have a right to thrive. You are as sacred and beautiful as any other being, and you don’t have to prove yourself to anyone.

Do you have Lilith in the second house? What has been your experience?

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  1. In the 3rd (Leo) – perhaps an experience of being challenged in communicating one’s intelligence and understanding?

  2. I have Black Moon Lilith in my second house and I did not know much about her untill now. This is very well written, it is completely correct and it fully describes my experience. This has touched me.
    Thank you so much Midara!

  3. I don’t have BL in the second house but I just wanted to say the photos being used in this series are really awesome, expressive and convey her energy more than I can comprehend in words. But being such a intense and difficult part of the chart, Midara, you are doing a fantastic job! It’s really helping to understand this radical point in our charts. Thank you SO much for doing these!!

  4. Thank you! I have a rather intense chart. Recently went to a workshop with A.T. Mann and, while he analyzed everyone else’s chart, he made me analyze my own. The Saturn/Pluto conjunction in the twelfth house square Jupiter,Mercury,Mars, in the third made him afraid, I think, to guess who I might be. With a Libra Sun and a Taurus Moon, most people probably only feel the emotional intensity. Anyway, I’m 73 now and feel I have transformed and continue to transform myself from the inside out. Lilith I don’t know much about though. I have read about her…intellectually I grasp but owning her….I need to understand more. I look forward to hearing your take. K

  5. Hi,

    2nd house in Scorpio, square Venus and opposite ascendant. Not so much in childhood. After marrying someone, his family drained me. I issued a restraining order and got all o
    F them out if my life. Was hard but learnt to protect.


  6. Avatar
    Hildegarde's Noviciate

    This was so helpful!
    It helped me understand my sister and my roommate
    Before I had no idea!
    Now Ill work to be part of their light not part of the pain
    Thanks Midara

  7. Lilith (Aquarius) in the 2nd house (Capricorn). This article validates so much of my experience. Thank you!

  8. Yes! I have Lilith AND Pluto in the 2nd house! Was the bullied middle child, and have had work bullies since.

    So, what happens later on in life – this placement improves things, I hope!:)

  9. Lilith in Taurus in 2nd House, Conjunct Mars.
    And yes… Bullied severly as child, latter some men drained me financially.
    You explanation is excellent 🙂
    And yes, I had to learn to set boundaries, stand up for myself, respect myself … This is one of my biggest lessons in life.
    Thank you!!

      1. Thanks 🙂
        I also have opposition with Neptune.
        So: Lilith 0 Mars, 180 Neptune
        I guess it means it’s hard to see clearly that a man manipulates you.

  10. Hi, 2HBML Sagittarius. Childhood:I had many talents and a beautiful output, voice and charm, which my sisters hadn´t so mum and step-dad did everything to minimize me, which was difficult as my teachers, choir leader, friends parents, did not. At School there were jealousy, and at the university (operaschool)very much so, among “the competition”. Left my country for several years and gained self-confidence thru the way I was treated there (up-lifted, respected, loved- just by being) My husband is very respectful, kind and balanced (married 25 yrs), so yes my self-worth is very much depending on how others treat me… less now, but I still use a lot of energy thinking about it, and why it is like so. Maybe that´s what´s driving me to be successful and in that way untouchable… less and less though, feel I have nothing to prove anymore… but still maybe I want to YES!

  11. Lilith Conjunct Uranus, 2nd house
    Lilith Conjunct Moon/Neptune midpoint, 2nd house
    Sextile SUN in Sagittarius (4th)
    Sextile JUPITER in Sagittarius (4th)
    Sextile MERCURY in Sagittarius (5th)
    Sextile LEO Ascendant (1st)

    I am unsure of it’s meaning(s)?.

  12. I do have Lilith in the second house, and this has most definitely been my experience. Thank you. I really needed to see this. I found this page after seeing a FB post about someone’s idea that we seek partners in line with our Lilith placement, until we overcome it. I’ve looked mine up, before, but this really struck me.

