Neptune Transit The 10th House / MC

Neptune crownI use Equal houses. This means when a planet transits one angle of the chart, it aspects all of them.  I wrote this for a client who was contemplating moving with Neptune transiting the angles of her chart:

“I am not saying, don’t move. But with Neptune on the angles, it’s possible you’re chasing a dream. 

All this means is that you should know this before you leap.  Take a leap of faith as opposed to taking a leap into “heaven”, because heaven simply does not exist on earth. Understanding this, if the move still sounds good to you, I’d go…”

What happened Neptune transited the angles of your chart?
Was their an illusion involved? How did it end up?

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  1. I have Neptune conjunct my 10th house right now (Asc. 3deg46 min Gem). I just won a prize at an art exhibition for an oil painting I did and I think I can make a living doing this. Maybe that seems delusional to some people but for me it’s the opposite. I believed the myth for too long that it is impossible to be a working artist. It’s a lifelong dream realized and the first time in my life that I have felt this sort of focus and direction about what the heck I am on this planet to do.

  2. When Neptune was on my Asc (17 or 18) I began performing onstage in bars as a musician. That’s when Uranus and Neptune were together. Rock n roll.

  3. Neptune transited my IC from roughly 2007-2011. During this time, I did move. I moved out of a very personally challenging place to an area that allowed me to really discover ‘me’, and the freedom to explore what resonated with me spiritually.

    By the end of this transit, I was able to apply what I established as my ‘spiritual foundation’ to my work (opposite MC). The clients I began to attract was (and continues to be) in-line with that foundation.

  4. Neptune transited my IC at 27 Aquarius quite recently. You’ve got to embrace the dream to do this transit justice, I think. Just make sure it’s YOUR dream and not something else, like not a martyr fantasy to sacrifice your dream for someone else’s dream.

    With my Neptune transit, “time” disappeared. Be aware of the siren songs. Heed them, but be aware that you are in an altered state, and that it won’t last forever.

  5. ETA: I feel like my Neptune transit confirmed that I am an artist. Where there had been doubt, there is now confidence. But this was an internal shift – all the external rewards in the world could not have done this for me.

  6. Neptune transited my 1st and 2nd Houses in 2007 while I was having my 2nd Saturn Return(Leo in the 8th House). Everything I thought was valuable and ‘safe’ was wiped out: home, health, and story. I separated from my husband for a couple months (he was also going through his 2nd Saturn Return.) The good news is the illusion of what, who and how much is necessary to satisfy a soul on earth (me/us) has been in the process of being set right (Saturn). Tidal change (internal values) and Time (over the long haul = Saturn) has us rebuilding a spiritually solid life. Smaller physically, larger and more authentic.

  7. Neptune started conjuncting my ASC in 2007. I was able to use my spirituality to get me through the total upheaval the Cardinal Climax brought. I’m still going through the aftermath, and still using my spirituality to guide me. It’s working out well so far. Neptune is on my Moon. Faith.

  8. When I was about 19 Neptune conj. my first house Saturn also housing my Mercury. I worked really hard as a singer with a band and we ended up playing all over the Bay Area for two years. I was working hard to make my dreams come true. And like Jilly, it was all Rock ‘n’ Roll. I was living the dream.

  9. I had Neptune transit my MC around 2004, and Neptune is still in my 10 house today! By 2004 ,I had spent the previous six years skilling up in media production, film, graphic arts, animation and websites. I loved it. (Uranus had transited MC first,before neptune came along, hence my love of technology).
    Then by 2005, with higher degree in hand, there was no work to be had, no comnnection to others in the same industry, occasional freelance once a year. I could not support my family this way. I had great skills, but it was an illusion to think I could actually work full time in the industry, without relocating my family and I had a small child in school. So I did consider a move to the city, but in the end I did not and let that dream go by. A work opportunity came later in 2006 in my home town, to teach higher education, which I took up and never looked back. My skills were never wasted, but applied to a different industry.
    I’m glad I didn’t relocate then, when there may be a better opportunity in the future to do it.

  10. My radix Neptune lives on my MC/10th house. (MC 4 degr Sag, Neptune conjunct Mars 10 degr Sag) and I still don’t have a real profession, or a job! I seem to have many talents, from communication/writing to art/music to medical stuff, so I hope to find a job in a hospital again. I studied Literature, but there is no work in that field. I have been dreaming to make a living out of astrological consulting, to be some kind of life-coach, but I am afraid I will not get enough clients. I am a bit reclusive (Cap, with Venus in 12th house Cap…)
    Not finding my vocation has been an issue for years now. I try not to get frustrated and just wait until it finds me. Transiting Neptune trine Uranus did not do it yet, but Neptune is coming back to that point so who knows!

