Mars Aspecting Saturn In A Woman’s Chart

What if you have Mars in aspect to Saturn or some other harsh signature in your chart?Β  And what if you’re a woman?

I have a client with an wicked opposition in her chart. She’s also got Venus in Taurus in the 7th house which is a strong placement.Β  But this Mars. Mercury, Saturn, Pluto gash ‘cross her chart dominates. When she interacts with people, she easily slips into a dynamic that makes me think of two Gladiators, squaring off.

This is difficult for her not only because of the Venus placement but she’s also got a Pisces Moon!Β  Can you imagine? Yesterday she asked me if she was going to get over of get rid of this and I had to tell her no. You can’t have something like that in your chart and not have it play. However it can managed.

My husband has a similar aspect in his chart. Most of your know he is a consummate soldier and an ex-green beret. This gal needs a similar outlet and she has the foundation for this already laid. She’s got to find expression for that opposition, at work most likely, and then not bring the work home.

I explained to her how disastrous it would be for my husband’s love life if he brought his prowess home. I mean his physical prowess as well as his keen, cunning mind. If he beats his wife and plays psych warfare on her, what do think is going to happen? He’s not going to have a wife!

You see the key here. If you have something like this in your chart it is up to you to manage it. No one can do it for you. My husband is very careful. He won’t give me a massage because he’s afraid he might break a bone. He goes out of his way not to scare me because he certainly is frightening.

This gal has to use (and not use) her prowess in a similar way. I say it’s possible – this is what Saturn is for, eh? With Mars and Saturn mashed, you must take command. Not of me, but of yourself.

Do you have a harsh signature like this in your chart. How do you work with it?

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  1. I do.

    I’ve got Saturn/Mars opposing each other, with each of them squaring my 10H Sun.

    I can be hard on people, especially when I sense a lack of authenticity. My Sun square Uranus hates pretense. And honestly I’m harder on no one than I am on myself. That said, it doesn’t excuse it.

    I meditate. It relieves a lot of stress.

    … Love, love, love. Learn, learn, learn…

  2. I have Mars conjunct Saturn. Exercise/sports are my outlet. Like Rachael I am also pretty hard on myself. Also have Pluto sq Sun…fun times πŸ™‚

  3. Great post, Elsa! This kind of work could be so powerful for people if they’d let it.

    My mother has an exact conjunction between Mars/Saturn in Leo. Pluto is also widely conjunct. Her Mars/Saturn exactly squares her Sun/Moon in Scorpio. She is the most emotionally unrealized person I have ever met. She really believes she doesn’t have a shadow. I’ve never met anyone so committed to her own perfection. It’s very sad, actually, because she’s alone and doesn’t need to be.

  4. Not only do I have Saturn/Mars opposition – my husband does too – we do the Gladiator scene a lot.

    I love it when I start out the week learning something new. Thanks Elsa!

  5. I’m very aware of my shadow! But then again I have a stellium in the 8th.

    I’ve only a few times in my life expressed anything remotely close to “cruelty”, and it was in my adolescence, and mainly in my behaviour and words towards my mom. We are very very close though.

    I have Mars conjunct Saturn (both retrograde) in Libra in the 8th. Maybe the retrograde turns this inwards more? I am extremely hard on myself. And maybe the libra helps, not sure… but I wouldn’t describe myself as someone who is cruel, I can be sharp and impatient and if I’m really upset, I can resort to being cold, but it’s not dominant in my nature. At least I don’t think it is, people tend to find me very warm and caring. So they say.

  6. I’ve got Mars Saturn exact semi square. I’ve also got Venus square Saturn, and Mars is on the midpoint of that, which means Venus semi squares it as well. I’ve got so much Pisces in me though, even tho I’m an Aries Sun. I’m definitely not a harsh type, more of a softy. I can be quite bossy as times, however.

  7. Mars conjuncts tight in Saturn (in Leo) with Pluto for a stellium in the 7th and 8th Houses. All this squares my Sun,Mercury,MC in the 10th.

    I meditate a lot, and write my way through the cruelty … that like has already been said, turns onto myself. I know my shadow all too well!

