Does Mars Square Pluto Indicate Sex Obsession Or Molestation?

pluto persephone sculptureDear Elsa,

I was wondering if you had ever done a post on MARS SQUARE, OPPOSITION OR INCONJUNCT PLUTO? This has been my most interesting find to date in this subject. All the men so far with this aspect are congenital adulterers and the female counterparts have been abused physically and sexually molested in their lives. I know of a few women with these apsects who go through one man after another and never learn to be faithful until late in life..and some never do.

One I know who is in her 60’s, constantly has at least three men she is seeing (if not more) and this has been going on for since her teens. She travels and has a man every port waiting–and she isn’t a beauty to behold either.

Astrology has been a research project for me since the late 60’s and the karmic and spiritual parts have been the most rewarding as it gives us reasons why we are here and what for to overcome…”

And here is the question from the researcher:

Do you have Mars in aspect to Pluto? Have you experienced sexual obsession or or have you been sexually molested?

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  1. I don’t have this aspect natally, but when Pluto began transiting opposite my Mars I left a violent, abusive relationship….and find myself still locked in a power struggle with the man while this transit continues.

  2. Oh, and I got so carried away by my Mars-Pluto experience, I forgot to add that I have no experience of sexual violence, so I can’t back this up that way… maybe a big difference of a transiting aspect vs. a natal aspect. But then again, isn’t violence of men against women always “sexual” violence of some sort? Exploiting the power inequality?

    1. Oh,now that opens a can of worms… I have Leo Mars 7th square 9th house Pluto in Scorpio. I endured an abusive relationship, ended up cheating on my ex with my current partner, whom I still find irresistible after all these years (we are almost 5 years together). I admit that I have a hard time resisting to the charms of men and every now and then men still flirt with me out of the blue. I suss them out by stating straight away that I am not available, but they seem not to be able to help themselves and they still communicate with me every now and then, despite my cutting them off.

  3. i dated a man with a mars/pluto square. and yes, he was sexually abused (by a woman.) he also was really uncertain about boundaries. in the “no means maybe means yes, right?” kind of way.

    1. iv got the square plus mars conjunction with chiron and moon too in scorpio- its will-full energy’ unrelenting’
      its not damaging to others cept they cant keep up sometimes .
      tendency to want to help or heal damaged [ones ]

      it depends on the whole chart and the evolved nature [the eagle ]flys high above temptations .

  4. Humm….this guy I like has it.

    Since I have lots of pluto, maybe I’m drawn to that dark side? I had an astrologer say that Pluto has no effect on synastry at all which I find hard to believe. Maybe it’s more pronounced by degree?

    (Not that I want to marry him or anything but….Pause for thought)

  5. I have mars sq pluto and while I have never been sexually assaulted, I have been exposed to sexual content at too a young age, which has been something for me to deal with all these years. The older I get, the more complicated it becomes to deal with. I do not, however, have a problem staying faithful though. I am as loyal as they come.

  6. I had to go look it up on astrodienst. I have a large Q between Mars and Pluto at 2 degrees orb (separating). What does that Q mean? I rarely use any aspects except the conj/sq/trine/sex/opp.

    I was sexually molested as a child by my father when I was ages 9 thru 12.

  7. Wow…how interesting! I have Mars conjunct Pluto in my natal chart and was both physically and sexually abused as a child.

    As for the sexual obsession part…that seems a bit harsh…I like it a lot and the more experimental the better so…

  8. I have Mars and Pluto both in Leo, both in 8th house (not conjunct). I can cop to sexual obsession from time to time (life-long, time to time that is.) Was never technically molested, I suppose. But I was sexually active earlier than most guys. And I was the agressor, mostly. Sometimes I met someone more aggrssive than me, but that was either a turn off or a turn on, depending on . . .

  9. Mars opposition Pluto – I dated someone with this aspect. Sex life thrilling, if a bit rough. I would say he was sexually obsessed. Came upon list of women he’d slept with, carefully handwritten and numbered. Fragments of an older list, with notations such as “fat girl” and other notes to jog his memory. He had a carefully constructed chivalrous facade and a lot of rage inside.

