Strong Natal Mercury = Prominent Hands (And A Scorpio Interlude)

Some people notice hands. I know I do. When I was out cruising, it was one of the first things I looked at on a man. “Do I want those hands on me or not?”

Anyone who has Mercury emphasized is going to have prominent hands or hands that grab you attention. My friend Ben also notices hands and my ex-perennial boyfriend, Scott has extremely prominent hands.

Scott has Mercury conjunct Uranus (brilliant) square Jupiter (expanded and arrogant). His hands are enormous which is very important if you want to be a pianist.

This is part of an anecdote I recalled in 2006. Ben meets Scott here. We were all in our 20’s.

You can see how all this plays down to the detail, where I don’t want to sit down. Ben has Mercury in Scorpio, trine Mars. He’s got the same sexual thinking I do. He probes.

Ben and I had known each other just a few weeks here. We met working as servers in an upscale hotel. Scott and I had known each other since we were teenagers. He’d been my on and off boyfriend for almost ten years at this point. He showed up in the restaurant one morning having heard I worked there. This is from the middle of a larger piece:
Back in the kitchen, Ben asked, “Who is that?”

“That’s Scott.”

“You like him, I can tell.”


“There must be something about him.”


He walked in a circle around me, checking all angles and I laughed.

“Well I wonder what it is. I’ve seen you but I’ve not seen you like this. How intriguing. Elsa’s morsel. He told me he’s known you since you were fifteen”

Oh crap, they did talk. “Yeah, that’s right,” I said.

“Was he fifteen too?” he asked; a Scorpio looking for a scandal.


“Hmm. So he was in high school and he plucked you out of junior high? Or were you a mere freshman?”

“What? I met him in his mother’s bar.” I said it, as if the high school thing was ludicrous because to me, it was.

“Bar! What were you doing in bar when you were fifteen?”


“Working doing what? You can’t work in a bar when you’re fifteen?”

“I was tending bar.”

“What? You know how to tend bar? They let you tend bar when you were fifteen? Sit down,” he said. “I want to know about this. I knew you had a history… so you’re a bartender?”

“Yes,” I said, ignoring his order to sit. “I quit tending bar to come to work here. And I don’t want to sit. We have to work.”

“How intriguing. I thought you were a waitress. You’re such a good waitress, too. Little Elsa is a bartender? Don’t tell me anymore. I have to absorb this. I want to talk to you about this privately. Are you going to see him tonight?”

“Of course.”

“He just shows up and you go with him?” he asked.

“Uh huh,” I said. I laughed because this was none of his business and I was amused he thought it was.

“Well then I guess I can’t call you tonight and talk about him, can I?”

“Obviously not, Ben.”

“Well I don’t think I can wait. I need more information. Give me something to chew on, little Elsa. Some kind of tidbit. A morsel about your morsel. Let’s see. You met the mystery man in his mother’s bar when he was eighteen and you were a fifteen year old bartender. Did he work in the bar with you?”

“No. No, he’s not a bartender. He’s a pianist.”

“A pianist? Your morsel is a pianist?” Ben played the cello. This was getting interesting.

“Is he any good?”

“Yeah.” I laughed. “He’s good. He’s world class. He’s a boy wonder, just ask him.” I laughed.

“He is not!”

“Yeah, well yes. Actually, he is” I said, smiling wide and snorting. You should have seen Ben’s face. He looked at me intently, wondering if I was lying but knowing it was doubtful.

“Hmm. I did notice his hands,” he said. “What’s his name? Besides Morsel, I mean. I’m going to have to check this out. I know someone I can ask about your little piano player out there. This way you can get laid tonight and meanwhile, I can get the information I need. I want to process this.”

He started to walk away, then turned back to shake his head. “And you look so pure. You must have been like a daisy, growing up in a bar. I’m so glad I came to work today. I thought about calling in sick. I’m sure glad I didn’t because this has been something not to miss.”

I wrinkled my nose and shrugged. Really, I had no idea what he was talking about.

“I’ll need his last name so I can do some checking. I want to see what I can find out about your morsel. A lot of the pianists are gay, Elsa. Especially if they’re any good. I’ll be able to check that out for you. If I find out anything, do you want me to tell you? Would you want to know?”

I looked stricken for a second, then laughed and gave up his name. I hated to think of Ben up late stewing, while I was getting laid…

Pictured – that is another lifelong friend’s self-portrait. Leon has his Moon, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and the Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio so there is no way he is showing his face. Note the enlarged hand though. πŸ˜‰

Leon has Mercury in scorp, square Jupiter and Uranus… ha ha ha. You just can’t get away from this stuff..