  8. Yes I have Mars conjunct Saturn, both trine Pluto and opposition Neptune and my Asc.

    I don’t give expression to cruelty, but I can feel inside of me that I am capable of it. In my case I tend to be on the receiving end.

  9. I think of it as my barbarian underpinnings – however many years ago the ancestors – some of them – were Vikings. Norman (Norseman) is a family name. We still have something flying around the family called “The Temper” – red rage. HOwever- we also have strong saturns (late degrees mine is at 29 cap, so is dad’s, my uncle has sun at 29 cap) and the family intention is to direct all that energy appropriately.

    Military family. Athletics. Develop the mind. Black humor. Don’t mess with us.

    Did i mention we were Scots? Don’t forget the sense of humore….

    Mars oppose Saturn (wide)

  10. I’m not cruel and I’m particularly tender-hearted towards animals. But I did feel the possibility of cruelty in myself as a child, esp since I was exposed to cruelty being the victim of it myself and felt a great deal of pent up anger against the world.

    Mars conjunct Saturn, both Rx, in Cancer H11, opposing my Sun/Venus and forming T-squares with Jupiter/Juno and Chiron.

    I’ve been the victim of emotional cruelty more than once, but I hope I’ve not been guilty of inflicting it. I am aware of my shadow however…

  11. I have Mars conjunct Saturn in Aries 3H. Exercise helps and I have just started to meditate. I also have Sun opposite pluto which I am sure doesnt not help things πŸ™‚ Since i have gotten into astrology I have paid more attention to these things and that is positive!!

  12. Avatar

    mars/cancer conjunct in cancer as the point of a few t-squares touching most of the rest of my chart. I am/was most cruel to myself. Most everything begins with “and I see this because I’ve been there and done that”. Otherwise I try to keep my advice to myself unless requested.

    Been on the receiving end of some mind boggling cruelty and struggled to put it into perspective. Most of my coping is to physically build and create things. Whether it is a home/house or food for others.

  13. What do you think of a female relative with pluto conjunct saturn conjunct mars in Leo in the 12th, close to Leo ascendant, all in T-square to Taurus venus in the 10th opposite Scorpio moon? Exhausting,no?

  14. I have Mars aspecting Saturn and Pluto.

    I’m usually working on a project that really scares or disgusts me. That takes up a lot of the “fighting” energy. Fighting your fears, inhibitions, preconceptions, whatever.

    Meditation is great! Anyone who thinks it is a relaxing endeavour has probably never tried to sit still for a good 20 mins with a silent mind, never mind doing it days on end.

  15. What about Mars square Pluto? Isn’t that a signifier of cruelty and abuse (both on giving and receiving end)?

    I’d not heard as much about Mars/Saturn in this regard but will read more about it.

  16. I have Mars (and Venus)in the ASC square Pluto/Uranus (MC)
    And, Mars and Venus square Saturn (IC)
    That places Saturn in opposition to Pluto/Uranus.
    I am in my mid 40’s now. I am thankful for all my squares and oppositions
    I would not be the same person without them..its taught me to mediate.
    Natal Chiron in Pisces has taught me so much more

  17. I’ve met cruelty both ways with mars(4th house) square saturn(conj. ASC.), initially from my mother who has this mars(in scorpio) square pluto and an aries moon and then my cruelty came out in my relations with men who loved me…i couldn’t help torturing them when they showed a soft side. What’s paradoxal is that people see me as sweet and kind. maybe it’s cause of pluto conj. with my sun, venus.

  18. I’ve got Mars conjunct Pluto (yes, yes, we know; you mention it all the damned time… *grins*). I prefer to get it out through art and listening to music since that conjunction sextiles Neptune. When that doesn’t work, breaking stuff does. πŸ˜‰

    Strangely, I’ve never been able to channel it into exercise/movement. That keys me up instead of letting it out!

    @Josephine, In classical astrology (only up to Saturn), Mars and Saturn were the two big malefics (bad planets). Having them aspect each other, especially by conjunction, was a seriously bad omen and considered the mark of a tyrant.