  10. Alma, I had that (now) laughable experience with a clinical psychologist I dated in right after my MSW. All the lists and rankings and codes and stars and blah, blah blah. I am sorry but I think that anyone who would keep a list like this is the craziest kind of crazy, cruel crazy, as it turned out, he was also extremely violent like my father. I think they leave their stupid lists where people will see them and be hurt. He was mean in every area, but the sex was massively excellent, but he also appealed to my emotions, big game player, crack pot actor. NOT WORTH IT. Coming from a Taurus, I say not worth good sex, you know that guy was one MEAN SOB.

    I have found two kinds of Capricors, the kind who are my natural boss and who make me feel safe, and the meanest men on the planet. I wouldn’t have the rest of his chart, I wasn’t much into astro at the time.

  11. Mars trine Pluto. Definite sexual inappropriateness going on in my household. I’m loathe to call it abuse, but any other shrink would say it was. And I have to agree. Definite lack of boundaries in my household, both sexually, physically and emotionally. says that Mars Trine Pluto =You can be effective in solving awesome problems in society because you have a deep understanding of those problems and their origins. I’m an MSW practicing family therapy with abused children. Ain’t that a kick in the ass?

    Kashmiri–> MSW = Masters in Social Work.

  12. My SO has Mars Opp Pluto in Pisces and is the gentlest most caring man in the world. We have been married for almost 25 years. Perhaps with all my Plutonian energy there is some transmuting going on ?

  13. I would say that a Ma/Pl square in mutable signs is way, way, way different in quality to one in the fixed signs, almost 2 different aspects completely. Fixed you have Mars (force) Pluto (irresistible force) in fixed signs (immovable), that’s an enormous tensor. I think the Ma/Pl square from Leo to Scorpio is the worst to have – by a mile.

    I have Ma/Sag./3rd sq. Pl/Vi/on the Ascendant. I provoked very difficult reactions in my peers at school. I had to learn very early on that my sarcasm was very provocative and could get me into serious trouble. I’d get beaten up a lot, although out of necessity I learned to fight some and with Scorpio, you learn to get the job done, even if you don’t do it beautifully. So it was Ma/Pl square which got me into trouble, but it was the same aspect which got me out of trouble too, if that makes sense. It can be very ruthless and even brutal in quality so it requires careful handling, but if you can transform it (trine it) then it gives superhuman drive and energy. With my Mars in the 3rd it allows me to write (3rd house) a lot about occult (Pluto) matters, and astrology (Uranus is conjunct Pluto, so similar).

    Ernst Hemingway and Stewart Granger had the square, as does Oprah (I believe), while I think that Gandhi had the opposition. It is difficult, but now I am dealing with it more effectively, I think on balance it’s definitely a keeper.

  14. Avatar
    Little Miss Hermit

    I have the conjunction, and it’s “yes” on both counts.
    The beauty of it is that I used to be very repressed sexually, but since the assault (in 2000), I ignite “as quickly as a guy” and are multi-orgasmic:) I was forced to take charge of my sexuality, have become very conscious and now have a very health body-image and an ever-improving sex life. Am now looking for a guy to practice tantra with!;) Scorpio North Node; Sun in the 8th; Pluto/9th house cusp conjunct Mercury/8th, Mars/9th and Venus/9th.
    A complete turnaround, and I now own and love my Pluto:))
    I’ve read both of J. Green’s Pluto books, and return to them several times a year:)

    One of my cousins has the opposition in Pisces-Virgo, and has been in several physically abusive relationships. The father of her child is a very kind and artistic type and wants to get back with her, but she doesn’t want to be with him! It’s very frustrating to watch from the sidelines and not be able to, well, interfere!;)

  15. I have mars (capricorn 27 degrees) sq pluto (Libra 24), with venus (Sagittarius 11) semi square them both.

    I’ve been raped once (date rape) and subject to unwanted/unwelcome sexual advances a number of times. Most recently a VP at my current company put his tongue in my mouth at a company event. Previously a guy in estimating offered to fuck me in the closet. This despite the fact, because I am taking this job very seriously, I have never worn a skirt above the knee, or a shirt that shows any sort of cleavage. I have purposely done my best to present as as nice a girl as I can. I dress for church here. – The VP isn’t a pig either. My friend had this job before I did so I’m aware of the company gossip for about 5 years and my friend barely believed it when I told her. “Are you sure?” uhm. Yes.

