Does Mars Square Pluto Indicate Sex Obsession Or Molestation?

pluto persephone sculptureDear Elsa,

I was wondering if you had ever done a post on MARS SQUARE, OPPOSITION OR INCONJUNCT PLUTO? This has been my most interesting find to date in this subject. All the men so far with this aspect are congenital adulterers and the female counterparts have been abused physically and sexually molested in their lives. I know of a few women with these apsects who go through one man after another and never learn to be faithful until late in life..and some never do.

One I know who is in her 60’s, constantly has at least three men she is seeing (if not more) and this has been going on for since her teens. She travels and has a man every port waiting–and she isn’t a beauty to behold either.

Astrology has been a research project for me since the late 60’s and the karmic and spiritual parts have been the most rewarding as it gives us reasons why we are here and what for to overcome…”

And here is the question from the researcher:

Do you have Mars in aspect to Pluto? Have you experienced sexual obsession or or have you been sexually molested?

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  1. “Mars opposition Pluto – I dated someone with this aspect. Sex life thrilling, if a bit rough. I would say he was sexually obsessed. Came upon list of women he’d slept with, carefully handwritten and numbered. Fragments of an older list, with notations such as “fat girl” and other notes to jog his memory. He had a carefully constructed chivalrous facade and a lot of rage inside.”

    I feel as though this describes me perfectly on my darker days. I have Mars/Taurus opposite Pluto/Scorpio and I can be extremely obsessive about sex and if it’s not rough, then I lose interest. I’m not sure about the molestation bit. I’ve had a few abusive stepdads but I’ve blocked several years of my childhood so I really can’t remember.

  2. I have the opposition , mars taurus 11th op pluto scorp 5th.
    I have never been the victim of either obsessive or sexual abuse (regular abuse -yes but mostly indirectly)
    But I have a tendency to be caugh up in other peoples abusive, obsessive relationships… It’s a pattern, I wish to brake.

    I wish for healing and prosperity for everyone here that has been abused and trespassed on.

  3. My ex has Mars in Cancer square Pluto in Libra. His childhood was full of bullying and violence (he grew up in a mafia neighborhood). He was very hot-and-cold, could be a sweet gentleman, very sensitive to women, and then the next minute calling them whores. Sex was rough but he had a lot of cuckold fantasies (seeing me with another man).

    Currently seeing a man with Mars-Pluto conjunction in Leo. He’s a cheater and I think a sex addict. At his age don’t think he’ll ever change. His Mars-Pluto conjuncts my Moon-Mars. Lots of rape fantasies, S&M sex, master-slave talk. I’m not sure if he had an abusive childhood but his father died suddenly when he was young.

    Both men are intensely obsessed with sex and view women as objects. They’re both controlling.

    I am Scorpio rising with tight Mars quintile Pluto. Most of the women in my family have been sexually molested, and I grew up in a military community with lots of domestic abuse and misogynist attitudes. Since I was young I was very aware of violence against women and always acted tough to protect myself. The irony is I’m attracted to controlling men.

  4. Someone I know has a very tight Mars-Pluto opposition, one degree orb. Mercury, Mars, Sun, Venus in Aries in the 10th. Pluto in Libra in the 4th. Someone stalked her and tried to rape her. He didn’t succeed but as you can imagine it was very harrowing for her.

  5. two of my favorite men have this aspect. i don’t see it. in either one’s case.
    though the younger one has some work to do to overcome his capacity to get swept up by temper.
    i never saw the older one lose his temper. ever. nor had any reason ever to consider that he might be an adulterer. although apparently his brother’s wife tried ?

  6. I know a girl with a tight Mars-Pluto opposition, square Venus. Flashes her panties at older men, shows her thongs etc, but when they go for her she tells them they are old enough to be her father and tells everyone that they tried to get into her. Pretends that all talk about sex is dirty and disgusting.

    1. Mars and Venus in Leo square Pluto in Scorpio: I wouldn’t mind being with an older man, it’s the personality that counts. I fell for a man 20 years older than me when I was 19, and I would have married him even if I was that young, but he found and married a woman closer to his age. Still miss him, though, and I wish I heard any news from him every now and then.

      1. I have the same, Pluto Scorpio square Sun plus Pluto square sun, mars conjunct sun, plus Pluto sextile Neptune. There was a lot of abuse, but I feel I need to control myself better in my thoughts. I almost feel like I could be a direct energy weapon with this circuit. Some weird events have happened. I’m surprised I’m alive. Don’t worry everyone, I’m not having kids and I hate abuse.

