Trying To Get Money To Secure Your Future

wall street betsI’ve expected to see “reversals of fortune” since Uranus went into Taurus. Saturn is in Aquarius now, applying pressure to Uranus. This tension will be sustained through all of 2021 and most of 2022. I see this being played out quite vividly.

The GameStop situation is a perfect example. The old guard and fundamentals don’t matter to the new breed of investor. The intend to upend the status quo and regardless of what you think about that, think about this:

You’ve got legions of people who are aging and have no money with which to retire. They’ve worked their whole lives and have no security. Add to this, the legions of young people who are saddled with massive debt in the form of student loans.. or whatever.

A couple weeks ago, I was shopping for a new savings account. We have Farm Bureau Insurance here. They have a particular savings deal for their customers. I’d forgotten the details so I called my agent. He told me he gal tell him she was also shopping a savings account; she called a bank who told her they were paying 1/100th of a percent interest on savings.

Everyone can see, this is not going to work out. There is just no way this is going to work. Why not make a Wall Street Bet?  What the hell else are you supposed to do?

There are now young people, paying off their loans in a lump sum. Older people are investing and finding out they’re going to be okay after all.  Sure didn’t look that way prior to the upheaval.

The young people are benefitting exponentially because of the interest they’re saving on their loans. The older people can trade in 401K accounts which means their gains aren’t taxable. Uh oh. It seems the oppressed are being liberated.

I expect the market to be crazy over these next months as Saturn squares Uranus. I don’t think it will be quieted or brought to heel.

Are you familiar with “diamond hands”? What makes a diamond? Pressure?

If you don’t know what that is, I’ve been posting about this here: GME GameStop Uranus in Taurus square Saturn in Aquarius.

This is a terrific example of how these energies are clashing and combining but be aware the manifestations are endless. I’ll reiterate what I said yesterday – many of us need to fundamentally change our lives.

If you won’t or can’t do this, you’re going to wind up where you’re headed. It’s an old saw but still true.

15 thoughts on “Trying To Get Money To Secure Your Future”

  1. I have a significant bias in my chart toward rebellion, change, growth, movement, and against the status quo. So its little surprise that my sympathies are with the anti-establishment forces pushing GME higher. Even tho, in fact, the business opportunity represented by GameStop (principally selling electronic games in malls) appears doomed to me. The rebellion has little to do with the business opportunity per se, and is more an expression of anger against those interests making money shorting the stock. Its Don Quixotish … and romantic causes always appeal to me, regardless of fundamentals.

    For the same reason, in my heart, I can’t get behind your encouragement to invest in stocks right now. That is precisely the reason why interest rates being offered in your savings account are so ridiculously low; the Fed wants you to put your money in the market, and is making it very difficult for you to leave it parked anywhere. Bitcoin is out of their control, and its meteoric rise is the result.

    Having said all that, I recognise how totally subjective my personal position on all this really is. With moon conjunct Uranus in Leo 8th, I’d honestly like to see the whole dang shebang hit the skids, and for us to really start over from our veggie patches. I know … its utterly naive, but then again I never said I was much of an investor. I love to follow what the money is doing, but would never join the game – in my deludedly unrealistic, romantic vision of the world, money is utterly below me, and chasing it … has always felt not only wrong, but an inversion of polarities. Money should chase me, not the other way around 😉

  2. An economic system that sets hardworking people up to fail, then punishes them for failing while claiming the playing field is level and their desire for financial security is a moral outrage is definitely driving innovation and revolution. Survival mode always does.

    1. Yes, but at this moment in time, if you can take 50K in paper money and pay off the 50K you owe, there is a great weight lifted off you.

      Or if you can take 50K in paper money and pay off your house, this is also a great weight lifted.

      Rules tomorrow? Who knows.

      These kids… zoomers mostly, though people of all stripes have joined them, have dreams. Most of them want families. You’re not going to be able to afford that working for wages that have not gone up for 50 years. ::snorts:: I mean, it’s a joke. And these kids have decided this is not acceptable. They are attempting to brainstorm their way out of a mess… and work together to save each other.

      It’s pretty interesting. They have a meme that depicts apes working together… like the old-fashioned Amish. It shows the apes building a barn, which is smashed to the ground.
      Apes come back and rebuild.
      Smashed to the ground.
      Apes come back and rebuild.
      Smashed to the ground,
      More apes come back and rebuild… faster.

      I admit it’s a romantic story but so?
      They figure they were poor when this started, the worst that can happen is they’re still poor. But they’re not stupid. They are no near as stupid (and weak) as people think they are.

      Anyway, the Amish deal (Saturn – labor – commitment) and the Uranus (computer) angle is um… textbook astrology.

      It’s also really nice to think and talk about things like this. For me, anyway.

      It’s modern heroism. These kids want to tell their kids they held. They held with their diamond hands and as a result… well, we’ll see.

      1. Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus by transit with zoomers with Uranus in Aquarius and Saturn in Taurus natally is a very unique situation! It’s like their destiny is being activated in real time. Enjoying reading these posts and the newsletter re: financial innovation and social change.

  3. Someone mentioned in the forum thread it could’ve been delayed manif of mars/uranus conj in january. I wonder what july 1-4 window might bring as mars will oppose sat and square uranus (is it a grand cross?), AND transit moon will conj uranus on the same date… bull horns will def vome out… i think i have to meditate ahead on this…

    1. PS: a friend of mine invests in these,bitcoin, ether, etc. and has had major losses for 2 weeks around the full moon in virgo, last week he recovered (not much above break even). he was going nuts, sleeping 3h/4h a night. he set up a bot, and the bot would sell below his order… because it dropped in value so fast. crazy stuff. he’s virgo sun, cap moon and gem mars.

        1. it’s all based off of pure speculation, that’s why it is so volatile. for those who like to risk but still be “safe”, like my friend, its a rollercoaster of emotions… im Taurus, so not even uranus on my sun made me go into that kind of risk taking… yet. I wonder when uranus hits my NN in couple of years or my mars around 2025… I think I would like to order a consultation with you sometime. I have to figure out how to pay in usd as I live in Europe. its tricky cause I don’t know my exact time of birth, only approximate. should I email you?

  4. “It’s all based off of pure speculation, that’s why it is so volatile.”

    This is not accurate regarding Gamestop. I don’t want to seem to push a stock but it is really is a true situation with this stock that has been well laid out for many months and combed through by many, many people. You’d just have to look into it.

    My point with this post is to lay out how there is fundamental change occurring. It’s not business as usual at this point.

    I mean to continue and advance or update a conversation I began when Saturn went into Taurus and I started writing about volatility in the stock market and reversal of fortune.

    Now Saturn is involved… Saturn which I always cover, extensively. This story has come to my attention and captured my imagination. It’s also just so fitting of the mashing of these two energies.

    1. I meant the things my friend invests in like bitcoin, ether and a few others. Gamestop I’ve read little about, but I understand it has been a sort of “revolution of the people, by the people”. I certainly appreciate you writing about it, and look fwd to reading it. I find the mundane astrology/topics you cover most interesting, as well as when you touch base with geopolitics/military affairs etc, as you do have insight. we do not live in a shell, and all correlates in many many ways. 🙂

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