    In the past I have slept with at least one co-worker (consensually) at most of the jobs I’ve held, I’d say 75% of the people I’ve slept with were somehow connected with work (my birthtime is uncertain,{between 6 and 8 am ish} but pluto is probably cnj my mc).

    My Uranus is also in aspect to Mars and I’ve had three relationships with little or nothing to keep ’em going but compulsive attraction (on both sides) with men born in 1984. (all hockey players heh) That puts their Uranus on my Venus, and semi-square my Mars and Pluto.

    I was constantly afraid of sexual molestation when I was a kid. Wildly paranoid, but nothing actually happened. I was exposed to sexually explicit material early though and that had an effect.

  16. I have Mars Opposite Pluto in composite as well. There is an undertone of sexual savagery between us. I don’t know how else to describe it. I guess that’s why I’m so hung up on him…not the kind of stuff that comes along every day.

    I have Sun Conjunction Pluto at 0°07 in natal and I most strongly identify with this energy than any other aspect in my chart. In fact, when I first started delving into astrology the sun/pluto was literally the ‘HA’ moment that helped me give shape to my behaviour in the past. I have been doing a bit of reading about pluto in order to get a handle on myself too and found this from Neith. I think she posts here.

  17. I looked at my parents’ chart and sure enough one has a mars pluto square and one a conjunction. Abuse galore for them as children, sexual, physical, emotional and neglect as well. I have a sextile between the two. Never been sexually abused as a child, had some experience as an adult, but there was physical abuse.

  18. I’m amazed at how many people here were abused or assaulted! I know it’s fairly frequent, statisically, but I had no idea. . ..

    I have a Mars-Pluto-Venus conjunction in Libra/4th that contacts everything in my chart. I haven’t had any kind of sexual abuse or assault, and I’ve always been faithful to my partners once monogamy was declared (usually before, too).
    I did learn about sexuality really young, though, because my mom explained the birds-n-bees to my sister and I before her hysterectomy when I was four. And I also seem to attract friends that have been abused/assaulted.

  19. I’m really grateful that you’ve cultivated such a place to converse as your blog, Elsa.
    I wonder if the fact that Pluto’s movement, as slow as it can be, contributes to the proliferation of Mars aspects. (And so sexual karma/ prevalence of sexual violence?)
    Is the researcher exploring this as part of the research?

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    mars square pluto. No sexual abuse, no sexual obsession. Saturn sits on top of my mars if that’s any explanation. Lots of people try to penetrate my boundaries or are boundary inappropriate, including my parents. I seem to have very high walls and highly delineated boundaries and kind of always have had them so I guess I’m attracting people who want otherwise?

    Jilly – i was bullied at school something horrible. That’s interesting you bring that up in this context.

  21. No and no. I have Mars opposite Pluto. It’s a wide orb, out of sign opposition. Leo Pluto and Pisces Mars.
    I’m so sorry for the commenters that have these terrible experiences.
    I rarely comment about aspects in my chart because I have heavily, heavily aspected planets. Rather than explain my chart patterns, I’ll say that Mars aspects 7 of the traditional planets in my chart. Well, I have Venus conjunct Mars, out of sign.

    Also, I’ve been with only one man for a complete Saturn cycle (almost 30 years). Our composite chart has Mars trine Pluto. His Mars and Pluto are not in aspect.

    I checked the charts for my family. My father and both brothers have the trine aspect.