  7. funny enough i googled this mars/pluto thing and fell on this Mars Square Pluto blog, with a bunch of great imagery relating to that aspect

  8. I too have Mars in Cancer square Pluto in Libra. No history of sexual abuse, I’m loyal.
    But, I can say that I go quickly from hot to cold, and can be the sweetest person when I chose to. 🙂 Growing up I witnessed my parents constantly fighting and making up and this pattern continued in my relationships as an adult. I’m in my early 30’s now and still unsure if I’m able to be or if it’s possible to have a healthy and fulfilling relationship. Also, having my Saturn in the 7th (marriage, relationships)doesn’t make things easier. Making it my life lesson?
    It would be very interesting to see if the closeness of the (Mars-Pluto) orb plays a role?? Also, whether they’re applying or separating. In my chart it’s a wide (7 degree) separating orb. Could people with wider and/or separating orbs have a less intense/difficult experience with violence and abuse?

  9. @vikib

    Well, I really think – based on my experiences – that it 100% depends on other aspects in your chart and the environment in which you grew up. 

    I definitely raged when I was a kid. One of the last times I spoke to my dad he was joking about what a handful I was when I was little. He said I had a “bad attitude.” I thought about that a lot and it’s just not accurate. I’m a Leo with an Aquarian moon. I remember being hyper and unruly, but I really was just trying to have fun and get people excited and laughing. Nothing I said or did was viscious. I wasn’t trying to be bad. I was always told to “Just be quiet! Or just calm down!” Always in various European languages by members of my family. I can say “shut your mouth” and “sit still”  in three languages.

    Eventually, this kind of overbearing control of my freedom of expression turned me into a smart-mouth kid who told everyone that she hated them. I was happy and carefree before this kind of crap came my way. 

    My sister was the darling little perfect angel who was quiet and never said no. (her first word was “yes”, mine was “no”). Finally my mother caught her screwing with me. At a dinner party I kept randomly screaming and crying. While my sister looked on like, “What? I have no idea why she’s acting like this.” My mom saw her, when everyone’s back was turned, grab a chunk of my hair while I was playing and yank it back so hard my neck snapped back- I was 4, she was 6. 

    So, that was my environment. Adolescense was when my Mars/Pluto square showed up and I had a temper. But all I wanted was fairness. It’s what I still want (aqua moon I guess). I treat people fairly. I expect the same in return. When this doesn’t happen I’ll defend anyone, even an enemy, with Hulk-like rage. This rarely happens though. I have several looks of disdain and passive-aggressive remarks that I keep at my disposal that make it clear I will not tolerate unjust treatment of anyone or anything. This is especially true in regards to animal rights. 

    There’s an extradinary feeling that comes over me that is quite powerful, which only seems to manifest around this topic. The rage I feel when I witness animals being treated less than people is nothing short of nuclear. I’ve avoided activism because I don’t know how far I would take it. I feel very strong in life. I know there is nothing I cannot do. I know it so well, that I don’t have to prove it. My weakness shows in my relationships. I’m scared of being alone. I’ve had a lot of death experiences, but I attribute that to my Sun, in Leo, in the 8th conjunct Mercury, and Venus in the 8th also. The Sun and Mercury are square to Uranus in the 11th in Scorpio. My Mc is also Scorpio. 

    But, for both you and I, Pluto in Libra (Libra being the sign of balance) square to Mars in Cancer (Mars is in it’s fall in this sign and therefore weakened, and Cancer is the sign of nurture), does not have to be problematic. I’m loyal to a fault, sure. And perhaps I stay in relationships too long, but I know, once I abruptly leave (moon in aqua) that I’ll have made the right choice, exhausted all remedies, and I never regret the decision. When I have fought in relationships, it’s always about fairness. Always. And ultimately, if it’s confrotational, and we can’t meet in the middle, then I’m in the wrong effing place.

    I don’t believe you are doomed in relationships, regardless of Saturn in the 7th. Saturn brings with it delay, hardwork, responsibility…all things which are essential to a long lasting relationship. Occassionally, Saturn can mean relationships with someone older, or serious relationships when you are older. Try to see how it’s manifesting. 30’s is the new 20’s (what I’m telling myself 🙂 take advantage of it. Date. Have fun. Settle down when *you’re ready. Don’t watch anyone’s clock but your own. I have the mars/pluto square coming out of the 7th. Mars is in my 7th and, of course, Pluto is in Libra (relationships), I’ve had ups and downs like anyone, but I’ve been in a relationship now for 5 years and we’ve lived together this entire time. All of my relationships have been serious and each has lasted several years. I’m always the one who has ended things. My mars/pluto energy never drove anyone away. In this relationship, Saturn is involved here, also. His is dead on top of my Venus and my Saturn is dead on top of his Venus, as well as his Mercury, ruler of his 7th house. This relationship is very serious to us both. We are a family. Nothing is perfect. But it’s peaceful and easy. Also, my Mars/Pluto square is applying with an orb of 3 degrees.