  19. I had a transiting quincunx of Saturn w/ Mars and the teacher/instructor was a tyrant–verbally abusive at times and discussed w/ us her past hx of abuse in a marriage w/ an alcoholic. The abused becoming the abuser, but had no conscious understanding of that cycle that I could see!
    Hard Mars/Saturn can be a history of physical or sexual abuse, too.

  20. It provides enormous drive, drive drive to do, to fix, to accomplish. It is exhausting and wears me out. But I’m the one you will come to when you have a dirty nasty project you need done. I’m the one you come to when you cannot do or fix for yourself. I’m the one who will get the pieces of the broken dropped in her lap to put back together, clean or process into the next cycle.

    Yes. I see it differently. I wish I were not so tired. πŸ˜‰

  21. I have Mars/Uranus/Pluto in the 1st house and like SaD (yes, yes, we know; you mention it all the damned time… haha).

    I agree with Elsa’s advice about directing the energy in an appropriate way. For me, it has been work and martial arts plus dancing. I have incredible drive, dynamism, passion, focus, stamina, willpower, energy and determination.

    You cannot run away from who you are and you have to work with what you have. I ran from who I was and my signature caught up with me. I ended up the victim of violence – in an abusive relationship for years. This was before I learned to channel the energy into positive activities, work and physical exercise.

    Often while others are off relaxing or doing whatever, I am focussing on strategies and movements about change that I want to see.

    I see it differently too. It is incredibly effective energy, if used properly with focus and compassion for other people.

  22. “I see it differently too. It is incredibly effective energy, if used properly with focus and compassion for other people.”

    I’ve come to think of Mars/Saturn as warrior energy. Not just because of Rhino *nods acknowledgement*, but because once I started looking at the people in my personal life who are military or peripheral-military (family, etc) they all had a Mars/Saturn link somehow.

    I find Mars/Saturn to be very precise, man. πŸ™‚ And implacable — dog with a bone. I like it!

  23. Oh, and… πŸ™‚

    I think this aspect comes down to respect. In natal charts – self-respect, in synastry charts – respect of other.

    Here’s my solution for turning Mars-Saturn in hard aspect to a harmonious one:

    Tip #1 – Acknowledge the old man (Saturn) for his experience and wisdom. This includes acknowledging yourself (natal) and/or other (synastry). Take into account your and/or the other person’s experience, hardships, and wisdom – don’t ignore, RESPECT!

    Tip #2 – Take your time. Keep commitments to self and/or other. Discipline yourself. Avoid distractions.

    Tip #3 – Make a plan, then work your plan. A plan devised by you and/or other. Don’t rush the process but be FEARLESS.

    (Modified from my article originally published April 9, 2011)

    Much love!

  24. I also have the Mars/Mercury vs Saturn/Pluto “gash” in my chart (and Venus in Taurus too….your client must have a birth date close to my own). I recently underwent my first Saturn Return, and I STILL have not learned to manage this horrible aspect.

    In my case, the oppositions occur in my 5th/11th house axis: friendship vs love. That is a constant source of strain for me. I destroy all relationships where I am emotionally involved. I am like a bomb waiting to go off.

    Sometimes I think the only solution for that problem is to keep people at a distance. When I step back from a situation, I am able to become a calm, sweet, balanced person and a wonderful friend.

    You say to find expression for this aspect. But one’s work may not allow for that kind of expression, or may even bring frustrations of its own. I think maybe a hobby, especially a physical one, would be the best bet. Of course, the native will have to accept that the hobby is its own end, and not a long, arduous climb to success.

  25. ‘But this Mars. Mercury, Saturn, Pluto gash β€˜cross her chart’

    er where? you dont specify what aspects or signs or houses-nor can i see a chart??

    But if your talking about ‘hard’ aspects between planets-almost all of us will have them.
    I have Never seen a chart where there isnt at least one hard aspect to an outer planet.

