Mars Square Saturn – Pissed Off

I sent a newsletter earlier this week, Fighting With Claw Hammers. I didn’t realize when I wrote it (a week ago), I’d be this pissed off myself.

I’ve spent the last eighteen hours telling people to take a flying leap. Basically, shove it, ya know? ย This is my mouth. This the brick that flies from my mouth, to hit you in the head.

I’d say I’m sorry but it would be completely disingenuous. I’ve seriously tired of dealing with thick or num skulls.

Hasย anyone else out there come to this point?

50 thoughts on “Mars Square Saturn – Pissed Off”

    1. Yeah…well there is Sagittarius with this – it’s blunt. And a person tries to control themselves (saturn) and keep a brake on things, but there comes a time where a person deserves nothing more than to be smacked into the next state.

      1. I read the Fighting With Claw Hammers….and decided to lay low. I even scheduled my work around it ๐Ÿ™‚ thank god for all those ‘heads up’ news letters, they are priceless. It almost makes me glad to be sick and at home hahahaha…. but alas…I have to run some errands today. Going to wear a shield and some thick sunglasses with a rubber nose haha…. people are fighting on facebook, on twitter, my family…god if I only had the energy to run away!!!

        I am seeing the absolute worst coming out of people ….regarding so many things… politics and the like. I decided two days ago to watch movies, organize and read…its been good for me. No way am I going to engage….there are some fire heads that are just waiting for it…they want some war today!!!

        No thanks. I am going to sit here and sip tea, heal, remember the transit and sit it out. Still…sure, a good ol’ throat punch would do some of these imbeciles good haha

        Wish me luck….I have to go to the bank …uggggg ๐Ÿ™

  1. I hate hate hate BS. If someone says something that is patently BS I will call them out on it, no matter how much they hate it.

  2. What is wrong with people! I “know” you just for a short time Elsa, but I am often so glad to receive your letter and to read your blog. It helped me several times choosing a good attitude. I sure am not uncritically. I know when something is good quality. (Virgo sun, Virgo ascendant and a Capricorn 5th house) ! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I think I did not quite understand the “Claw Hammer” story. I thought it was that someone critisizes this blog and what you wrote. LANGUAGE! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ Just as well I meant what I said.
      By the way: there are already a lot of expressions from Mars square Saturn around me.
      Fore warned is for armed.

      1. My husband and his brother once tried to beat each other with claw hammers. They each had a hammer and they were swinging them, and not for fun! That’s what I was talking about in the letter.

        On this post, I am talking about my real life. Though I did get pissed off last night in the forum.

        It’s a trend right now. That’s what I’m saying. I really try to avoid stuff like this, these days. I’ve gotten good at it, but I’m just sick, up to my ears, with crap, and going to whatever it takes to create space between me and annoyance of whatever kind.

        I just want to work in peace. Same as always.

        1. Now my kids are fighting with my poor old mother….good God… she is old. I told her to stop answering the phone because if I have to get up and going after them I am going to start kicking some ass and taking some names and I am not well enough to do it. They know better….my youngest is acting like a wild animal….with his mercury mouth. He needs a boot in his ass…man…when I get my mojo back I am going to handle him like he is 10 years old. Who yells at grandma?

          It’s almost impossible to avoid. But, as old as my mother is she can handle herself. They better duck…I told her to tell them both to go straight to hell…then do NOT answer the phone again.

          Crazy people …..

        2. Fighting with claw hammers. I chuckled when I read this because these kind of fights happened with my dad and uncles growing up and I had quite a temper growing up myself so my sisters and I went at it where things would be flying everywhere. My poor mother cried and said we were savages just like my dads family.:-) Do your husband and his brother have a lot of Aries?

          1. Savages …..hahahaha…. that’s what both my adult off spring are acting like right now. Not throwing punches Ann….throwing words. Like word vomit. Its so stupid. Like watching high school brats.

            I want to move to the other side of the planet …. lord give me strength. I am glad we don’t own any claw hammers right now. hahaha….

          2. They do have Aries but not a lot and both have Mars in Cancer.

            They both become accomplished soldiers. You’d be wise not to get in a scrap with either one of them.

