Mercury In Scorpio: Messages From Underground

The Red BalloonIt’s Scorpio season. The Sun, Mercury and Venus are in Scorpio. Tomorrow Juno and the Moon join them. The water signs and houses are associated with psychic phenomena. Cancer resonates to the more mundane, Pisces to the ethereal and Scorpio to the depths. With all this planetary influence in Scorpio there’s a depthy energy gathering. Mercury is communications and senses; Mercury in Scorpio can be psychic communication/s.

Whether or not you’re getting messages from the deep, there can be the sense (Mercury) that you are or may be. I’ve been reading a lot of books this month, many of them by Stephen King (very much of this Scorpionic ilk). The last few days I’ve been reading “It.” I was just now sitting on my back stoop with the book in my hand, thinking, and some kind of fur or fluff floated by. It floated in a straight line about two feet off the ground, in no breeze, then ZOOP, up over the fence and disappeared. “Oh GOD, it FLOATS!” was my thought. That’s a recurring, creepy theme in the book I’m reading, “it floats,” eerily in the air. Shivers.

Last week I went to my dad’s house to borrow his copy of “It” but none of us could find it. My dad is a pretty logical guy, mind like a steel trap, and he was seriously flummoxed. He’d remember if he moved it or loaned it out. So Saturday I went out and bought myself a paperback copy. Sunday morning a close friend emailed me, responding to an unrelated string of quotes, “For some reason I thought of “It” by Stephen King, I think we’ve traded quotes from there before, I’m going to reread it, feel that urge suddenly…” Shivers. We have similar charts and I know she’s got “the shine.” It made me feel supported, a message from the deep, through her, that told me I was on track. How did I know I was on track? I just knew. That’s Scorpio energy for you.

In any case, it’s Scorpio season and the new Scorpio Moon is about to brew with Mercury in Scorpio. It’s a good time to sniff the air for what’s creepily floating by. With Venus conjunct Mercury and Ceres in trine from watery Pisces (nurturing from the ethers) it’s likely to be a supportive and positive communication.

Had any communications from the depths lately?

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  1. My aunt said that her daughter came through for her at a James van praagh event, a few weeks ago.

    My mother wants to have a reading from someone on Friday night – a man who spends a lot of time at Lilydale.

  2. In a dream referring to a group of people I was looking at. “These aren’t my people”.

    In real life I have several different groups of people so I’m not sure which group isn’t “my people”. Oh well, perhaps another clue will show up.

  3. me too, sunlover, I have Neptune in Scorpio in the 4th. I also have Scorpio IC so I used a comforting image from childhood (IC) instead of a creepy one. anyone remember the movie The Red Balloon?

  4. I just had something come true that my Higher Self has been telling me since June in meditation. I humbly apologize for not believing…myself. Definitely need to meditate tonight and tomorrow.

  5. I wasn’t sure about the reading, but I’m more curious now. 🙂

    I’ve wanted to experience something, having felt so very low. I usually love this time of year, and have been reading more myself – I’m reading Salem’s Lot, at the moment. They used to show “It” on TV every year, as the kids were walking around Trick-or-treating. I don’t remember the last time I felt that I’d received a sign. For some reason, I’m feeling okay tonight – maybe because the planets are moving out of my 12th house. I’m listening to the wind rustle the leaves outside, the remaining creatures singing, and feeling more in the mood for Halloween. I have a warm feeling up my back that’s comforting.

  6. “It” has too be the scariest movie I have ever seen. My brother and I saw it for the first time when we were around 13 and still to this day we both don’t like clowns, and get freaked out when we are alone in gym showers… Its sooooo scary, heads up!

  7. oh criminy, Salem’s Lot was the scariest book I’ve ever read. I couldn’t sleep near a window for YEARS after that.

    I should mention “It” is a re-read. It’s not as scary the second time around… you know what to expect! but thanks for the heads up!

  8. It feels like one of these days I’ll tell someone about a dream I had, and they’ll say, “yeah I was there!” Kind of cool, and kind of creepy.

