Mars In Scorpio Opposite Uranus In Taurus – Effects

deloreanMars in Scorpio is opposing Uranus in Taurus. Among other things, this describe fights on the internet. Personally, I’ve been battling technology. I want this site to be fast and I’ve been pushing for that. It’s been pretty mild for me, but I don’t have planets in the early degrees of the Fixed signs.

The exact aspect has passed. I have not seen the dire predictions play out. I have noticed that my consultations have been pointed.  I don’t think this is bad. I am hired because I’m keen and what I have seen more than anything else, is people pushing (or being pushed) towards liberation.

It’s interesting because Venus ruled Taurus is associated with art.  I don’t know anyone who isn’t sick to death with the lack of innovation in artistic fields.  Remakes, copies, formulas… it’s disgusting.

I just watched a documentary on John Delorean. He was a tragic figure when it was all said and done but he was a true innovator when he took over the Pontiac division and came up with the GTO.

He’s a great example of creative, raw male energy. He’s asserted himself (Mars) and his individual tastes (Uranus in Taurus).

Not everyone is designed to lead but there are many out there with the ability and they won’t do it. They just won’t take a risk.

That’s what I recommend at this time.  It a personal (Mars) revolution (Uranus).

I saw a Lexus today that looked like a Kia.  Are you kidding me?

Do you have an impulse to break free?

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      1. I heard someone comment who said, he may well just be having fun and making something so ugly that it’s a head turner. He also said Musk reminded him of those wealthy people in the 1800’s who made “outlandish “ things because they had the money.

  1. Well, my Toastmasters group decided not to meet tonight due to lack of interest. Only three people signed up for meeting roles, and speakers would have had a tiny audience. That was unexpected! But Thanksgiving is this week, so I guess everyone has to cook or travel.

    Speaking of Thanksgiving, Mom and Dad invited us all over for leftovers this coming Saturday since 3 out of 5 of us kids had made other plans for the holiday itself. ?? Interesting time, this is.

  2. I think I have turned this energy inward because I’m so depressed. Maybe it’s the Chiron thing happening, I don’t know. I can usually talk myself out of depression, but man it’s lingering.

  3. Just now I was watching more YouTube beauty community drama….and suddenly unsubscribed to all the drama channels I was following. Reached the end of my tether with this foolishness.

  4. Technology is a bitch! I’m also pushing through challenges with my computer program that I use for work. Mars trapped in the 12th is also a bitch. Honestly I’ve been avoiding this crap for too long, and at this point I NEED to break free. I have a strong tendency to engage in self-sabotaging, escapist behavior when I’m faced with hardship. I am coming to terms with the fact that the only thing that will give me peace is doing the work. Uranus in the 6th doesn’t seem to help matters much. Yes, I’ve got this opposition in my chart, exact to the degree, across Gemini and Sagittarius.

  5. Another positive synchronistic omen for me. Tried to write an explanation, but what I wrote was not worthy of posting.

  6. He, so that’s what it is!

    Well, I will be sending my resignation letter this week to my boss. I have been sick on/off ever since I started during the Big Retrograde Summer – it has never been REALLY good to be honest.

    I have done my best and then some, so when your boss’ passive aggressive behavior scares the crap out of you, causing you severe stress…. Well.

    I’m sick and tired of it.
    They can keep the keys, I’m out.
    This is not good for me.

  7. Avatar

    Two notable ‘fights’. Or not even fights just discussions happened at this time.

    One was I got in a discussion on the internet with a guy, quite a long one I remember when I wrote on of the responses I noted I had lost 45 minutes! He started it with saying that he had talked to some people on my side of the argument that were morons and wouldn’t debate and I said I’d debate him. Then we had a long, long discussion and ended agreeing to disagree and respecting each others position.

    I’m not making it up truly! Two people from different political persuasions at a general election no less, actually talked past their differences and ON THE INTERNET! That system that seems to destine people to forever disagree.

    The second was a discussion with my sister whom is a vegan… And they don’t come in a non fanatical form… That is a joke, I mean, maybe they do but if you are going to come around to the conclusion by watching promotions of veganism that has animals cruelly tortured then it is likely they are going to have charge on that.

    Anyway, she was CLEARLY playing a martian role. And I was Uranus. She was going on and on, kind of making it clear by stating repeatedly she wasn’t attacking me but in energy terms, I only realised after, that was precisely what she was doing. I didn’t really protest because I find her quite cute, but it got to this point where I just said I don’t believe in any of it and summarised some people who have had medical problems from a vegan diet including a girl that blames not being able to have kids on it! I don’t think the effect of this sort of statement would be quite so relevant if I was not someone who generally knows what I am talking about when I state something.

    The energy immediately changed, regardless of whether or not that statement of mine got through she is a Cancer stellium, and a young girl, and the idea of losing the ability to have children is not appealing to her. I don’t think I have ever seen her quite so much on the back foot.

    So that was Uranus. Mars faces with the reality as it has been defined by the dominant social group, the pre Saturnian might makes right, and Uranus sees past all that.

  8. Yes I want to break free, from where I live and my job. I am getting older and it can be very physical (think plumbing) and my bones are tired. I have out grown where I live. I want to live my life more fully and have a bit of travel when affordable. Uranus in Taurus in the Sixth could help me make these changes should and when I choose to do so.

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