    Thanks for the question and discussion.

  22. I don’t know how I missed it, but I just realized that both of my daughters have Mars SQ Pluto (as do I). As if I didn’t wanted to protect them enough before….aggghhh. This is unnerving, I can’t even think straight today.

  23. Yeah, I have Mars in opposition to Pluto; I’ve had a number of experiences that could be interpreted this way, though not any kind of direct molestation or abuse.

    What’s interesting, and perhaps this post has solved this for me, is that one year (somewhere around 2003) three people who’d only just met me – and all on separate occasions – told me either directly (or told my BF at the time) that they thought I was sexually abused. This was startling to me.

    So startling, that I went into therapy to try to “remember” – but nothing came.

    One woman – and she was a doctor – actually cried in my presence because she was so upset (by my energy, I guess?) and immediately took me to another room and asked if I’d been sexually abused.

    Good grief.

  24. I have dated once with a Pluto-Mars girl and she was physically molested from her father and had suicide and sadomasochist tendencies, and cheating, which were the causes for our breaking. She was the person with the most unconventional and “darker” sexuality I’ve ever met.

    I often get attracted by Pluto-Mars people, due to their intensity and mystery. My brother is Pluto-Mars and has a very secret sexual life and due to his strong energy practices sport.

    Other people Pluto-Mars I know were never molested, only dealing more with Mars energy.

    Now I am having Pluto squaring my Mars and although I feel sexual obsessions at some days, this is being a very transformative time for my sexual nature. I relate it to Tantra, containing and dealing up with the Mars libido. Others with this transit, had physical accidents, but surely not all!

  25. I have Mars conjunct Pluto in my 5th house and the Sun is only 5 degrees away so really it’s a triple conjunction. I’m a woman in my 30s and I guess I look totally “normal” to anyone who doesn’t know the real me. I’ve always been attracted to males that are very magnetic, charismatic and powerful in some way. Even more, I enjoy s/m and possess an extremely strong and unrelenting sexual drive for a Virgo. When I was a teenager my fantasies would often involve s/m and even rape. I’ve never been raped and would never want it to happen irl, but in my fantasies, the more “powerful” the male, the more I enjoy the act, the more I respect the man and the more I “open up” to accept him inside me. And in a way rape is absolute power. I know it may sound weird to some, I’m just describing how it is. I also enjoy being the one who dominates, especially “innocent”-looking or younger men. When I was a teenager my fantasies would often involve military clothes. Factories, power plants and other places where Mars is strong would often figure in my sexual fantasies, as would hospitals, dark alleys etc. As I grew up and my sexuality evolved many of these “savage” tendencies died down and now I’m also into more spiritual things like tantric sex. The central idea remains, however, and it can be summed up as a desire for fusion of massive amounts of raw sexual power. I was not physically molested as a child but there were serious power struggles all around and in a sense I was exposed to too much too soon. All my “serious” relationships have been either with Scorpios or with men who have Pluto strongly placed in their chart, and there’s often Mars/Pluto in our synastry/composite too. It does tend to produce power struggles unfortunately… but on the other hand they are the only men with whom sex can be what I need it to be.

  26. For example the man I’m currently seeing is a Scorpio and his natal Mars/Pluto conjunction is conjunct mine! Go figure.

  27. i’m just out of a relationship with someone i shared a composite mars pluto opposition. just found out he was cheating one me. he was very hot and cold, and we’ve also got some dodgy neptune connections which may explain his continual lying. i was hugely drawn to him, completely bowled over, and it was very very intense. then all of a sudden i felt shut out. i feel very emotionally abused by him and manipulated. he also has a venus opposition pluto transit current. i’m glad i’m out of it yet still feeling like i’m withdrawing from an addiction. incredibly painful, awful experience.

  28. I was molested as a young girl and my mother married my molester. I then went to my pastor for help and he made moves on me. I told my mother about what my pastor did and she suddenly got the hots for him! All these incidents were treated by my family as if they never happened to me!

