Mars Retrograde In Gemini: Avoid Self-Undoing

foggy targetMars is now retrograde.  This reversal will keep the planet in Gemini for a total of about seven months.  Mars will leave the sign in March of 2023. We have about five months to go.

On the upside, Mars’ retrograde motion will maintain a trine to Saturn in Aquarius into mid December.  This suggests there’s a handle on your knife though I admit many opt to avoid using it. I’m talking about controlling your Mars energy which in this case is manifesting mainly via your mouth and other communications.

The main challenge with this transit at this point is Mars’ square to Neptune. Gemini is known to for their crisp thinking. Fog is the wrong effect for this sideshow.

Mars can be deadly. If you do want to aim and fire, you want hit your target. This is hard to do with Neptune obscuring so much, so well.  If you can’t positively identify your target, it’s probably best you avoid taking a shot… in order to act responsibly (Saturn).

Mars in Gemini squaring Neptune has also caused many to suffer anxiety.   This nervous uncertainty has disabled some, to varying degrees.

ideasThere are two main ways to deal this this right now. One – you control (Saturn) your racing (Mars) mind (Gemini). Or two – you reject (Saturn) and transcend (Neptune) your apprehension or uneasiness.

I like this transit and I’m faring well with it.  If you’re like me, I’d not worry about the retrograde at all.  We’ll just be going back over information to pick up the pieces we missed.

In my case, Mars in Gemini is all about what I’m going to do or say or write. I have a document, “Ideas”, with all my writing prompts.  Just bits that come to me? I got too busy to deal with it. Most likely I’ll get back on track during the retrograde period.

This is accurate into December. I will look at what’s ahead when we get closer to 2023 but I hope you see this is not a sky-falling situation no matter how many people say it is.

Also, note there are no planets in Virgo to double the trouble and annoyance. We’re already through one of the stickiest periods.

The main thing is to direct your rage, appropriately.  If not, expect to be shot with your own gun because both Saturn and Neptune turn things around on person.

Here’s other details…

Mars In Gemini For 7 Months 2022-23: Dates & Effects By House

How do you feel about retrograde Mars in Gemini?

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    1. Mars will retrograde out of orb or Neptune by mid December.
      When it turns direct – the planets will clash again at the end of February, into March, 2023.

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    Shimmering Light

    How’s that misreading? “The main thing is to act your age, appropriately” Thanks Elsa, I’ll take your advice! 🙂

  2. My brother was quite sick with congestive heart and kidney failures, I took him to the hospital, his heart barely beating, valves in fibrillation, 105bpm 195/120 blood pressure, pneumonia, some 20+ liters of water on his organs and throughout, then they found a clot in his heart… as they medicated him, strengthened his heart, withdrew the water, stabilized his pressure he had a devastating stroke. I looked to his progressed chart, I felt so bad he was in a bad place, nearly my set up, scorpio ascendent, descendent conjunct Algol, he was nearly free, had he taken better care he may have dodged that bullet, I live with Medusa/Algol at my descendent, learned she protects me and I in turn sing, my moon is conjunct my desc as well within 2°, unfortunately for me, fortunate for everyone else mars is 16° Taurus so I won’t be summoning demons as I wish, but I can’t help wanting to. This Sun, Venus, New Moon conjunct Solar Eclipse in Scorpio is a power house for me, have been since November 2021, but I must only look to love and not power, I want to sue, I want to use my Taurus Mars to incite a riot, that nurse ignored his inability to talk, ignored my phone call telling them the same, then a lot of miscommunications occurred and although he’d never want to live like this, I could not order that he be made comfortable and pass… instead he’s had several procedures, trach tube, feeding tube, dialysis catheter and kept on life support because they say he only had a mild 2 hour stroke when it was actually close to 10 hours, needless to say he’s not going to recover, half his brain is destroyed. As I hold his hand and head, knowing him, his chart, recalling his life, memories, his stories, his wishes I feel I betrayed him although it was never in my hands, now his body has been violated medically and his mind lost.
    Oh to look to the darkness of Medusas’ Algol or Mars’ Barzabel to bring Justice, tempting indeed, Mars can be very deadly, but I must look to this Scorpio-Taurus axis and seek love, not vengeance. I’ve been in hell since the 4th of October, I have to remind myself it happened to him, not me, people apologize all the time and I tell them the same, that nurse hasn’t apologized though, maybe I write a song and sing to Medusa and she lose her head instead.