    Many astrologer’s have said that it’s best to harness the energy and use to accomplish great things, and bring change. I think it is a gift in many ways. If the energy is left stagnant, allowed to build and not directed in any way, it’ll blow, or attract something to it to unleash it. I think of a lazer with the cap on the beam. The entire unit would explode. If you take the cap off, and narrow the beam, you can cut through layers and layers of steel with more precision than any other tool available.

  10. Don’t worry about it being long or “boring”. I’m interested in your experience as well, because I’ve had a hard time finding someone else who has the square playing out through the same signs.

    Post you’re chart, if you’d like, also. It might help to be able to see how other aspects might be playing out in the way you descibe. Remember, your mars/Pluto aspect is only one part of the picture. I have Venus square Neptune also, with Venus in Virgo. For me, I fantasize a lot about a perfect relationship, but the Virgo will always always prevent any of these idealizations from coming to reality. I’m hyper critical of the most ridiculous things in partners. My Cancer Mars helps that I think. In that, ultimately, once I care about someone I put a lot of time and energy into being nurturing of them, regardless of the stuff that irritates me. Though I still try to fix the flaws.

    As a rule, for instance, I just can’t get past it when a guy orders a burger on a first date, or second, or third. The reasons are crazy. You can’t eat a burger and look sexy. You just can’t. Then I start thinking: “what kind of moron orders a burger on a date where you’re trying to impress the other person. He’d have to realize the odds of getting food all over his face would be high, ultimately making him look ridiculous, whereby giving over any power in the scenerio. If he realizes this and gets self-conscious about it, then he’lll look nervous, another turn off – if he’s nervous that means he really likes me- and that’s just gross (The old saying: “I wouldn’t be a member of any club that would have me) – or he’s really stupid and then Im not intersted.” crazy. I know.

    It can work the other way too, hyper critical to the point where my cynical outlook can’t imagine a good union where their might otherwise be one. It’s a very fine line. Imagination plays a huge role in it either way.

  11. I’m an Aries girl with my mars in Aries opposite My Pluto in libra. I am ALOT to handle sexually. I like really rough and aggressive sex. I was dating a Scorpio and he was pretty fearless sexually, so he understood my needs and sadomasochistic tendencies and didn’t judge me. However, I started seeing this Taurus guy and he was really bothered by the idea of any kind of pain during sex, zzzzzzzzzz. .Needless to say, I will definitely stick to Scorpio men.

  12. Scorpion Pluto Square Aquarian Mars – Never molested but was subjected to a great deal physical violence until the age of 6. A lot of power struggles when I was in school (bullying, extremely tense relationship with teachers & schooling authorities) Professional conflicts with almost all my supervisors until I learn to channel the energy into sporting activities.

    Sexually intense? I was during my younger days. I love sex more than a lot of my guys but I can also live without – frequent exercise & Buddhist meditation practice helped in controlling at lot of my Mars-Pluto tension.

  13. Mars Sq Pluto.
    Never raped nor sexually molested. (Mars in Gemini Pluto in Virgo) I watched my parents beat the crap out of each other. I was spanked, not often though. Loved sex all my life but was never a whore. Was unfaithful when I was younger (not as a teen but I was in my 20’s) Past that I have been 100% faithful. I would never cheat. Period.

  14. Mars square Pluto.

    As a child, I was so curious about and eager to talk about sex that Mom asked once if I’ve ever been molested. How would I know?? ::shrug::

    A few years ago, I visited my birth dad’s family. Got a real skeezy vibe from them, including Dad. Who knows if anything happened back then….I was very, very young.

  15. I still don’t have the hour of the guy I’m looking for, but reading texts like this I’m a bit afraid.
    I have moon in the 8th house in taurus opposite pluto in scorpio in the 2nd house. He has mars in taurus and opposite pluto in scorpio, which means his mars is in my 8th house opposite pluto in my 2nd house.

  16. Not only do I have Mars in Taurus square Pluto in Leo, I have Pluto opposition my moon, sun , venus and mercury. My mother was extremely abusive to me from the time I was 12 to 17, nearly killing me. I really hate her and can’t help it. Sexually, I’ve been promiscuous, thinking that if I just gave enough sex to a man I would be loved. Never happened.

  17. Avatar

    I have Mars in Pisces squaring Pluto in Libra. Hypersexual from a young age, sexually intrusive mother and equally creepy attention from older men as a child/teenager.

  18. I’m a Gemini Mars Opposite Sagittarius Saturn, but I fell for a woman with a Taurus Mars Opposite Scorpio Pluto aspect. I fell deeply in love her, but it was unreciprocated. It became an obsession to the point that I attempted suicide.

