Pisces Mercury: The Fog And Its Cat Feet

My Mercury is in Pisces, ruled by Neptune. Mercury is the mind, the communication, the metaphorical Voice. Neptune obscures, some say it lies, but they’re pretty lies, lies the teller believes even if only for the moment. When I talk, I must not know what I sound like as I’m always surprised to hear my own recorded voice. I sound like a stranger, or my mother, and I try not to think about which bothers me more.

Symbolism is neptunian. I tend to understand things best by analogy; I tend to speak in metaphor. When I’m in trouble I communicate in poetry. I have a friend who calls me any time I post a Dorothy Parker quote: “Oh my GOD… what’s wrong?” A few days ago I posted the lyrics to a Paul Simon song and I got three messages from friends: “are you okay??” And as quickly as the tide goes out it comes back in. Today I’m right as rain and most people never saw the difference, which is just as well. Pisces Mercury usually doesn’t want to worry anyone, except when they do.

Neptune blends; I’m a mimic. In junior high I was friends with the Mexican exchange student and she would get so mad at me as she thought I was making fun of her accent when I parroted it back to her. I was several times reduced to tears in my efforts to make her understand I couldn’t help it, but I was unsuccessful.

I just finished a beautiful book, The Help, by Kathryn Stockett. I keep wanting to say it’s Sprocket ’cause that’s how my mind works. In fact, I’m often grasping for words or the answer to a question I KNOW if forced to spit it out now, now, now. I’ve been known to call people up hours after a conversation… “ROQUEFORT!” because I’ve remembered whatever it was. Anyway, I loved that book (Pisces Mercury can be very quiet but it can also ramble). Much of it was written in the voice of southern maids at the time of the civil rights movement. So for now, much of what goes on in my head is in that voice as well.

My cat bumps my leg in a bid for attention. I look down from my writing and rub her head, “don’t you go eatin’ no more a them baby birds… they nice!” I stop and she stares at my feet in an angry vehemence usually reserved for her empty food bowl.

Where’s your Mercury? Is it rational? How do you think and communicate?

Consult with Satori

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  1. what you are describing satori is so similar to my experience of my natal 12th house mercury in virgo with neptune in the 3rd.


  2. Oh, Satori… I can soooo relate! I’ve got Mercury in Pisces as well, it’s also trining my natal Neptune- so the fog is pretty thick when it comes to communicating. I think it’s one reason I am able to express myself in writing better than verbally- I have a lot more time to clarify my message. I don’t use poetry so much as you- but, when agitated, I make one word lists. Lists of adjectives, emotions, whatever- it also helps me clarify my thoughts. And god forbid I ever go on a game show!!

  3. Oh thank god I am not the only one who mimics people’s accents automatically. It’s so embarrassing. Pisces moon, not Mercury, though.

  4. Mercury Neptune conjunction (Cap) in 3rd house, making minor aspects to Asc and MC. I just posted this elsewhere, but I acquire accents and dialects easily, even in foreign languages. People think I’m Irish even though English is not my first language.. When two people don’t understand eachother, I’ll be the interpreter.

    I’m not much of a poet or a writer though, I’m more into nitpicky stuff when it comes to languages, and more into acting and music in general. To add a curious detail, I have perfect pitch and synesthesia.

  5. @Annalisa: I wonder if anyone’s made any research on perfect pitch in birth charts? I can’t find any good info on this. Synesthesis must be Neptunian, but it doesn’t always go hand in hand with perfect pitch..

  6. Spot on Satori – I have this placement too and recognise all your ‘symptoms’! Do you find difficulty retaining any information that you have not felt emotionally? In spite of a trine to Saturn, anything that doesn’t impact the imagination pretty much slides away – this is when we reach for the poetry book, Yes?

  7. 12H Merc in Taurus opposite Neptune.

    I talk to dead people, and know things without ever learning them. I see pictures painted by music in my head, and taste the sea in paintings. (Not synesthesia, more like being able to vividly imagine the reality of what I’m looking at.)

    I express myself through music and dance, because sometimes in spite of all the Gemini in my chart, words fail me. I tell the world who I am through my body art, all wrapped up in code and suggestion. If you can interpret the signals, then there’s a lot being said there. If you can’t, then you will move past and never see me, and that’s OK by me too. Gemini rising wants to be seen, but Merc conjunct in the 12th doesn’t always agree.

    Sagittarius moon likes to travel and goes native fast; 12H Merc makes me sound as native as I act. I blend by being the same, until I go somewhere else where I morph into that style and sound.

    I believe I may have an idea of what you’re saying here. *smile* But it could be the fog, creeping about as it will.

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    Kaleidoscope Eyes

    Tee hee, satori, so funny, sounds like me to a T! Whenever I read a good engrossing book, I talk and think like that book for at least a good week. sheesh. And my best friend is always getting peeved at me for speaking in accents, ah I Just can’t Help it!! 😛 O yeah, Merc in Pisces here square Neptune.. oy! vat a mess! lol

  9. I have Moon/Mercury opposition Neptune, no matter what way you slice it, but I have to admit, I have a lot of trouble understanding other people’s code. Like when you were posting the issue about drowning. Neptune issues aren’t something I really understand, but then my Mercury might be in the 5th or 6th, it’s a toss up, and I have an empty 7th house. A lot of people do have trouble understanding what I’m saying.