Also note that prominent Mercury attracts prominent Mercury…

43 thoughts on “Strong Natal Mercury = Prominent Hands (And A Scorpio Interlude)”

  1. I have pretty sizeable hands but they are thin with long fingers – I’ve actually always been pretty vain about them. I wish they were smaller from a femininity perspective, but I do love to play the piano. I talk with them and they are NEVER still. When I smoked for two minutes, the main thing I liked was having something to wave around in my hands.

    My Mercury is everywhere. Conjunct Pluto, sextile Neptune, trine Moon (in Gemini!), opposite Jupiter. Wow, actually.

  2. i have mercury trine the (mercury ruled) ascendant and in a pretty t square, but i don’t think my hands are anything exceptional….
    sturdy. sort of small. chunky πŸ˜› maybe that’s the taurus mercury…

  3. I look at hands too πŸ˜‰ They tell so much about a person – job, age, attentiveness to detail, neatness, creativity, nervousness, all kinds of things. Definitely like strong, confident, manly hands that look and smell great. Yum

    Mercury ruled ascendant (gemini), mercury in Pisces conjunct MC. Delicate, musical hands that I use to talk and work (and fidget) with a lot – how literal is that? ha

    So many artists in your life Elsa – the painter, cellist, pianist πŸ™‚

  4. I’ve been with 2 Libra suns who also had mercury in Libra and both of their hands were sooooooo feminine and delicate, too. Graceful is another word that comes to mind (and they were both artists, too.) I’ve never met men who had hands so soft!

  5. The last guy I was with actually sent me a picture of himself, his backyard and his hand before I met him. I didn’t think his face was that great but I was fascinated by his hand– enough so I kept talking to him.

    I used to think “what kind of person sends a picture of his hand”? Well now I know. A raving lunatic, that’s who.

    But point was, his hands were incredibly big but everything including the nails was shaped beautifully.. almost looked chiseled. In fact, everything on his body was like that. I spent more time looking at the picture of his hand than i did looking at his face.

    Now he’s not the one with Mercury- he had 5 planets in Libra. I’m the one with alot of Mercury. And hands are prominent for me – not my hands, very ordinary – but I look at them all the time.

  6. “I used to think β€œwhat kind of person sends a picture of his hand”? Well now I know. A raving lunatic, that’s who.

    But point was, his hands were incredibly big but everything including the nails was shaped beautifully.”


    The man was trying to suggest to you that his dick was big, Mz Scarlett as there is a myth out there that hands and dicks correlate. They don’t – I’ve seen enough dicks to know. πŸ™‚

  7. Hands are a major turn on for me. My boyfriend has Mars/Mercury conjunct in Sagittarius, opposing his Gemini Ascendant.
    He has gorgeous hands and I go nuts just watching him squeeze lemons. He talks very quietly which I think is kind of weird for that Mars/Mercury/Jupiter (all within 1 degree apart) in his 6th House, trine Uranus. Man that shit can go off, but he’s sooooo softly spoken, he mumbles and people are always telling him to speak up.
    But he can blab his face off, I tell you…just last week a man found our friend’s cellphone and offered to drop by. My boyfriend went down to the street to get the phone and was gone for half an hour, blabbing away to some stranger, lol.

  8. I used to say I like farmer’s hands. πŸ™‚

    I too always notice hands. Eyes first, then hands. Small feminine hands make me nervous in a man. Lucky my BF has normal man hands.

    (And Jessica, me too! I wish I had more feminine thinner fingers – at least they’re long.)

  9. I love hands and always look at them if I find someone attractive. I like to see hands that look as though they belong to a man rather than a boy! Short nails clearly – very short. My favourite ex had bitten nails but somehow they just suited his personality. He was very creative, worked in film and adored photography. His hands just looked like they were working. He had mercury in pisces.

  10. I like hands too–strong, longer hands…mine are big for my size, and my nails are bitten and i have a hive on one from allergies—this thread made me want to get a manicure!

  11. not counting the minor aspects ( such as semisquares and sesquiquadrates ) my mercury conjuncts pluto and my sun in scorpio ( oh and my midheaven too )

    i have no clue how that would affect my hands though..

  12. now that i think about it. i have very short nails due to the fact that i have a habit of biting them lol. i slammed my thumb between a car door when i was younger, about seven years old.. and my thumbnail fell off ( but grew back eventually )..