    The issue here therefore, seems to be the same old stereotype- that women should be sugar and spice etc etc-narrow, unrealistic, limitations-

    I think nothing is more frustrating [therefore potentially anger inducing] Than being boxed in by limiting myths and images that denies a humans uniqueness and freedom of expression-astrology is supposed to free people by encouraging them to accept their uniqueness NOT fight it or ‘manage’ it.

    This is where most of the tension is generated -when we try and shoehorn ourselves into a one size fits all societal image-

    something often advocated by libran/capricorn types-[now theres a stereotype for you!]

    Apart from any other consideration, just to add some reality to the mix-Im sure you must be aware that the incidence of trines and sextiles among serial killers is very high.

  26. Hm, I have a mars/saturn conjunction in scorpio, each squaring an 8th house sun. I don’t understand how qualities can be disowned if they’re not there in the first place. A constant shadow is the stuff that other people stuff into our life box (like a toy chest) and that’s what we’re forced to deal with. I’ve never had the desire or burning, seething and suppressed inclination to be mean or cruel. The times I’ve let my anger out was simply to express frustration with, as some have mentioned here, a lack of integrity, authenticity or downright foulplay. As I got older I realized that it’s simply cruel to the self and others to become the person you and perhaps others hate. An angry person is justified in his or her angry tone when enough is enough. Downright cruelty, in my experience, has been with people who can play the socially acceptable role; ie: I’m going to talk crap about people behind their backs becaus,, e it’s the only way I’ll feel better about myself or I’m going to prey on the hard working individual who listens to me and helps out often, doesn’t get in my way but nonetheless there has to be something I can destroy in that person’s life because I’m a bitch and proud of it. I’ve encountered people like time and time again. But it’s true that in at least some cases, by the time someone like me or someone else has the chance to put in two cents to make it stop, the damage has been done and we inevitably look like the trouble maker.
    So, when people meet me they are intimidated at first but not even realizing that I’m keeping my own company and counsel because they start a process of bullying in very subtle ways (especially at work) because they want to see if they can dominate your thoughts with garbage and have you fall in line. This isn’t a nice world we live in and the person who smiles but pulls the wool over your eyes can be a very dangerous person. It’s a matter of conscious, upbringing and the like. I think mars/saturn configurations describes the person who is afraid to take action because their right to do so was squelched by someone at some point and anger is the first sign of acknowledging that something isn’t right and hasn’t been so for quite some time.

  27. I have Mars square Saturn in mutable signs, it’s the tightest aspect in my chart. I believe my Saturn/Mars and gives me a backbone and staying power in an otherwise not very powerful chart. No matter how vulnerable and broken down I feel, I still feel there is a part of me that is unbreakable. For me, this is an aspect of determination, and that’s how I like to look at it and use it. Mars/Saturn is also about learning to pick your battles IMO, knowing when to strike and when to pull away.

    I’m not cruel, but I can be cunning. I believe this is mostly because people tend to grossly underestimate me.

  28. Also, key word with Mars/Saturn to me = endurance. When applied to worthwhile goals, is a fantastic thing. There are constructive ways of using this energy no doubt.

  29. Can you please give me indications on how to express my (sometimes very mental) nervous energy? I have moon square mars, mars square uranus, mars square neptune, mars square ascendant ( asc in capricorn) and saturn square venus, saturn sq mercury, saturn square pluto and saturn square midheaven. I’m only 21, and without looking much on astrology, my life wasn’t a picknick at all…..Saturn is in my first house in aquarius and mars in aries on both in 2nd and 3rd house. I wanted some tips about mars, how to let my nervous energy go away..I am not really into sports…and concerning saturn, being in my first house, I will never get rid of that energy, sometimes I feel doomed…but I have also some good aspects on other planets, so no more complaining here… Thank you

  30. Not that I’m not quite cunning and calculating when I want/need to be, too. Those are more like learned or responsive behaviors for me. I’m so highly empathic that causing someone else pain makes me hurt, too, if I’m not well shielded.

  31. I have mars conj Uranus in Scorpio sextile Saturn and jupiter. The only outlet I’ve found is sex. I’ve let myself be victimized as well. I would much rather own it.