        3. The story of your husband and his brother, that I understood. I did not account for the forum. Yet I understand the rest also. I was not far wrong.
          You have the right to work in peace.
          Elsa: sometimes people do not bear the light!

  3. In-laws’ divorce hearing is today. Biting my tongue has worked for me. They both are begging for a stark brick smack and I feel like they’re going to get more than they bargained for. I hate watching unnecessary train wrecks. It’s not my business so I’m shutting up and staying out.

  4. What was that about not popping off this week? LOL.

    This past weekend my husband got into an argument with me if either of us so much as breathed wrong. We popped off constantly! And he’s been angry with one caregiver because she’s been complaining about his other caregiver over little stuff. He better not fire her–I will cut a bitch if he does over something this stupid.

    Under Mars/Saturn, I expect people to say “I’m done with you” over ANYTHING. There are two people I know with this energy. Don’t EVER cross them unless you want your ass handed to you on a silver platter, well-done.

  5. I have mars square Saturn natally and I’m feeling
    pissed off like never before. No matter how much I give in to people it’s never enough. I have pisces moon so I’ve been a walkover. Not letting them walk over me now. I’ve had enough.

  6. Uh-oh. Just realized these two mofos are forming an exact T-square with my 9th house Virgo Mercury.

    Nellie, bar the doors!!! :O

  7. I think I’m too familiar with Mars/Saturn energy for it to rile me right now? But I am feeling it in my body (bones & muscles) and it’s no fun.

    …I actually asked for a claw hammer for Christmas a couple years ago & got one. It’s red & I’ve slept with it under my pillow a few times this past year.

  8. Drew a line in the sand and told all the cowards and bullies to ‘bite me’. Felt terrifyingly terrific. I’m sure will pay for it but I don’t care. ??? at least people know where I stand. A Leo Virgo friend tried to invalidate what I said by a sarcastic maneuver to point out my “feelings” being involved. Luckily I had been reading a Bruce Lee book and returned a ‘kick’ so quick, easy and smooth I awed the crowd. Then silently left the building. Working on the zen crap now. โœŒ๏ธ? progressed Mar conjunct Aries sun square Saturn. don’t think I have a chance in hell of attaining it. Oh well…

  9. I have been exploded at least 4 times this year with different individuals. My poor husband has never seen me like this in the 17 years we have been together. I am so tired of all the hypocrites I know that have told me all their dirty little secrets I am supposed to keep under wraps. I am sad that I am filled with anger, I pray a lot to be relieved of it. I am essentially a peace loving person.

    1. (((Opalina)))
      Speaking as an 8th house Sun, if in future you can hear people’s admissions of “secrets” with an air of “everyone has some, of some kinds”, that might (hoping, for you) help alleviate their later on confider’s-regret… There’s no vaccine, though, unfortunately.

  10. I spent many years saying ‘What is wrong with people!?’ I still do. I have strong perfectionist tendencies and do not suffer fools at all. I can be a complete bitch to someone who pisses me off, even if they are not doing it on purpose. As I get older I am seeing this as a character flaw (!) – I see it as intolerance and not being detached enough. I have Pluto, Uranus and mars conjunct in Virgo. As a Sag I’m very impatient. I’m reading a lot about judging and intolerance on the internet. Most spiritual websites seem to imply we are reacting to our inner selves/our shadow when we get pissed off with people. I know even Jesus got pissed off from time to time, but on the whole he tolerated a lot of shit. But he had a reason – that love was the greatest power that could transform us. He forgave Judas, for example. And the people who crucified him. I have a very hard time forgiving. But I feel that we, as evolved humans, would benefit from going above and beyond our tolerance levels. What I haven’t yet worked out is, how we do this without becoming door mats. I think it’ll take my lifetime, if not more, to work this out. Any thoughts???

    1. I have no problem forgiving, if I can just get space from a person.

      My problem is Libra. I am too accommodating, for too long! And then, BAM!

      1. I can relate to this one! I have a Libra Descendant. And, my Taurus Sun is infinitely patient. But, then, bam, I’m oughta there! And, where did she go, they’re all whispering after that.

  11. Weird…I know the Mars Saturn effect can be like this but I haven’t felt it this time. It’s like the opposite actually. I feel gratitude. I do feel the grind but in a good way…I feel accomplished yet I’m grinding away at what has to be done. Havent gotten angry at anyone.