  13. this brings to mind what i was thinking about the other day, does astrology affect the kind of jewelry we might wear, maybe venus for that? Some items that i usually have on : a silver ring with a moon engraved on it, and i have an italian charm bracelet from the getty that my dad bought me a few months ago, and a prayer bracelet given to me by my mom who used to attend mass at a catholic church( but she went back to our home church which is protestant )
    my necklace which i never take off, is a black thread necklace with a metal outer form of a leaf as the ornament
    i guess from that i might deduct that i like jewelry that means something to me, cause otherwise i tend not to wear it as often.

  14. you hit it right on the head: gem rising, merc conjunct ven, i get turned on or off in a hot minute when i see hands. i’ve had that fetish for a loooong time. but i wonder why i’m not obsessed with getting manicures? i’d rather get a pedi. and i have a thing for nice looking feet and red toenail polish.

  15. my bf’s hands are boyish, even the gestures he makes with his hands are boyish. his mercury is in 4th house sag, conjunct sun and neptune, opposite moon in gem. His hands aren’t the most attractive feature on him. lol

    my ex, on the other hand (haha), had masculine but beautiful hands. his mercury is in capricorn and it conjuncts his venus and trines mars.

  16. my bf’s hands are boyish, even the gestures he makes with his hands are boyish. his mercury is in 4th house sag, conjunct sun and neptune, opposite moon and square mars.

    my ex, on the other hand (haha), had beautiful but very masculine hands. his mercury is in capricorn and it conjuncts his venus and trines mars.

  17. Another lifelong hand-watcher here. I particularly loved my grandmother’s and mother’s hands: long thin fingers with beautifully shaped nails. Hands can tell you a lot about a person, being a life long hand-watcher has taught me that.

    I loved my mother’s hands so much I wrote her a long prose poem for a gift a couple years or so before she passed away that was all about her hands and the millions of things she did for us kids with them, including moving mountains and making sacrifices. I ended up with a modified version of her hands, much bigger though and not nearly as beautiful.

    I also like a man to have big hands, but they have to be capable of gentleness too. If there’s nothing gentle about them I lose interest.

    What a cool post, Elsa. Thank you!

  18. I have gotten compliments on my hands my entire life. They are large but slender and graceful. Many comments about the C curve of my nails from manicurists. I am a Leo with Mercury in it’s own sign of Virgo in it’s own natural ruler house 3 (Gemini) where I also have a 5 planet stellium (Placidus).

  19. Avatar

    I do notice hands. Feminine hands on a man is a “no-go” for me. I don’t has a Gemini anywhere in my chart… I love my husband’s hands. He has very strong, masculine hands and they feel wonderful! He’s a Crab Rising with a Merc in Gemini… We jokingly call his hands his “Crab-claws” but there’s a bit of truth in that joke. I did many manicures when I was working in salons, so I’ve seen many hands…

  20. I notice hands too- but, I also examine forearms as well. I don’t know why, but I just love a good pair of forearms…

    @Read_em- I’m with ya, sister on the fem-hands = no-go! LOL

  21. Along with the eyes,I think hands are also a window to the soul! If you have “dead” eyes or “twisted” hands, I will not trust you. By twisted, I do not mean deformed or disabled in anyway physically. For example, I know a man who has what I call serial killer hands. I am pretty sure he is not a serial killer, but he is one of the most insecure, toxic emitting people I know. All his fingers are about the same length and their circumference appears to be the same from beginning to end. For some reason, I keep thinking they would be the hands of someone who would physicaly violate someone, as they relished it. Gives me the shudders to even imagine being touched by them.
    And then there are the lovely people you meet whose intelligence and kindness is reflected in their refined, elegant hands!

  22. Avatar

    I notice hands as a characteristic of Cancer men. Maybe it’s a claw, not sure. It’s almost like their hands are well worn tools that show marks of their use. I like them πŸ™‚

  23. I’d never particularly noticed my hands esp as I bit my nails until I was about 28, when the world’s greatest living artist very much admired them – they are long and tapered and they do make a lovely shape, though now quite veined and liver-spotted (Mercury in Cap)

    One of my cousins has hands very like my mother’s with curved fingers and very fleshy raised/domed fingernails, and both suffer/ed from bad arthritis in their fingers. They are very alike in character!

  24. I love a man’s hands. There is a man who I’ve been in love with since I was a child. We move in and out of each others’ lives, then in and out of others’ lives, but we always come back.

    The one thing I can never get over when I am away from him is his hands. They’re long and beautiful, elegant fingers that always draw my eyes and elicit images of what they have done for me; the way a cigarette rests in them, effortless and sexy and they grasp a martini just as naturally as a baseball or a pen. And can’t really get started on his handwriting… For some reason, it’s ALL so sexy to me. He has strong mercury aspects to mars, jupiter and saturn.