    1. Thank you for this post; I cannot recall when I have been more moved from
      having read something of this magnitude.


      1. You said it will be gory and bloody, it has been, sorry to be a horrific downer this morning. He almost made it to a progressed Sagitarius ascendent he always wanted to travel the country by camper van and motorcycle.
        Take care of yourselves, don’t lose your head.

    2. I’m very sorry you are going through such a painful situation. I’m not sure if this will be helpful in the current moment, but maybe at some time. Only very recently I saw a video in which a woman recounted a very similar predicament in which she was placed regarding a loved one, she carried guilt a long time but was able to find peace. You would need to go on YouTube and search “Tyler Henry Nancy Grace” Your description and hers are very similar and the coincidence prompted me to share this. Tyler Henry is a medium.

        1. I finally watched that video.
          A couple days ago my sister, she’s a nurse, had told me my anger is making things difficult, had I been at her hospital I’d have been asked to leave. Raising an internal investigation, wanting that nurse fired, considering suit, don’t get me wrong I wasn’t loud, yelling or abusive, but my presence was doom, anyway I realized I was being angry in every direction. I had to stop, I was jealous my brother made a better connection with one of his friends than me, felt he hated me, my ex fiancé flipped out over nothing and I just had to stop. Glad I did, as soon as I had, I realized he’s been talking to me with gestures, I had a great story idea come to mind, anger was blocking my energy. Yesterday I apologized to the charge nurse for my anger. My sister clarified things and I’m glad as Mars goes Retrograde today, (my 7th house) that I can do so without the confusion of energies (Mars Square Neptune).
          As far as that video goes, I felt guilt for being the driving force to get my brother to the hospital, but a lot of other people told him to do so as well and I know his swelling and pain drove him himself. It was actually the second part of that video that spoke to me, I lost my wife 27 years ago, I wouldn’t replace her, never wanted to fall in love again, lived with someone I can’t possibly be like that with, so in 2019 (Pluto conjunct my Venus) I fell in love, but our Venus are opposite, I’m feeling good, she was doubting and eventually it fell apart. I’ve struggled for days through another one of her flip outs and I am done. Today Mars retrograde in my 7th, I wonder if it’s willing to rip time back 27 years and I get that sign. I felt her hug me a week or so after her death, only nightmares since then when I look into her dead eyes in a dark sooty concrete and chain link fence hell. I carry more guilt emotionally leaving the lady I’ve been with for 20 years and replacing my wife with a love that can not love me back or have patience or understanding. I had hoped this morning Mars was in my 8th house, as I am done in ways, but it’s right where it needs to be. Sorry for the long comment, my brother is improving daily, little things that are huge, I’m going to hope things keep improving.

    3. I can feel your torment and I know that struggle to raise all manner of darkness to send upon those that wronged you and your brother. I could tell you to honor your brother by treasuring his memory and doing something good in his memory, but, I am sure you hear that over and over.

      This past week a person I knew died, and no one cared because he was not a nice person, but I felt moved to say a prayer for his soul. I will pray for you and your brother.

    4. I hear you. I was in fight mode the whole time my late husband was sick. The VA was my target, as he was exposed to agent orange and the Va denied it was the cause of his illness. He actually died after having a lung biopsy but was brought back and intubated for a bit. My husband wanted to sue but we didn’t. Walked away with a 35-dollar hospital bill. That was the beginning of the end he died a year later after being told he could live 10 more years. I am reliving it all now because my sister has small cell lung cancer that has spread to her brain and spine. In and out of the hospital every week. Its heartbreaking. I hope you find some peace.

      1. Omg Opalina that’s tragic, I’m sorry you had to go through that with your husband. Now facing your sister’s illness and having to relive hospital experiences, it’s hard to bear.
        I went through this at 19 with my mom, seizures, paralysis, death 10 years following and I know it brings old emotions to the surface. I hope you find some peace as well ❤️🙏🤗

  3. Not gonna lie, it’s not my favorite time when Mars is retrograde, cause it’s my chart ruler.
    This time it’s conjuct natal Mars in 8th house. There is a chance I will start a new job during this time. Not ideal I know, but better to start something then being unemployed.