  11. Just one thing: maybe the idea of finding my vocation is an illusion itself. I just go with the flow and try to do what I like most! 🙂

  12. “a leap into heaven which simply does not exist on earth” – It amazes me that i’m still learning to accept this. It’s like navigating a fog trying to hang onto that awareness.

  13. Neptune crossed my Ascendant when I was 5/6. We moved from town to the boondocks, into a weird house we later found out a kid had committed suicide in. So said the neighbourhood rumour mill. There was a lot of paranormal activity in that house. A lot.

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    Neptune is opposing my Asc right now. Spirituality is helping me solve all of my problems, yet there are people who tryed to neptoon me into finding spirituality in drugs and psychics.

    I’ve been 100% sober from drugs for a few months and weed for a week. Alcohol 4 weeks or so. I’m trying to push away a sexual relationship I am in that is going to turn obsessive really quick and be 100% sober. I have been praying and getting help from a friend who is a religious leader ( Its a major religion but I’m not saying which one to avoid getting flack by people who don’t understand) And now starting to feel better.. Also since Pisces is my 7th house/ DC I am making new friends who are also sober and spiritual. I’m using Neptune in a positive way since not doing drugs.. It sometimes clouds my vision. I met people who have tried to be fake towards me multiple times during this transit. Also relationships base on drugs or illusion. My ex-best friend and her swindling boyfriend were giving me drugs to calm me down when I was living with them so they could continue their shitty business while I was in an altered state. I knew what was going on but allowed it to happen because the drugs helped ( temporaryily and neptoonly) my own mental issues. Eventually I amputated them ( uranus conj. venus) and she tried multiple times to neptoon me into being her friend again but everytime she tried and I denied it, I find out she had been slandering my name in a different way. ALso the psychic situation I had where she tried to get me to pay her over a thousand dollars to “spiritually heal me” which turned out to be a joke. Thankfully, Pluto is conj. my natal pluto and it is helping me go through the motions of the these shitty friendships and letting them go. The most positive manifestations of Neptune opp. ASC and transitting 7th is that the friends who stayed around are on the right path and helping me to be a better person without forcing me or trying to neptoon me.

  15. Neptune conjoined my MC about a year ago and is still in my 10th house. It’s been a big pain in the behind since.

    Prior to its arrival I thought I knew what I wanted from myself. I ended up changing my mind, especially after I found that it would require me doing a lot of traveling and training (something I don’t really have time for). I also thought it to be shallow and superficial, and something that wouldn’t satisfy me spiritually (so Neptune!).

    I was advised many times to use my talents as an artist, but I simply do not want to do this. I do not wish to become an artist professionally at this time. I also have no attraction to Neptune ruled fields like hospital work. And I don’t think giving up my job for such work would be a good idea at this time.

    It’s said artistic professions are favored during this transit, but are those professions limited to painting and music? Are the performing arts included with this as well?

    I feel that right now, all I can do is keep working and supporting my family, so I do this. But having no idea where I am headed or what I can attain is a very sad thing indeed.

  16. Neptune crossed my DSC angle when I was so young that everything was a blur anyway. So I looked up when it will cross the next angle. It will go into my 10th house in 2025. I looked at my Solar Return for that year. Well, of COURSE venus and Mars is tightly conjunct the Sun in the 5th in my 2025 Solar Return. Transiting Neptune will also be squaring my Sun and Ascendent. It looks like maybe I will think I am in love again. I’m praying since it’s the 5th house that’s involved, this transit will have something to do with a child I don’t have yet rather than a love affair. A wonderfully artistic child or something…lol :p Otherwise, I shall attempt to not make a fool of myself in 2025. I have Saturn on my side dammit.

  17. Neptune is ruler of mine 10th house en is now in transit conjunction mine MC. I have Pisces on mine MC and have al mine live searching for the right profession. I tried a few but noting is fitting me. I really hope that this transit will bring something new maybe a break-truth. Have someone experience with this? Thank you very much!

  18. hello everybody 🙂
    I know this thread is a few years old by now but would be thrilled to hear some experiences. As I am in the midst of it…
    Transit Neptune in natal 10th house x

    1. I just happened upon this post & your comment because I’m at the end of Neptune transiting my 10th house. I honestly think that looking at your secondary progressions is important for clarity. Also reflecting on any aspects your natal Neptune makes in your birth chart should be added to your consideration. These aspects and placements together comprise a much clearer picture of what to expect while Neptune transits the 10th house (or any house). I believe that I needed to put all this information together in order to find any kind of clarity about the last decade. I use Equal houses. In less than a year, Neptune will ingress into my 11th house. I would like to say that I have a much clearer vision of where I’m heading, but right now I feel more disillusioned than ever. But my natal Neptune is opposite my natal ascendant, so this may be a lifelong feeling that I have to deal with. It feels quite intense right now. Hopefully you can put your own pieces of the astrological puzzle together to find some answers. Wishing you well!

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