  12. Buddhists talk about clean anger and dirty anger. When I had a breast lump I read the book ‘Women of Silence’by Grace Gawler which spoke of the need for women to tell their story and not bottle things up.Dirty grudge anger produces sickness. I know we have to lie low at times in this energy, especially after cancer moon square uranus/pluto I got big lessons in keeping my head low, but sometimes you have to say it straight with a good clean arrow of clean anger and draw the boundaries or the enemy will take your territory and/or your health.I have merc in sadge square mars. Today in the shower I told myself your husband’s saying’Readily will I display the intestinal fortitude to fight on to the Ranger objective and complete the mission, though I be the lone survivor.’There is a lot of aggro energy due to big solar flares and earthquake activity which amps the disturbed energy – practising prayer and love to rebuild your auric protection at the same time is challenging but crucial but last night the solar flare energy made me feel like I was being microwaved. I light my thick beeswax candle to give me a sense of good energy to build into.

  13. Boy, Donald Trump’s Sun/Moon opposition is sure getting pinged by the Mars/Saturn square. Would that explain why he’s on a tear this week? CNN, John Lewis, Meryl Streep, Europe, the U.S. intelligence agencies, enough!!! Tweet tweet tweet tweet, gaaah.

  14. I’ve been pissed off ALL day. I’m sore AF from a new weightlifting (Saturn) exercise (Mars) regimen. I can’t argue that it’s a constructive use of this astrological marker but I’m still gritting teeth through it. Tearing old muscles to rebuild new ones sucks. ? (T. Pluto in the 6th) I will appreciate this when I start seeing changes in my body though. That’s the beauty of Saturn ?

  15. @ blue_rose, I JUST looked up Trump’s chart right before I read your comment! his sun is 22 degrees Gemini, Moon 21 degrees Sag. I am kind of hoping he’s smacked for the rest of this year, by Saturn Sag later degrees.

    As for me and this Mars-Saturn, Saturn is now in my first house, Mars transiting the 4th. Thursday night I’m going to the monthly police district meeting thing, to rail against the bar across the street. I’m DONE with those people. They are liars and don’t give a rat’s ass about the neighborhood they disturb several nights a week and every weekend. Last Thursday night I went off at the neighborhood meeting. What started as a mention turned into a bit of a longer letting off steam than I thought. I think the people listening were at rapt attention, you could hear the passion and frustration in my voice, but maybe they were appalled by me, I’m not sure.

    I have Mars in Aquarius natally, but I can’t seem to “detach” from this situation challenging my home. I guess since Mars in Pisces is in my 4th house, I’m at war for my home, versus the “high flying” arrogant bar. I have a sign in my kitchen “f*ck with me and find out”. I’m REALLY hoping one day the bar management and ownership feel that…in my fantasy I send them a text with a photo of my sign. Yea, chew on that a$$clowns……

  16. I had to write a post title I’m tired basically saying I’m tired of other people’s shit. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m not angry, I’m just exhausted from everything but then again Mars in Pisces is in my 12th house so I don’t have the energy to feel angry.

  17. I have Mars in Pisces, have had Saturn square my Pluto natally these past days and now Saturn’s squaring my Mars too. So this is affecting me. I’ve felt assaulted, been angry and been tearful. Three things that have helped me: my counsellor, this blog and considering things in terms of the drama triangle. It would be easy to fall into persecutor or victim mode right now. I’m usually the rescuer…

  18. Knock on wood, I haven’t come to claw-hammer level.
    Just wanted to ditto @Soup: the newsletter was good and useful for being prepared. I ran into some silly aggravating stuff, but managed to tell myself it’s not worth it to get an ulcer for other people’s stupidity.
    But I did notice some uncharacteristic flare-up here at EE & thought to myself “HHHmmmm, sounds like what the newsletter anticipated…!”

  19. Yes. Me. I hope my purse fits a claw hammer this weekend. It’s overdue. My MRI on the last Foul moon showed massive progression. Cancer gone rogue.Now I get to celebrate with my in laws and the twisted sisters at a bday party. Their shit over the past 25 years deserves recognition. What do I have to loose lol ..the time is right.

