Mercury Conjunct Saturn: What You Say & How You Say It

I’m compelled to apologize for begin off schedule with the newsletter and posting on blog. I believe this is because Mercury in Sagittarius is conjunct Saturn in the sign. Thinking, publishing and form come together!

It should be interesting (the quintessential Mercury word), to note your thoughts at this time. It will give you a clue as to how you respond to Saturn’s pressure.

For example, I feel pressure to write this newsletter. It seems the right thing to do. I also feel pressure to say certain things and to not say certain things!

If I respond to the pressure to communicate, I think I need to be careful how I go about it.

All of this seems like a lot of trouble. Can’t a person just speak?

Sure they can, so long as they’re willing to deal with the consequences.

Communication (Mercury) is goal oriented at this time.

I’m offering astrology reports at a discount through Monday. I usually deliver a person’s report in an hour or so. I did not think I could meet that standard this weekend so I gave myself a 12-hour window to fill orders to be sure I was not over-promising.

That’s the Saturn in Sagittarius balance right there. You don’t want to be over-promising at this time. In fact, this is one of the major lessons we all should have gotten from this transit which will end in about twenty days.

Mercury conjunct Saturn. Get your mind right over the next few days. Say the things that must be said, avoid saying the things that need not be said…and pray for the wisdom to know the difference!

My goal today is to be smart!

How is the Mercury Saturn conjunction affecting you?

8 thoughts on “Mercury Conjunct Saturn: What You Say & How You Say It”

  1. This conjunction is conjuncting my first house natal Moon trine natal Uranus in the ninth. I have a meeting scheduled with my boss to discuss the results of my evaluation. I will approach it from “what could I have done here to get x score” I think she’s wrong according to the perimeters outlined in the form… but will not start there lol

  2. My Midheaven is in Gemini in my chart: I know this energy. Sagittarus is on my third house. With the best intentions….overenthousiastic. Pluto was in Sagittarus and in Capricorn now. Saturnus was involved the last two and a half year and it goes to Capricorn. I learned my lessons and I think there will come a few to learn! 🙂

  3. 8th house, right on my Mars. I’m Virgo, Mercury is an important planet. My Natal Mars square Sun conjunction Pluto. How it may play out, no clue …

  4. In my 4th house Conj my Natal Saturn-Uranus. Oppo my Natal Moon, Mars and Chiron in Gemini.

    Just yesterday I felt a bit hurt by my male friend. I gave him something and texted him that I wanted some feedback about it, he sad he did’nt tested it out yet even though it had been 2 days.

    Still waiting for a nice text from him but seems he doesn’t understand it was important to me. So I struggle with lots of mixed feelins (gemini moon yo!)

    I went through so many emotions this day its ridicolous. But then I wrote them all down. And I wrote down a plan on how to and when to tell him he hurt my feelings, because I tthink its important to not hold in feelings like this! Also its important to choose the momet and words well so I won’t repell him!

    Well I wrote down a nice plan and as sson as it was on text, I felt a calm. Now I really hope he won’t text me haha! So I can tell him that kind of behaviour hurts me. That way he also may feel valuable! Maybe good for our relationship…

    Saturn-Mercury energy really helped me tie my emotions up in a constructive way, I believe…

    1. Oh man strike that! Haha he just texted me! There goes all my planning, I was looking forward to make him understand how sensetive I am towards him lol! Well shoot

  5. This takes place on my ceres sextile my mars, I was covertly ‘asked’ whether I was ‘serious’ about my intentions for next June, (a series of events that would help with social youth activities I have offered support for. I descreetly, made clear that my intentions are real and that my support is genuine. (All very Saturn – honesty, responsibiliy,loyalty, true to one’s word.

  6. Mercury is exactly trine my n Sun-Saturn conjunction today (in 3rd H), and Saturn is just a little past it.
    Can’t really say what this does for me.
    A good friend was visiting from abroad and knowing her I was very worried about verbal blowups b/c she’s very “moralising”, which I hate. But this time she was so busy that I wasn’t in her sights, so no blowups. So, in this case it wasn’t me controlling what I say, I just didn’t have the occasion to do so. (Whew!)
    My MO with her has evolved to just do what she says & shut the f**k up.
    Don’t argue with a Capricorn stellium “Upholder”! Waste of time and ulcers.

  7. oh dear, and I thought it was Neptune going direct. A strange course of events led me to confront a long time abuser. Exactly the wrong person to confront. It got really messy. It’s all about her. So I unplugged the phone to halt the nasty voicemails in response. I came up with a good response in the end. All I said is ‘Everybody has wounding. Everybody. You are not unique in that. The trick is to own your own wounding and not inflict it on others.’ I am good with it all now. And the nasty voicemails have ceased. I was so seeped in the abused state. It was not a list of infractions but the feel of it. I don’t know why it all came up in one ball of snot like that but it did and there was no holding back. I looked at the calendar and all I saw was Neptune going direct. Glad mercury Saturn could help me put a capper on it once and for all.

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