Have I Met Prince Charming?

I wrote for a client…

“…I doubt this man is the committing type. More likely, he’s the type who comes along to show a woman what she’s missing and what is possible.

The thing is, men like this generally liberate a woman and then go on to liberate the next woman and the next.

You know how Cinderella (that’s you) goes off with the Prince and presumably lives happily ever after?  We imagine that ending.

Basically, this is a fun, sexy, fetching person. But you have to look at what is missing, depending on what you actually want to happen in your life. It’s an important thing to ask yourself.

Do you want out of your marriage and into another one that lasts?
Or do you want out of your marriage?

I am pretty sure he can help you with the last one. The first one, probably not.

Have you ever met a man (or a woman) like this?  Tell us about it.

16 thoughts on “Have I Met Prince Charming?”

  1. I did. I went through a period where I was working two jobs and/or going to college and working after my divorce, so I had no life. I met this man who showed me that those hormones still work and yes, I did want to settle down and grow old with someone. I wasn’t married so he didn’t liberate me from that, but he liberated me from the mindset that I was never going to get into another intimate relationship again. A while after we broke up I actually sent him a thank you letter. And I kept his daughter, his friends and the reenacting club he belongs to in my life. I believe some people are sent to help with life changes – he definitely changed my life for the better. Unfortunately for him, his life hasn’t improved since we broke up (he initiated). I do wish him well, though. He’s a good guy, just not made to partner with me. Once I got past the broken heart, I could see how much he improved my life. Overall, I’m glad he was there for me when I needed it.

  2. I knew a man who liked to liberate himself from relationships by getting involved with other women. This was his breakup strategy. He was a Libra Sun with a Libra Saturn and I think he was terrified of being alone. He got involved with a friend of mine for this very reason, and broke her heart.

    1. YEs that described the man who was in my life. He had LIBRA rising though. He, too, used women to get out of one relationship into another.

  3. He liberated me but he was the committing type! We liberated each other, honestly. A summer romance that I broke off after 7 weeks. As a Sadge Sun/Libra Moon, the Cancer Sun/Virgo Moon was a bit much for me but the intimacy was amazing. The mutual Sun/Moon squares helped to open our eyes to other roles and lives…

  4. omg.I can so relate to this exactly..cant tell my story just yet, I’m at work. but yep, this is exactly how it went down..Elsa, you sure know a lot about life and people!

  5. I did a very charming man we were both in the military had orders to go places neither wanted to go so I married the man (1974) it was a deal marriage so was not designed to last. We got our orders changed were supposed to separate and divorce when we got settled into our permenate duty, but unforeseen things happened that made it impossible to follow through. We were married almost 3 years had a son whom he did not acknowledge which is fine. Son was not part of the deal but was an added blessing for me.

  6. Twenty years ago I called out to the Universe for Prince Charming. I was looking for someone to liberate me from the pain of divorce. I got what I wished for, “a transition man”, by his own definition. The getting together part was especially sweet and The Prince and I have been together(mostly) ever since. The staying part is sometimes difficult for us, as we age the differences between us become more pronounced sometimes, particularly as we head toward our very different north nodes: his Aries and mine Taurus. Relationships do that though, stretch and push us to be.

  7. Taurus Sun with Libra Moon conjunct Neptune & both trine Venus in Gemini!
    But he also has Uranus square that lovely Moon.
    AND Sun square Pluto. Big parent issues = emotional instability.
    Two people in one! But oh so charming!

  8. Absolutely! A fun-loving warm Gemini who came along in my 20s when I was entirely focussed on working endless hours 24/7 to launch my career and support members of my family. He reminded me there was fun and romance and a big interesting world out there beyond my office doors. He kept himself liberated and happy, but then proposed to me — I had the sense to decline. He liberated me from a sort of 100% servitude (Virgo stellium) mindset and life. We had fun and went our separate ways, keeping in touch now and then. He eventually married a gold digger who pretty much destroyed him and his freedom, sadly, and sort of blamed me for breaking his heart and not marrying him and leaving him vulnerable. 🙁

    1. — by “sense to decline” I mean, he was the serial “make them happy” type from what I could see. He was serially loyal, but I think marriage was not going to be his forte. I don’t think marriage is for everyone (said my Sag moon, though I am married) and that’s fine. He was a intellectual, sailed, traveled, ate life and the world and several homes here and there in EU and USA. His freedom was his joy and I think he is/was here to share that.

  9. How I wish I were prince charming. I don’t suppose liberating is the same thing as “rescuing”. I tried to rescue a bunch of girls in my dating years who I guess didn’t want to be rescued. Most married the next dude who came along. Most times it didn’t turn out well for them. Hmmmph.

  10. YES. My marriage lacked the emotional/sexual intimacy for years. It was an all-out drought which wrecked my self confidence and many other things. Soon enough, meet a person at work with Sag-ASC, his Uranus Conjunct my Sun and composite Venus conjunct Uranus. I also had natal Sag Uranus. We both Aqua Jupiter in our natal charts too so it was LIBERATION written all over our union. That man showed me what I was missing. I felt alive again. I wanted out of my marriage and get into a marriage with him. It failed since he had feelings for other women. It was life-changing indeed and has inspired me to live life with more passion and not get caught up with losers that don’t appreciate my worth.

  11. Prince Charming? If you count who I was led to believe was Prince Charming but then he turned into a frog. And disappeared into the fog…not too long after I divorced my husband. And yes he had ladies, one in particular in the wings. He didn’t know what I was contemplating. But daily calls for months on end realed me in…and I decided to leave my husband. The saddest thing is I met him on line and he lived across the country. But when we finally met it was clear he was not prepared I’d call his bluff. And it just was a train wreck basically and he rode off into the Sunset with his next conquest.

  12. sounds like the “casanova” type. never met those types to be honest. I believe out of the three ex’s, my first husband was maybe the closest to the casanova type, but we married as he decided he wanted me out of all the girls he charmed. it didn’t work out, he wanted to keep on being a casanova anyway. I feel that he really really wanted to be with one girl his whole life, as he always regretted alot of things.

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