  10. merc/neptune in scorp 11th, pisces 3rd house with Chrion in it.
    Thanks for that Sandburg quote. I <3 him though it isn’t very hip to do so nowadays haha.

  11. My Mercury is in Scorpio, rising in the birth chart. So I’m harsh and outspoken. Nowadays, my mercury is in my 12th by relocation and I seem to have lost my voice to an extent.

    I dunno what to make of it, except I’d like to go back to my old Arian voice.

    [‘On the other hand, I’m nicer now.’]

  12. seadaughter, I don’t have that particular effect but I have a sextile to a capricorn moon and I find I don’t retain information if I can’t confirm its validity. because of this, even when I can’t recall where I got my information (“ROQUEFORT” moments) I at least have confidence in its veracity. whew.

  13. aw, my mum has Mercury in Pisces. It’s a beautiful placement, imo.

    I have Taurus Mercury in the 5th.

    Yes, I think rationally (trine Cap Moon).
    No, I don’t think rationally (opposed Uranus).
    I communicate better through writing–speaking, especially verbalizing what I’m upset about is absolute torture (conjunct Chiron). It physically hurts.

    I have lost my voice completely in times of distress (which of course, causes even more distress because I cannot TALK).

    I have had vivid past life memories of persecution. I often ask for guidance before I go to sleep and receive answers to my problems in dreams.

  14. the symptom of not being able to be in the room with someone with an accent without taking it on spontaneously is an aspect of clair sentience Satori (i dont know if you already know that) and the “vomiting” of words out of ones mouth, when they have often side stepped ones cognitive mind, is stong psychic ability (many spend years learning to get their mind outa the way sounds like you naturally do it) it to me is definately a neptune mercury influence. Geez we are alike, nice to feel not alone…….

  15. I will bet anything you also take on their manerisms as well as their accent if you’re with them for a few hours?

    and you can’t do it on command its a natural flow, however, it is there ALL the time if you choose to acknowledge it and make time for it?

  16. Do I ever understand this! I have Pisces Mercury and since Mercury is my ruling planet, the relationship I have to this aspect fascinates me. It’s a real struggle for me to communicate effectively sometimes because my scope is so far-out sometimes. Pray to God that I never have to leave you a phone message because I ramble on and on, forget where I was going, the neglect to say that it’s me who is calling. Pisces Mercury is like Piscean Edie Brickel said, “I know what I know if you know what I mean.”

    Sometimes I’ll be trying to tell someone something and I can just SEE in their eyes the point where I lose them. I’m always referencing something else that maybe I saw in a movie, felt, dreamed or heard randomly. After I saw the first Harry Potter movie I was talking with a British accent sporadically for a week. It’s definitely a foggy placement but a fun one.

  17. Satori – I think then that it must be that I have a square to the Moon in Sag. Sometimes this makes communication impossible – thoughts racing ahead and vapourising as they go. If I am face to face with the other I sometimes just run out of words… Pooof!

  18. I just don’t understand it. I have many qualities of a Pisces Merc but my Merc makes no contact to Neptune and is in Scorpio.
    I take on accents, even.
    Don’t get it..unless I’m being led by my moon or something.

  19. Mercury rules my Sun, and along with a conjunction to Jupiter, it expands it quite a bit. I have A LOT to say, but even more swirling around inside my head.

    However, my Merc is in Taurus, 1st house, un-aspected (except for an inconjunct to N.Node). So, 9 times out of 10 I can’t get it all out (too slow). It’s sooo difficult for me to journal b/c I can’t write it all down fast enough and then I get even more frustrated bc by trying, it makes me loose the train of thought.

    It seems like one of those cosmic jokes; I gave myself a burning desire to communicate but gave myself the most difficult tools in which to do it with. It seems that learning how to sharpen this skill will be a life-long learning experience:-)

  20. I have Merc in Pisces in the 4th. It’s opposite Mars and Jupiter and square my Gemini moon.

    I am a very animated talker. I do ramble. Painfully. I work constantly to gauge it and not drive people nuts, especially my Merc in Virgo/Cap moon husband lol (Get to the point!)

    I have always had my senses blended, like Shannon said — tasting colors, seeing songs…it’s delicious and delightful and I enjoy it immensely. Never really at a loss for entertainment inside my own head.