  13. I have my lilith aries in 2nd house. You were right, I was bullied when I was in elementary and it really lowered my self esteem.

  14. Hi, that makes a lot clearer, thanks. I have Lilith in 2nd house in Aquarius and trine my midheaven, I could not find explanation about it.
    Everything you wrote is right..lot of unhappy childhood experiences, bullied and oft rejected. The pressure from authorities was a theme for for long time. Always struggling for getting a worthy treatment. I had of course a bad partner, who did not respect me and drained my energy.Self-esteem is long life topic I guess, but I am learning a lot as I see it as the view from the other side of the coin, which I hope to make use of it to help others! Thank you, it is always good to find the message, that we do not to prove our value.

    1. I have the same placement and I couldn’t agree more. After reading this I know I have some work to do on myself. I don’t want to be treated this way any longer, but it’s what I’ve known, so it continues because it feels like home, even though it hurts.

  15. I have this placement and the only thing that has worked in terms of raising my self worth are listening to subliminals at night and during the day.

  16. I have BML in the second house, in Capricorn, trine my Sun and trine my Moon from the other side. She’s part of a grand earth trine. And, on top of the grand earth trine is another grand water trine consisting of Venus, Neptune and Chiron.
    It’s been a struggle to exist, starting from childhood onward. I always seem to magnetize the resources I need and desire, which I then have to fight like a valkyrie to defend. From everyone in my life so far except one precious person. They thirst after everything I have with unrelenting insistence and with inexplicable entitlement. It’s always a war, a fight to the death, but as you said, I am slowly and painfully learning that I have a right to guard my treasures and my very life. Your interpretation of this Lilith placement has helped me to see why it’s been like this, and gives me relief and a sense of joy and conviction that I am right to stand up for myself and the courage to not allow myself to be perpetually vampirized by the endless hordes of hungry assailants. I once saw a gazelle running for her life , and she kept on running even though she had four wolves attached to her, and even though she was bleeding and the wolves were persistent, she wouldn’t succumb. And neither will I.

  17. So if Im not mistaken this was about Lilth in the second house. I have Lilth in the second house, but the majority of these commenters do not. Talk about staking your claim. So thats pretty much the feeling. Having something that is meant for you and others making it about them with no regard nor regret of the person in the forefront.

  18. This resonates completely. I am a Aries sun/Leo Moon so the world was always telling me to shut up. So, I did and it was a mask I wore for 30 years. Now, I’m coming into my Leo north node and stronger than I’ve ever been, claiming what is mine.
    Yes, this resonates 🙂

  19. My sister, has this placement. It seems so accurate. I did not see this in our early years… but I moved back “home” in 2000… over the years… I saw more and more behavior that corresponds to this interpretation. For instance, when our mom had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, she gave her car to me… my brother called, at that moment and said this…but, I knew my sister was in a bind in regards to “cars”..Now, her husband made a decent income…and she had been working but was not at the time… I felt…funny about accepting the car…so, I went directly to her house to discuss this situ… and her behavior was… surprising… she did not even seem to realize that I was there to …work out Mom’s decision…she automatically had an attitude… not a direct one toward me… but I could see that the whole thing… was an issue… and I was surprised at her reaction, which seemed… extreme….compared to our usual interactions. Another situ was when we had to put our mother in a nursing home. It turned out that my sister and my brother were in competition for my mom’s home… (not necessarily of a huge value monetarily, but both of them wanted it for an immediate situ for their adult children. The “fight” was evident and my sister “won” because SHE was “on it” with work done on the place and actions taken on the house directly…. with no hesitation… other situations show that she always felt she had to fight for what was her’s or her children’s…she had a bad marriage originally… four children from that… and there was never much coming from the father’s side… (the grandfather we found out had always been a very abusive person..) …The grandfather had a small fortune, but … he died and his wife (second wife) … some how none of the $$ went to the 8 children from his first marriage.. so the step mom and her two kids got it all… it seems so typical based on this description. I went into so much detail because… how are we to learn unless we see this type of correlation… thanks for this description.

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