  32. My progressed mars just went into exact conjunction with natal saturn in my eighth house. I know it’s not exactly the same thing… But angry, judgemental demons are working to take me over. Today I actually thought how fortunate it is that I didn’t have a gun in my car at a particular moment. Wow. I am trying to learn empathy for those people who did have access to a device of destruction during a moment of rage. I no longer say, “I don’t understand how someone could do such a horrible act.” Because now I do know. πŸ™ Some demons are hard to overcome. My heart breaks for those who were overcome with rage like this. And I pray I can keep it together until this passes. Wish me luck!

  33. Thanks for this beautiful post and thanks for all people that had shared their experiences with us. I, too, have a saturn/mars opposition and agree that it is a difficult aspect to deal with and it is an aspect of endurance. It makes me bear a lot of troubles through my childhood, but now it enables me to deal with every situation of life better than anyone else I know and make me a fighter.

  34. I was born 10/16/62 during the Cuban missile crisis. Have a kite and a grand cross in my chart.

    Saturn tail of kite in Aquarius in 3 conjunct South Node, opp Mars, trine Merc, trine Moon, inconjunct Uranus. Ruler of 3.

    Mars in Leo in 9, ruler of 6 and my life has been defined by serious health problems. Bad finances as a result and so my struggle has been for survival. Mars is opp Saturn, trine Merc, trine Moon, widely square Sun. Sun’s only aspect.

    Am occasionally cruel but apologize and atone right away. Am still hard on myself although years of therapy and medication have stopped the constant struggle with suicidal feelings. Moon is planet in high focus, in Gemini in 7, square Pluto, square Chiron, square Jupiter, opp Venus wide and out of sign but aspect important because part of grand cross, moon also in grand trine with Saturn and Mercury. Emotional!

    Victim of cruelty? Yes, yes and yes. Much of which haunts me still, even in dreams. And it can still show up in my life. As a child I was stuck with it…my father died, stepfather verbally abused me for years, other family members hard on me…but now, as an adult, I often find myself putting up with cruelty for a long time, and when I finally stand up for myself it can be in a burst that is not very controlled or diplomatic.

    Libra sun but Scorpio rising I’m such a softie but people see the Scorp and attack with everything they’ve got!

    Glad we didn’t all perish in nuclear war at the time of my birth πŸ™‚

  35. if moon,mars and saturn in 8th house and sun,venus and jupiter in 11th house and ketu in 7th house of a female what are the implications ?

  36. Saturn/Mars opposition across my asc and dc. Both squaring Pluto. Victim of cruelty, I guess so. But that’s in the past and I don’t really care about it.

    I think the most profound thing this has taught me is transcendence of frustration through Pluto. At a certain point you have to stop being frustrated hitting a brick wall and let go and just do what you have to do to survive.

  37. I imagine this could be true with all challenging aspects in a natal chart. I have a nasty square between Moon/Pluto and Sun/Venus. Still looking for that perfect outlet to channel its influence away from all my personal relationships and sense of well-being…

  38. I have Mars in Taurus (detriment) in 1st house opposing retrograde Pluto in Scorpio (ruler) in 7th. Neptune in Capricorn (falls) in 9th trines Mars and sextiles Pluto. Hard energy to manage.

  39. Oh man I have a very intense one indeed!

    Mars Gemini in 10th house, conjunct moon and chiron. Oppo Saturn and Uranus. Oh man the energies, its so intense and strong!

    The Mars-Saturn Oppo is as so many astrologers describes is ” One foot on the gas pedal and one foot at the break pedal at the same time!”.

    I everytime I wanna move, and my Mras is like “Oh yeah! Lets do this!”. My saturn steps in like the party pooper he is and “Ok, but are you sure you wanna do this? And have you taken everything in concideration? And what about planning? Do you have a plan B? C? D? F?….” “What if you fail?!, Ok just take some time and think about this”.

    Also having the moon in the mix makes it more difficult. Luckily I’m not emotionally stunted, the opposite, I show my emotions very openly. Its more like having fear showing vulnerability, but I will sow it anyway. There is no hiding with having planets in the 10th!

