Mercury In Aquarius: Rebellious Thinking Season

Saturn in Aquarius spacemanMercury has left Capricorn for Aquarius.  This transition brings relief each year, though that sentiment might be personal to me.

It’s because Mercury is bogged down in Capricorn.  Americans are always waiting for their tax documents this time of year, or slogging through them. It’s tends to be heavy. There’s a mental burden of some sort.  But when Mercury hits an air sign, it can fly.

This is rebellious thinking season. You can throw your crazy ideas out there and see what your fellow humans think. You might find some friends!

This particular transit will be enhanced by Mars in Mercury-ruled Gemini, supporting it.  We start with innovative ideas (Mercury in Aquarius) and the  push them (Mars).  Or we speak, courageously.

I have Mars and Mercury in the third Air sign, Libra, so this is looking really good for me… and for anyone with planets in Air signs.

You’ll probably see sudden outbursts with this; verbal, most likely. People can also dash to beat a red light.  But if do you get triggered or if someone goes off on you, it should be easy to detach and view the conflict, intellectually. This period will be all about firing up your brain to come up with some fresh, innovative ideas.

How do you feel about Mercury in Aquarius?

5 thoughts on “Mercury In Aquarius: Rebellious Thinking Season”

  1. I had the most hilarious tax preparer situation happen last Friday.
    I had gone to a lesser known name brand tax preparer this last year to
    rectify a mistake I had made doing my own online. I was lucky, it was
    off season so the person who took care of me was the head honcho who
    really knew her stuff. I guess what I learned is they have this person oversee a few offices, then they hire novices off the street to help everyone during the busy filing season. So, a hundred bucks and a lot of
    questions later, I had my return done right and I decide that I am going to use this service again, for the basic price of 28 bucks that the head honcho had told me about. I go in and and am met with two unfamiliar

    This woman who is supposed to help me is hanging onto her tax manual with both hands. She looks like a deer in headlights. I ask her a few questions, and she is pulling papers out of her desk, pointing to regulations issued that had dire warnings for all sorts of stuff. She is fumbling with her eyeglasses, trying to locate the rules in the book for
    my particular questions. She was very nice, but inside I was laughing, because it reminded me of a comedy skit. The other woman working there
    in the empty office came over to see if she could help.

    I made a pittance, just over 14k for reference sake. First, she tells me that legally, I am not required to file due to the low amount of money I earned. I explain that I have to file, that I am required to prove my income to various entities that I deal with every year, that these entities require me to submit my tax return. Then she tells me that since I have multiple W2’s, that it is going to cost me a minimum of 400 dollars to file my return. She understood that I was not able to afford that amount at this time. I asked what they thought I should do, they said that they could not tell me that, by law. I tried rephrasing my question, and said, “What would you do if you were me?” The second lady said, “If it were me, I would go home and pray about it”. I said that perhaps I should look at another free online filing system, the first lady insisted that they are no longer free nowadays. I thanked them for their time and went home.

    I go to the IRS website, turns out they do have free filing online. I found what I was looking for, a free program that could handle my multiple W2’s with ease and clarity. I feel much better now. I have
    a feeling the first lady at that office is going to end up causing a lot of folks a lot of angst, confusion and outrage. I would not trust her to do anyone’s taxes, let alone my own. We need a simplified tax code. This crap is getting ridiculous.

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