Sun Opposite Pluto – Projecting Your Shadow

The Sun will oppose Pluto this week. I grew up with two people who have their Sun opposing Pluto. My mother, with her sun in Aquarius opposing Pluto in Leo and my sister who has a Pisces sun opposing Pluto in Virgo. Both of them were inclined to project their shadow nearly constantly.

If you have your Sun opposing Pluto, this may enrage you. I don’t care. This post is meant to educate.

If you have this aspect, it’s nearly impossible to avoid projecting. Just think about what I am saying. The Sun is a creative child. Pluto is a dark force. People like to see themselves as warm, shiny, artistic- the Sun!  In order to do this, someone in the environment has to carry the Pluto end of the bargain.

This is common story. Just think of the glittering celebrity and the person they step on, making their way to the stage.

If you are cast as the Pluto figure in one of these scenarios, it’s the other person who is illuminated (Sun / light). Standing in their shadow, you can see them, warts and all.

Here’s another gal worth checking out. What a piece of work she was…

Pluto Opposing The Sun And Moon In Pisces: Ethereal Goddess With A Shadow

The Sun in Cancer will oppose Pluto in Capricorn on July 21, 2023. Watch for these couplings over the next week or so.

The shiny person, dumping on the other… the other, who usually knows what to do with manure! Seen that way, it’s kind of funny.  It works like this:

8th House Perspective: Stabbed In Back? No Problem!

I don’t think people who do this, realize all the ways their energy can be parlayed.

132 thoughts on “Sun Opposite Pluto – Projecting Your Shadow”

  1. “What is the blessing potential of this aspect..?”

    What you mentioned but also, it denotes a powerful exchange of energy. Can be healing. As an example, I worked with therapists when I was in my 20’s. They helped!

    You can be the healer or the healed and flip back and forth. You meet power all the time. If you can handle it – whoosh! 🙂

  2. Hi Elsa

    I have Pluto op my Sun in Aries. I have also Ascendant cojunct mt my Sun and Jupitee on the 1rst House. I am very concerned about developing myself spiritually owning my shadow and sometimes I know that I am a powerhouse that can be oppressing or intimidating because of my need to self express and my strong intellect. What do y sugges for people with this aspect to make it easier on others and at the same time express my desires and intentions authentically?

    1. Welcome, Juliana. Your sun is exalted. Theoretically, other people’s energy would fuel your creativity. The trick is not to project your shadow, acting as if you don’t have one.

      1. I found the comment! Thanks Elsa! I will pau attention to that! That is an amazing analysis. I believe that I did that more often when I was younger ( like feeling a wonderful person and evaluating any criticism to me moved by envy or hidden agendas).

        1. Sometimes my shadow is really a hidden spot for me. It tales me a while to understand my actions but I got clever in not trust my firs feeling that I am ok you sre not ok when conflict arises but it is a digging process.

  3. My sister has Pisces Sun-Aquarius Moon opposing Virgo Pluto chart ruler 4th to 10th with Uranus in Leo squaring her ASC/DSC which happens to be my DSC/ASC. My Cancer Sun is parallel Pluto, conjunct the NN of Pluto. Been there and lived through the projection, competitive shiny stage show and manure until I called it out.

    1. My 2 pennies worth, think I know someone with this … if I’m right, I think they’ve become an ambassador for positive Pluto change … doing shadow work and helping others to do so! They walk their talk,that’s for sure! Inspirational!

        1. I told, jana, I was going to write about this today, but changed my mind, so I edited my comment to reflect and included an apology.

    1. When I was reading about this when LO going through it …was all about tidying up your back yard- facing your shadow … and as an ‘opposition’ Pluto could take the form of a bully to stand up to… but it might depend on the signs of how it manifests… I was looking up Pluto in cappy opposite cancer sun

      1. Mich: exactly what’s happening to my mom with the current pluto rx in cap. shes a Cancer sun 23deg. Hopefully she’ll have a new beginning with this new moon in a couple of days. The bully: my sister who is a scorpio sun/stellium opposite my father’s sun. Crazy family interaspects.
        I have the tau sun opp pluto exact in natal, conj AC/DC 1/7H or 12/6H, not sure. I HAD to leave and fend for myself as these 3 have a cold sometimes hot war going on since I was 13… my mom is the enabler. The other 2 can’t kill each other otherwise who they fight ans blame? They each have driven everyone else away already… except mom.

      2. Ohhh! it’s her bd today (mom)! thks for compelling me to write here as I didn’t think about what day it is!!🙏

  4. Welp, I just read that Russia has decided to pull out of the agreement to export Ukrainian grain. According to CNN, their exports make up 10% of all wheat, 15% of corn, and 13% of barley globally.

    Seems pretty Pluto in Cap opposite Sun in Cancer to me.

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