    This has been a big deal most of my life and has caused me much emotional pain and confusion, yet I don’t have a Mars/Pluto or a Mars/Uranus connection of any kind.

    However, my Pluto conj. my Uranus and they both sit right on top of my Ascendent and both oppose my Chiron (in Pisces), so it makes me wonder if Chiron opposing Pluto or Pluto on my AC or both are what caused this to manifest in my life.

    Any insight on this is very much appreciated.

    1. Sorry about those happenings :(. Chiron on the desc is very painful. Does it make any aspect to your venus or moon as well? Could be it. but anytime something/someone’s chart triggers your ac/DC chiron is there, so is that ur/pl conjunction.

    1. I have the square, and was just going to lurk until I noticed you mentioned it was good for stamina and I have to agree with you on that.

      I have never been molested or raped but my father was mentally and physically abusive with a folded over leather belt. He liked creating arguments to have an excuse to use the belt. It was the kind of behavior that I think arose in him from a place of being disappointed that my behavior didn’t match his catholic private school upbringing ideals, but my mother also went to catholic private school her entire early life so that could be partly why they have always had such a good relationship, married 47 years now. His routine interrogations and generally threatening and unwelcoming emotional black cloud atmosphere hovering over his head over made my grades worse and depressed me and the cause and affect of the abuse was a vicious circle for years to the point that it felt like it was about something else, like he must have been angry with me on a deeper level about betraying his ideals that he felt entitled to feeling more fulfillment with or validation of, not sure exactly.

      But I have 15 degrees ASC Sag with Mars in the first house at 24 degrees Sag square Pluto at 28 degrees Virgo. When I can tell men are trying to bully me it frightened me when I was younger, but later it changed so that my body automatically generates adrenaline so my heart rate goes up and I get the feeling my body will be ready to defend myself if I’m attacked.

      I had a boyfriend with mars in Aries conjunct my Chiron who pushed me against a wall and tried to scare me. This was horribly disappointing and I was so angry that the adrenaline gave me enough strength to overpower his strength to get out of his wall-pinning. Anger and adrenaline can bring surprising strength to defend oneself.

  29. i have venus in virgo and the man that i feel really attracted to has mars in pisces exactly opposite. My mars is in leo and his venus is in acqua but the aspect is not tight. I would like to approach him but feel that perhaps he does not like me. How should i behave to attract him?

  30. I have Mars trine Pluto with Mars in the 5th and Pluto in the 8th. I was exposed to pornography at a young age – mainly because I was a nosy and curious kid, always snooping where I really should not have been. I read somewhere a few years ago that young Leos like to be known as the “neighborhood sex expert” and this was true, but I was all talk and no action. I would describe myself as obsessed with sex and it has posed problems in relationships. I have to try to remember – sex isn’t everything!

  31. Mars in Pisces opposite Pluto is my most exact natal aspect. I have experienced abuse.

    Mahatma Gandhi had Mars opposite Pluto. He did die violently.

    I also have Mercury and Chiron conjunct Mars which tries Neptune.

  32. Hello, sorry for my English. I am from Argentina.

    Well, I have a conjunction between Mars and Pluto in Escorpio (both) in the 1st House.

    I’m loyal when I’m on a relationship… It’s just too difficult to get to that point because I have sort of problems of sexual adiction. I’m too sexually demanding and have an insane physical expectation. Usually, nobody resist that. So, I also get dominant when I’m not enough satisfied.

    Is not that I cheat on a pair, never. Just, I become kinda aggressive and demand a diary satisfaction, otherwise, I broke up.

    I hate the way It works in a sexual level. I mean, I know I’m never going to have an stable couple If I don’t low don’t the sexual part.

    But the impulses of Mars conjunct Pluto are REALLY strong.

    Just… Sex is the healthy choice to avoid aggression. Because the energy start to accumulate and, diary, you need to descharge.

  33. About sexual abuse…

    I had three situations and I don’t talk about It too much. I was pretty sexual before but after that I practiced sadomasochism and other deviations. Also -as another woman with this aspect said that happened to her after she was molested- I started being multiorgasmic, squirting and others expressions.