  4. OMG, the delusions. It seems like everyone around is stuck in one. Some of it is just so ridiculous and over the top that I can’t believe people can’t see that they are being ridiculous.

    Here’s an interesting real life example: My Mom’s neighbor is projecting her unresolved stuff onto another neighbor, accusing him of putting crickets on her patio.

    I’m not joking — this woman is out there sweeping the patio at all hours, looking for crickets. They are everywhere right now and everyone living in the place has crickets on the patio and sometimes they get in the house. There’s a huge grass field nearby and bushes so they are living right outside our doorsteps.

    She has called the police (because the landlord doesn’t believe her anymore), and recently tried dragging me into her drama. We got into a loud verbal argument after she started screaming at me, and I told her to go the eff away and don’t come back with that BS, that she is delusional and making all this up. She kept talking and I told her that if she continues with this nonsense, I’d send a letter to the nursing board with copies of the video of her screaming at the neighbor and all of her other bad behaviors.

    This is the third or fourth time she has caused a problem for me, and I am just done. I will choose the nuclear option on this woman next time, because she hasn’t figured it out the last four or five times.

    I’ve got enough on my plate with my Mom, and I’ve learned my lesson with giving these people the benefit of the doubt — all they do is come back again and again to mess with you, and I’m done with that.

  5. This has been terrible for me, worst year of my life (so far). Mars is/will be squaring my Mercury and my moon. Neptune had been opposing my moon and activating all my angular planets and t-squares. Adrift is an understatement. Nervous breakdown (how do you know if you’ve actually gone crazy). Just getting through one day at a time has been all I can do.

    1. That might seem punchy 💥. Not necessarily literally, although maybe. Do you feel especially forceful now? Or active, restless?

  6. Maybe it’s odd but I have been pretty depressed, even to the point of considering an antidepressant on top of my antidepressant! A lot of worry. Worry about the elections, the country, my business situation. But the worry has been ongoing for a long time now (Neptune on my MC and moon and in the tenth for what seems like forever). Maybe the worry will reverse? Elsa said on the eclipse discussion clarity might come for me with the sun/moon exactly on top of my Neptune, so maybe this is what will happen…I trust her judgment; it just feels so long coming…

      1. Avatar
        Kathryn Hernandez

        So in a way, I might be able to coast through it easier because it’s territory I’ve dealt with all my life?

  7. I am going into a sort of training camp for coming back onto the job market.

    Training within information and technology actually.
    So this transit is really apt for learning, failing, getting up and try again I think.
    It’s like divine timing, that just when I am able to give it a go, I am offered an orange in my turban.

    I do not have to be a master at the start. It will take some going back and forth. And when Mars is done, I am ready to move and get ahead, all the while Pluto shifts into Aquarius.

    I am, timing, eh?
    That little b*tech, called timing, has perhaps maybe even decided to be my friend the next months!

  8. Dave,be strong , your strength will set the rhythm for the hearts a kin to you❤️Me
    I am at the beginning of a art project
    I imagine to be part of till Christmas , I am devoted to this plan.
    Then my plan is to visit as many churches as possible ;to float with all the music and prayer. Anytime I ever mentioned something hard to my mother she would return the same sentence “oh dear it’s just another day “be strong my friends be brave and remember it’s just another day!

    1. When artistic inspiration hits you, you should always feed its energy and at the very least write, draw, compose your ideas, letting it flow through or it’s easily lost. I spent most my life disregarding my ideas inventions and attempted to be a Jack of all trades instead, Trine life, job hoping, negative energies. Only recently I took it seriously, now I find a dark, quiet place and let these story ideas flow, I actually envision my imagination like watching a film.
      Mars transits Uranus and Neptune have also brought me a lot of creativity, so I’m not stuck undoing myself only listening to Mercury and Air, but that negativity can ruin these energies, it’s not always just another day, dreams and inspiration come from anywhere and this Mars in Gemini urges to do something about it. I wonder with all my Pluto last year, the jealousy and obsession, ignoring my inspirations, spending all my energy trying to figure out my situation when I was supposed to express that love instead, leading to a terrible leg ache I now know was circulation. Funny thing is walking helped and diet worked but the real healing didn’t begin until I was writing, so much so I didn’t even need to walk daily. I’ve rambled on, I hope you keep working on your art project, thank you for strength encouragement.

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