    I love mood. I struggle to remember or notice details. I notice “feel.” This is why Wes Anderson is my favorite director: every movie is set in a certain color scheme and great attention is given to the “feel” of the movie. Very little dialogue, but it’s all pregnant with implications. Love it 🙂 Can’t remember a damned thing, but I am very emotionally astute, I think. I think maybe my Pisces Mercury is what softens my Arian bluntness. I am pretty blunt with family members, but everyone else, I manage myself respectably 🙂

  21. I guess the blessing in disguise here is that some of the more ridiculous and potentially embarrassing things I think never get see the light of day….;-)

  22. My friend has a neptune flavored mercury and when he tells stories I could listen to him for hours… He expresses himself in such a spherical, round about way to convey his message– as if he is pulling out a story within a story within a story… But it all comes together in the end. I have to put aside a few hours for our phone conversations because a simple “how was your day” question does not get a simple answer back with him. It’s wonderful.

    I have a sag mercury in the 5th house… I like to take up a lot of space with my thoughts and musings… and have fun!

  23. Mercury Pisces conj Jupiter Trine Neptune Scorpio (9 deg orb).

    Don’t ever ask me my opinion unless you want to hear exactly what I think. I won’t lie about it. I’m not cruel – unless you deserve it. I’m very aware that words can linger in a person’s mind forever.

    I talk in proverbs a lot. I can’t talk as fast as I think – and I talk pretty fast. I often can’t think of the particular word I want to use.

    When doing a card reading, I now prefer to write down what I get instead of talking to the person. More comes out that way. I do meditative writing.

    I’m the one who interprets everyone’s dreams.

    I should be able to make a living with this somehow as it’s in the 2nd House. Still trying to decide if that’s actually do-able in this economy.

  24. Beautiful, Satori. Nep rules my 1h. Merc is in Sag but sq Saturn in h1.
    Yes, the mimicry. Can’t retain dates or other pieces of ‘data’. Get information in dreams or waking; sometimes it just drops into my awareness. I agree that can be developed. Yes, can hear smells and taste colours etc. Struggle to say what I need to, often. When I’m with people I’m getting so much information off them physically and non-physically, I get confused easily and forget what I needed to say or mangle it. It’s better if I write it.
    chrispito – what you describe is familiar to me. Sat conj chiron maybe. For many years I would hyperventilate or spontaneously fall asleep from the terror of having to say what I was upset about. Molten abject terror. Past life clearings/bodywork really, really helped, for me anyway.

  25. Pisces Mercury is such a mixed bag. Sometimes, I know what I know without knowing how I know it. Other times, I don’t know what I should know because it’s right freaking in front of me and everyone knows it but me.

    Sometimes, it’s access to the divine mind. Sometimes, it’s a lack of access because I’m just la, la, la, somewhere else.

    The parroting thing… I have to be careful. My mother has a thick Texan accent and I have to take care not to take that on or she thinks I’m making fun of her. Now I’m down with the Latinas at work and as the HR lady, if I parrot them without thinking about it, we could get sued.

  26. Mercury in Pisces here and that hovers in 5=6 house. Perhaps that is why I so enjoy your storytelling! Everyone asks me where I am from as I too do the parrot.. Fools think I am an airhead but it’s a stage and I perform..

  27. What a kick to hear all your experiences with this placement. Im right there with you Mercury in Pisces in the first house squaring Neptune in the 10th oh and its freaken Retrograde, lovely ain’t it. My children correct me all the time, I growl and say “you know what i mean”. But damn it makes college rough for me,…especially algerbra!I’d love to here some tricks for communicating.

  28. Wonderful to read and concur with all the Mercury in Pisces stuff – mine is in the 3rd house and once I get on the internet I am off on a long feeling-intuitive journey that seems at times to have no end – yes to the poetry (and really love haiku?! find very easy to do and like the ‘structure’ to fit the poignant little treasures in), the mimicing – immediately fell into southern maid even though I live in Cornwall in the UK! and everything else – also am loose trine Neptune and Moon conjunct in Scorpio and it makes me very very sensitive and permeable to all, I KNOW what others’ intentions are to me, sometimes good and sometimes not so – and my dreams, always jumping to a next more complex level of meaning just as I get used to the previous level of complexity – and others dreams are easy-peasy to interpret by comparison. Mind faster than typing and typing often faster than fingers and keyboard and internet speed can keep up!!! But never ever bored – always something to do, especially in the creative fields – want to learn and do everything and as well and beautifully as I can. But gets very mentally and emotionally exhausting too (esp with Sun in Aquarius, firing off sparks when esp set off by social conscience issues!) and would highly recommend regular meditation – and lots of walks in the country alone in wild places to recuperate. Yes, never a dull moment but intense and very difficult at times, tho we are probably better for others than ourselves somehow I think. thank you for this!!

  29. “I am so clever that sometimes I don’t understand a single word that I’m saying” Oscar Wilde! He had Scorpio Mercury trine Neptune in Pisces square Jupiter in Gemini. lol. I saw this quote on a fancy little notebook today and I bought it 🙂

  30. I was talking to a friend who has Mercury in Pisces, so it prompted me to do a search here. When he talks I always feel the words float around and sometimes mush together, maybe he’s doing something while talking at the same time. It’s almost mesmerizing to me.

    Anyhow, my Mercury is in Capricorn. Lots of times I need to process information. Funny, though, I also find myself mimicking people’s accents. I have Neptune in 3H.

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