  19. wow i know of this guy who is an aquarius mars square pluto scorpio and he has virgo rising with virgo moon, so essentially strong virgo energy — and he is one of those virgo energy type guys who has “secret life” lol we find out later from other women who he has had affairs with, that they were with him flirting and lots of cuckolding kind of thing. but none of the other women knew lol xD he was one of those expressions of virgo having secret lives and with that mars square pluto, it’was probably difficult to live with.

  20. Wow….a lot of affidavits here…remarkable.

    I have both Mars (13deg) and Pluto (2deg) in Scorpio. I was molested by two female babysitters before the age of 4, much of which I don’t recall, but enough to know.

    I have 3 other examples to fit outside of the sq/opp/conj:

    One pal, named A1, has Mars sextile Pluto. He was severely raped by his father, psychologically abused by both his parents.

    Pal A2, who has no contacts between the two planets, was raped for years by a close uncle.

    I then have a relative where the two planets are inconjunct. Now, New York increases the odds for much to occur, and this family member was taken advantage of by a close uncle.

    After having extensive conversations with my friends regarding this subject, we are very aware that there are pockets and neighborhoods of people who support this type of behavior.

    Also, the energy a person exudes as they age will attract such circumstances too. Fried A1, mentioned above, had his brothers and sisters also abused by his parents, and all three are subsumed by predators, or are predators themselves.

  21. Yes to sexual abuse as a child and verbal, emotional and physical abuse. As a teen, guys were often sexually aggressive with me by grabbing, touching, pinching etc. I didn’t know how to take this? I have pluto opposite ascendant -Aries and my Aries mars also opposes my 7th house Libra Uranus. With Pluto on my DC, I find others want to control me, especially in childhood. I had many sexual fantasies as a young teen but was sexually repressed due to my upbringing. Slut shaming is still a way to control the sexuality of women. I was not sexually active until in my 20’s. I find that I sexually obsess over men I’m attracted to, fantasize about but actually do nothing. Keeping it to myself. I’ve been married for over 2 decades but never physically cheated, though I’ve fantasized about others. I’m paranoid about my spouse cheating (this happened to my mother) but perhaps it’s a projection.

    1. Sexual repression… due to my Moon square Mars, my mother slut-shamed me, which means that I sought partners that were accepted by my partners, but did nothing for me. When trSN in Leo hit my Leo Mars and Venus and Scorpio Moon/Pluto, I met my current partner with whom I fell in love and cheated on my ex, contravening my upbringing.

        1. Interesting canscocappy…
          My mother attempted to control my relationships (she’s a Scorpio moon, libra sun). Actually never really dated, it wasn’t allowed. She asked me if I was “going to be a little slut?” when I was around 12. I had to look up the word. Ugh. So gross. There were only 2 guys that she allowed and they were so wrong for me. She hates my husband. I cut her off over a year ago. My life improved as well as my relationship with my husband.

          1. My mother is a Cap Sun, Moon conj Pluto in Virgo and late Leo Asc. She did not allow me to explore myself sexually, so I went out and had as many partners as possible in order to know myself. After my being dumped by a partner she thought was good for me, she stood back.

  22. I have Mars square Pluto, Mars in Gemini (12 H) and Pluto in Virgo (3 H). I’ve never been physically or sexually abused. As far as sex obsessed, I’ve gone for long periods of being celibate (currently over 2 years). While I have had multiple lovers simultaneously in the past, I found it to be too much to keep up with. Plus, as a Leo, I value loyalty, and found it a challenge to be with more than one lover at a time.

  23. So many responses, so sad to hear of all these facts, and how pervasive this behaviour is. I take my hat off to the survivors. I know I would not have.
    My brother took an unnatural interest in me when he hit puberty. He has a grand cross of Mercury, Mars Saturn and Pluto, which is opposite to Mars. My father finally let me sleep in another bedroom, after he caught him trying to get into my bed. He was always outside the bathroom when I got out of the bath ( would wait till he heard the plug come out of the bath)Parents pretended not to notice.
    Whenever I was out with friends, he had one of his friends follow me to report.
    Lost a potential dear friend because the friend trusted my bother.
    I didn’t know what was going on as my parents allowed his interference
    Father died when brother was about 19 and I was 17, he was then free to express his rage towards me. Police were called by neighbours several times, fearing for my safety, as I was alone in the house with him, my mother having electroconvulsive therapy for severe depression. I managed to do my HSC, or year 12 to get a job and get out. Over the years contact with him was only for my mothers sake. It wasn’t spoken about. Brother was in and out of jail, mental hospitals ect. the story goes on
    but the curious thing is how, he managed to project all this onto his younger sister
    and never account or explain.

  24. mars in Aries 1st opposition Pluto in Libra 7th.
    I was raped as a child by family members. I would find myself in situations where I was being set up to be sexually abused. Bullying was awful in elementary school. I was so full of rage. now, I’m numb to sex

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