  20. I am having my Saturn return. Saturn squares my Sun. So Mars is now opposing my Sun, and squaring my Saturn. I was coming down a hill in the pouring rain yesterday, the stoplight turned yellow and I had to make that split-second decision to either try to screech to a stop at the bottom of a hill, or go through the light as it is turning red. I chose the latter, and a cop was sitting at the intersection to my left, as I turned left. He flipped on his lights, made a U-turn across 2 lanes of cars, had to stop and back up because his U-turn wasn’t tight enough to complete the turn, and came after me like I was a drug dealer. I pulled over and politely explained to this 20-something cop that I either went through the light or slid into it and risk getting hit by the cross traffic. He told me it was all my fault for not going slower, and with the most happiness I have ever seen a cop display, handed me a $136 ticket. Told me to go ahead and fight it. I have never seen such smugness and I swear I was polite because I thought for sure his reasoning would prevail, given the horrid weather. But no. Came home and saw my transits. I will most likely ask for a mitigation hearing. But I was SEETHING INSIDE when I pulled away… and that’s the ultimate definition of Mars/Saturn. Seething anger.

    1. Haha I got pulled over today too. For using my phone err..using my GPS. It was my first day of class.. I was late. That cop can go straight to the bad place. 120$ ticket.

  21. ”decided to lay low. I even scheduled my work around it, thank god for all those โ€˜heads upโ€™ news letters,”

    Same here @Soup!

    Thank you Elsa!

  22. Ugh, yeah.. this resonates with me. I am usually the one doing the hammering if it happens. I have Mars/Saturn natally, and Mercury square Pluto. I get the start-stop rage frequently. But my words are more like poison and less like a hammer, I guess. I think I’m getting better about thinking before I speak. Elsa’s wise words have helped me in that regard!

  23. I have to laugh out loud at how ignorant some people have been.

    So, I read my newsletter. I do not miss a word. And, decided to schedule work around this nightmarish energy. I stayed home today and took the sweetest of the sweet people…it was all good. I worked at home…all peace!

    Here’s my mistake. I ordered dinner for delivery. They brought the food but left off part of the order and all of the sauces. I call….I KNOW TO watch my tone and how I say it… tell them I have an incomplete order and the manager wants a WAR hahahahahhaha…. I said are you seriously trying to fight with me over missed salad dressing, lack of a complete order and no sauces? Well…he sure the hell was ….I was laughing my ass off. Because…I know why he is being a bone head!!! I let him act like a total jerk off and then told him I was recording him and downloading it to youtube and I could hear his gasp…. hahahaha I wasn’t….but when someone starts to go craycray that is usually the only way you can stop the madness.

    My husband came home 30 minute later and asked me why all the salad dressing and sauces were laying on the front porch hahahah one of the jackasses came back and threw the rest of the order on the porch and didn’t bother to knock or ring the bell…these are the kinds of dicks that are roaming around right now.

    See, I didn’t even leave the house …it found me here HAHA

  24. I did. But I caught myself. I was equating it with pluto in sextile to my mars. I noticed that people were backing up (physically actually backing up increasing the space between us). I was like whoa! What up with that. Then I noticed when someone was all up in my face, I was thinking I could kill you with my bare hands. Not like me at all. I don’t really feel like it is that dark side thing. More a primal thing. I didn’t really get angry about it. It was more like who do you think you are, I could easily kill you. It has melted down to I really am not wasting my words in those situations. It makes me wonder now and again when I think of it, about that kind of thought, killing someone with the bare hands, cuz like some people act on it.

  25. Crazy stuff going on with some of my clients this week. Let’s just say it’s like being stuck in Mercury Retrograde again, except the results are PERMANENT.

  26. By coincidence (or, astrology not being flat) there was a radio program about apologies, yesterday. (“Out in the open,” on CBC R1, if anyone wonders).
    Included was the obvious: apologies are useless when we’re not sorry. (But also, when “sorry” has other meanings…)
    Among the guests were the owners of a website called “Sorry Watch”. I haven’t had time to look at it yet – sounded like they’re doing a Virgo-type long term study on the topic.

    My Cancer Mars is actually comfortable with stormy emotional sky conditions. ::oddly::

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