    I know that is something “dark” about that but I still think that, if I talk about my true nature and what happens, nobody is going to understand. So, this is the way my Mars conjunct Pluto process it.

    Btw, I think that the rape episodes are because of my Chiron in the VIII house biquintil Mars and Pluto.

  34. I have the square and every post here mentions something that I’ve experienced either actively or passively. The abuse, early exposure, the bullying, ruthlessness and brutality. I’m not a cheater but I’ve been in an open relationship and I prefer to play the field.

    There certainly is an intense power to this aspect and controlling it is like harnessing a wild horse. It can be used for good or bad but bad is really bad. I sometimes wonder what it is all for and I guess the answer to that is in order to be truly clean one must first get dirty.

  35. I had two close gal pals, one had Mars conjunct Pluto in Virgo, and the other had Mars in Taurus square Pluto in Leo. Neither of then were molested, that I know of, and neither attracted violence that I know of. The Mars in Taurus has been single forever, only knew her to have one boyfriend, and that was just a fling. Celibate most of the time. They were both rather controlling types though, and they attracted Scorpio type friends into their lives.

  36. Mars conjunct pluto in scorpio – DEFinitely sexual obsession. Never been molested, been in some pretty uhm, interesting situations.

  37. Not my chart, but my almost 13 year old has Pluto (10th) trine Mars (1st). She was molested when she was five or six – outside the home. Didn’t tell anyone for like six months, although I knew something had happened. She told the neighbor kid, who told me. Took her counselling – she refused to speak.

    Now that she is hitting puberty HARD, she is hiding herself behind hair in her face, hoodies over all her clothes, and weight. Other issues as well. Counselling to begin anew once everyone is back in their offices post-holiday. She knows it, and understands she needs to go and why, but she’s not happy about it.

    Breaks my heart, and if I could prove the perp was who I believe it to be, he’d be wearing his balls as earrings for the rest of his miserable life.

  38. yes, Mars conjunct Pluto and yes. I was sexually molested twice as a child. I can spot them (potential sexual threats) a mile away now and run like the dickens. Doesn’t do too much for the scars they left behind and the problems that are ongoing in intimate relationships over my life but..I deal.

  39. pluto square mars. never any abuse or violence, but subtle power struggles that I’ve become used to since I was a kid, and now know how to handle and play along with. Keeps life interesting and challenging, if anything. I have to say I enjoy it.

    “control” and “dark” are words that spring to mind. This aspect definitely brings out the big guns, as I have a lot of air in my chart that sometimes needs depth. Never cheated, never will…I’m as loyal as a dog. Never been promiscuous either, and would rather abstain from sex than have one night stand. Love can be intense, but it makes me thrive and I value it more. I try to be thankful that I can have this range of emotions in my life, no matter how dark or light.

  40. I have mars square pluto. Mars in the seventh and Pluto conjunct the mc. I’ve never been physically abused or sexually abused. I’ve also never been raped. I was bullied in school until I reached high school but always found some of the comments aimed at me to be kind of witty and as soon as I started finding the humor in it, it stopped. I would even go so far as to say I was pretty popular throughout high school. If anything scarred me, it was my father’s abusiveneas towards our dog. I’ve never forgiven him for it and spent several years afraid for her and trying to keep her safe. I have four dogs now and they bring me more joy and love than anything I have ever experienced. I haven’t spoken to my father for 2 years now because of this and because he refuses to acknowledge what he did. I stopped speaking to him when he sent me a birthday card that had a puppy on it. He knows I love dogs and it felt so manipulative. He doesn’t even remember my first dogs name- I’ve had him for 10 years now.

    I also have mars square Pluto in the composite and synastry of the person I’ve been with for 5 years. We never fight and knowing him has made me a better person and a much calmer person. It’s a very light and easy relationship between us. I also don’t cheat- I’ve had crushes but nothing ever happened.

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