    Coincidentally, I have unusually large hands for a woman; mostly composed of long slender fingers, more than an octave’s span. There is not a man that I’ve been with that hasn’t been obsessed with my hands as well.

    I have merc. exactly conj. n. node at the aries point (any thoughts on that one would be appreciated) also tightly conj. chiron, all of which are in an exact opp. to a tight jupiter/uranus conjunction. in addition, my powerful merc./chiron/n. node/aries point conj. makes and exact grand trine with my midheaven and neptune. Yes. I AM a writer. Did I have any choice? I wish I did, it’s torturous for an aries with libra rising to sit in front of a computer alone all day. But it pays the bills!

    I digress, mercury, big hands, YES! Really interesting. Thanks Elsa!!

  25. Mercury in Scorpio and even when I was young I had “old hands” Now I’m 55 and got that arthritic knuckle thing going on. So my hands are normal size but never been pretty like my Gemini friends (they all have very feminine pretty hands.
    It’s weird..I really want my face, NECK, and body to look as young as possible but I’m never ashamed of my “old hands”. In fact, I’m proud cuz these hands have done alot of honest hard work. My hands are noble.

  26. “I go nuts just watching him squeeze lemons.”

    I love it! So funny. Lots of mercury in my chart and I always get comments on my hands. I always look at men’s hands and feet and attracted to certain “types” of those extremities :. .. the nose is my other body part I go crazy over-particularly a Roman nose/ aquiline nose.. there are some noses I wish I could just make love to-but that is a whole other body part..

  27. “I was about 28, when the world’s greatest living artist very much admired them”

    Ooh! Who was it, BP? (You knew Damien Hirst, too, right?)

    I have little, soft semi-pudgy hands a child’s hands. They get dry during the winter. I have Moon/Mercury in Cancer. The only nail polish that really looks good on them is shell pink. I’d like to wear something crazier. I don’t really notice hands, or not immediately. I suppose men hide them. I notice the way they look in general, the wingspan and the way they look in a shirt. (I’m finding I like the kind of men that can support me so don’t like rail thin men as much,)

  28. Oh, I notice them. Forearms included- aries 3rd house,mars in aries 3rd house. The vainy thing, maybe I just like protruding veins. And a lady with a muscular arms is nice too. I appreciate wrinkly, hard working hands and pretty hands all the same. My favorite youtube video is Daft Hands- Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger. Hands and words. And flipping the bird sneakily. 😁

  29. I think I notice more what people do with their hands.

    My hands often try to shape the words I say or form the story, the events, what I’m trying to say. I wish sometimes that words concepts paragraphs were three dimensional and we could move them around in space with our hands.

  30. Lots of Mercury in my chart. For a long time I had a thing for guitarists because their hands are broad, muscular and well……fast. In and out of the bedroom.

  31. Hands and forearms! Large, strong, weather beaten, veiny, and arms to match. Rough not soft. Short flat nails. Capable. Anything less is a turnoff.
    My own hands are a smaller version of same, with knobby knuckles and crooked fingers from years of doing massage, household stuff, and restoring old furniture.
    Second house 1Β° Aries Mercury square 0Β° Cap Mars in 12th.

  32. Avatar
    Mary E Squires

    Interesting I have large hands –
    All the way back to kindergarten- I could tell what my chore was for the day b/c I had the biggest hand on the chart πŸ™‚
    My (11thH) mercury is part of a grand trine in water, Conjunct Chiron & Pallas and an opposing my NN/ Pluto.
    Thanks for always giving me something new to ponder about my chart …
    I never paid much attention to my Mercury-
    That stops today – respect

  33. My mercury in aries mate goes for chunky hands, strong forearms! I notice nada! Though I remember working on the tills and complementing someones shoulders/ upper arms … swimming arms was their secret! Lol!

  34. My hands Are huge! In northern Europe no women i ever met have as huge hands as I have! And how my hands Are coulored is always red when it.s warm and purple when it,s cold. Even when other women Are taller, their hands Are smaller than mine! Aries Mercury , Pisces Mars in 1th house (with cheiron on ascendant) My hands and face Are so ugly and I manage presenting myself all the time which can feel very lonely. According to Placidus house system my Sun in Taurus rules the 3th house and i keep thanking my Gemini father (My Gemini IC Fourth hoose) had the same hands! We did
    a huge lot of work with it and for the good! Not for the money! Thank you Elsa! I now buy you a coffee πŸ™‚

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