  40. Also it makes one very very strategic indeed! I know for sure I would be an awesome kickboxer, fighter and soldier!

    Because whenever I get upset, angry, sad, disappointed I let all the feelings flow and they come in like a wave, hitting me hard. Sometimes for minutes. Sometimes for 1-2 weeks. And I let them. I never bury my emotons. Then when I feel the wave subside I take control! I have to analyze and also I have to make plans. How to move on, what to do etc. That is how I process my feelings and I think its great!

    For ex, a love interest shut me down about something I suggested we could do together. I was so upset and sad and ANGRY for 2 weeks and did not see him during all this time. Then after that now I’m planning things like “How to act when I see him. What to do, how to do” etc. I’m making plan a,b c,s. I’m making up strategic plans in how to act and react to this and that and it feels great! I feel in control!

    Also physical training is super important with having this aspect! I’m a runner and also have started at a gym. Its a great if not absolutely necessary outlet for negative energy and pressure for us who has this aspect!

  41. Sorry that I have not yet read the many, many, many replies here – yet. I plan to, because I do want to learn from you all.

    I just want to say, before that exercise, in response to Elsa’s, “what is Saturn for (at heart)?” that for me, it’s for learning. Slowly and surely, like a mountain goat, climbing.

    I got a huge, immense compliment from my Best Friend: that I’ve gained mastery, in communicating what matters, with him. Hoo hah. πŸ™‚

  42. I have Leo Mars square Scorpio Saturn/Moon…fixed signs. It doesn’t help that my 7th house is under Mars rulership of Aries. If I ever get crossed in anyway, I become a very vindictive Gladiator out for blood. Doesn’t matter if you’re my lover, lol. Dance, sports, martial arts and outdoor activities have been phenomenal outlets for me and help curb the warfare tendencies in me.

  43. My mother had a Mars Saturn conjunction in Scorpio Square Moon in Leo. (Her Mars Saturn opposed my Moon β€” fun stuff) β€” she was of that generation (b. 1925) of women who couldn’t yet take on public roles… had five kids and picked fights and played power games like crazy… when we were all grown she went back and got a law degree & it was like she’d finally found a place to put that stuff. I totally agree a person needs a good fight with mars/saturn aspects. (My physical therapist genius β€” a woman my age β€” has mars in gemini opposed saturn in sag. She’s a small woman and the physical therapy stuff gives her his constant work to do.)

  44. This thread is oddly reassuring. Have Mars-Aries square Saturn-Cap. It expresses itself as stamina, and a strong work ethic (6th house Saturn). This will come in handy with the upcoming Aries stellium !!

  45. I have a 0Β° aries mars squaring a 29Β° sagi saturn. Would you say that having the planets in complementary signs is actually easier or harder?

    I am considered pretty mellow at work (saturn 10th) though any attempt to explain my side and I’m accused of being defensive (mars 1st house). I’ve always felt more like a pisces mars maybe because of my ascendant. Maybe 0Β°signs take time.

  46. Taurus Mars in the 1st opp saturn – old pops which rules my mc. Definitely Xena the Warrior Princess’ mark. ok im also guilty of an aries Venus, but shes in the 12th. Definitely… i cant even begin to say. Lets say i wasnt encouraged to defend myself growing up. Almost joined the air force at 17. Decided didnt want to run from authority at home and being confronted with the same problem there so didnt go ahead. I accept a leader i dont accept being bossed around to this day. Problem i still am facing now with cap transit of saturn through mc into the 10th: should i stay os should i go? Mostly capricorn suns as colleagues/boss. They wont give an inch and im getting tired of their looking the other way to the problems they choose to ignore they create either by their making or omission… one on one relationships… partners can be containing but suffocating. Not enough friction and secretively spying or just plain violent/ abusive. What i do know about this opposition being in tau-sco: i can be destroyed through partnerships, but i always rise from the ashes.

  47. I have Mars in the 5th squaring Saturn in the 8th. Mars also opposes Chiron in the 11th. If I could change one thing in my chart, it would be that awful square. It makes for a life of frustration.

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