Pluto In Aquarius: Holograms Of Dead People

Visa hologramI started writing about Pluto in Aquarius back in 2015 – Dark Side Of Innovation & The Internet

If you click the tag (Pluto in Aquarius), you’ll find a number of posts.

In 2016, I wrote – Machines Replacing People / People Imitating Machines.

That was about music being machines. No heart (Leo) in it.

We’ve got all the AI sex dolls workin’ now. They’re heartless as well.   And now we have hologram dead celebrities…

Roy orbisonI guess there are people out there who might enjoy seeing a dead person perform.  I put the topic up for discussion, Hologram Celebrities On Stage

Personally, I am appalled by this for a long list of reasons. The lack of originality is a big one. Just because we can doesn’t mean we should.  I like Roy Orbison as much as the next person but he’s DEAD.  Is there not a live person with a beating heart out there, who might be able to entertain us?

I wonder what it would feel like to a parent, watching their dead child’s hologram, parade around on stage so someone could sell tickets.

You want to rest in peace? Too bad!  We’re going to digitize your corpse!

Are you horrified by this? Or intrigued?

17 thoughts on “Pluto In Aquarius: Holograms Of Dead People”

  1. Tom Cruise’s character in “The Minority Report” is haunted by and obsessively watches the hologram video of his deceased son.

  2. I don’t like/want this at all! Reason: the same as you mentioned above Elsa. Can we not think about something else?????!!!
    Indeed: “just because we can doesn’t mean we should”.

    1. ditto, couldn’t agree more. I was thinking about this in regards to movies recently and how they just keep remaking things that were once a hit. Why? Lack of creativity? I don’t really know.

  3. Cute and sad animal videos will save the heart of the race. They still seem to have natural feelings. Yes I am horrified by it. I was horrified bt digital sound when it arrived needless to say about the rest.

  4. Well, we keep people alive through pictures, books and film especially if you were a celeb so I guess it’s okay if the person’s image is handled respectfully. We all become historical figures that people of other generations may enjoy knowing about or we can pass on our experiences. The one drawback is it does detract from people living now in the present circumstances.

  5. I hope I can keep a flesh and blood doctor for the rest of my life. I don’t want to go see a hologram.

    It’s the heartless / soul-free thing that bugs me so much. It’s not HUMAN.

  6. Horrified. And most of it is driven by pure greed.
    Which has been the reason for most of recent human history.
    What will continue making money will stay, what causes losses will fall away on the path to ‘progress’

  7. anonymoushermit

    If they get the celebrity’s permission before they die, then yes, I don’t mind. Of course, even this could be exploited!

  8. Hm, we’ve already had 2 Star Trek series with such characters:
    Data the android in “Next Generation,” and the hologram Doctor in “Voyager.”
    And in the movie “Her,” a man falls in love with his computer’s AI operating system – who is never visible, but is a voice, and tells him surprising things about the networked AI OS entities towards the end.
    No one can say we haven’t been prepared to accept it all.

  9. I went to “Meowolf” in Santa Fe and they have a travel agent in a glass booth that is a hologram. Honestly, it was weird AND funny at the same time. When I didn’t react to her, she leaned forward expectantly, looking right at me, then winked and sat back. THAT was again, creepy but kinda funny that a non human 3D image could do that. But in general, I abhor the idea of deceased celebrities being dragged up from the grave in this fashion. To me it IS heartless as Elsa says, and just for the greed of it. A good biographical film is another thing. I dred when Saturn goes into Aquarius but this Pluto is much worse! Robots are starting to take jobs, people will matter less as our sight goes towards the future and not what is happening before us (ironically these inventors feel it is helping to make our lives better). But I hope that more people will step up to care more for humanity during these transits to protect the humanity we have left.

  10. Horrified- as a theatre educator and professional- the beating heart and emotional response is key to being human and if we begin to accept the holograms as human, we lose sight of what humanity is and much easier to manipulate.

  11. I honestly dont think its going to take off. I dont underestimate society because I see wise choices being made all the time. Its just the unwise ones that get all the attention in the media. Theres a few sheep who will always swallow whatever pill they are given, but I truly dont meet many of them.

    It might have a moment, but Id be surprised if it became the norm, especially with the Pluto in Libra generation coming into power and how much we value authenticity in art. I can think of a ton of examples of how this is valued way more than shallowness.

  12. It’s all so bizarre. Like will we one day in the far future come to ElsaElsa and see your hologram doing readings lol someone uses your voice and old posts to do one on one readings with folks of the future ??‍♀️
    Is this the future ? On one hand it keeps their spirit alive but on another what are we giving up in order to keep these folks here. And is it all for money ?

  13. I had a thought or maybe it was a vision a while back. What I think is there are a lot of people out there who either cant make a relationship work, or don’t want to have to fool with making it work with a real person. I actually believe there will be life like robots who are sold as husbands or wives and programmed to suit. Like the stepford wives, but robots. And they will be purchased.

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