  9. I have scorp sun, rising, merc, uranus, with sun trine 8th house cancer moon, which is currently being transited by pluto. At the moment, I feel like I’m surrounded by supportive, nurturing, fecund energy. I shut off my intuition for a while but I’ve just started meditating again and I’ve always had messages and advice come through this way, either that or I’m just staging advice giving sessions with myself in my head, which is also very possible 🙂 On a more concrete plain, I just had a friend offer and actual listening ear whenever needed – something I haven’t had in a long time which is nice.

    I’m also getting all kinds of perspective and clarity of thought regarding a mental bind I’ve been in for a while now, due to a number of things including a potential love interest not working out as kind of/not really hoped (wanted it but not really him – then realised that he didn’t want me – pulled my head out of my arse pronto processing that one) Also, have lots of dead people in my life (well people who were in my life who died) and have started talking to one or two of them a bit, in my head of course as don’t want to frighten the horses – again am quite resigned to the fact I might just be a little bit on the very side of crazy but who knows. Have a feeling that all this energy is feeding my intuition and will help me move me forward in the right direction – saturn return and all (yes it(saturn)’s square my mooooon natally – sorry, but wanted to write that as a howl for some reason. I may chain myself up in my wardrobe tomorrow night. Don’t want to be jailed for dancing down the street naked 8))

  10. @ satori,

    I read Stephen King’s “It” back in my twenties. It was good. In fact, “It” was soooo good that I quit reading the works of Mr. King because I didn’t want him to write a follow up book that wasn’t as good. You might say I quit King while the quitting was good. I am glad you enjoy his wonderful works too!

  11. Omg, I just picked up my copy of It for the first time since it came out in the 80s because all of a sudden I felt compelled to re-read it. Wow. Just wow. I think I’m dreaming my own life as I go.

    I never post but I had to let you know that!

  12. I have never read It or seen the movie, but when I was 14 my track and field coach took us kids into the wooded park It was filmed in…then scared us all by hiding in the woods (it was pitch dark)…never had the urge to watch/read it, I wonder why!

  13. I have been dreaming pretty vividly lately. Lots of faces and places, but I am not retaining into waking up. I would guess it’s muck being raked up before it formulates into something comprehensible and memorable. Or maybe it’s something I’m eating.

  14. What I mean to say is, I started re-reading it a few days ago, logged on here, then saw your post. Hence my tripping out.

  15. My waking hours amongst the crowd is odd. Alot of static in those around me. I know I could see the halloween costumes they are showing me if I focussed but do not want to look lest I be pulled into another place in time.

  16. It… Ick! I’m too scared to read it myself, the one chapter someone read to me once caused me to have nightmares! BUT, I can watch an autopsy or serial killer documentary all day long… go figure?!

    I just spent the evening with one of my best friends… she has her Sun, Mercury, Neptune and Rising in Scorpio… all in her 12th House. I’m still processing, but maaaan.

  17. I dreamt a nice dream last night, but was rudely interrupted by a random “killer” that came out of seemingly nowhere. I am not really in tune with this scorpio stuff.. dancing on my natal pluto and the new moon on my IC. Confuseddd to say the least.

  18. I was doing a tarot reading for myself and the Moon card turned up. Right there and then, I knew I had to wait for today for my answers and forget about reading the rest!

    Today Moon trines Moon!

  19. This morning I woke up with the funniest image so I wrote it down. Love love love the Red Ballon. It just became available on netflix.

  20. Got Scorpio Sun, Venus, Mercury, Neptune in the 9th. Moon in Taurus (3rd). I am loving this!!!
    Have spent the last month getting website/business cards/flyers ready for launching my freelance graphic design business – got a marketing seminar on the 9th Nov to begin networking my community. Signed up for basic grade 9 art class (childhood dream). Just registered for basic writing/grammar/punctuation (my weak points) classes so I can get ready for my eventual-where-all-this-is-leading writing/photography/design career. Looking forward to the full moon – Sun and Moon conjunct my Sun and Moon! YAHOO!! Phoenix is rising!
    I LOVE Stephen King – he’s my ultimate favourite. Read Cujo when I was about 14 and hated him – I felt so sad for the dog. Got back into him at 18 when he started The Dark Tower series – was terrified he would die before he finished it. It took him 25 years to complete this (7 books) – it is my highest recommendation for a King reading.

  21. @Satori, I don’t know how I missed this…

    I can’t stop swimming in Stephen King books this week… times like this I love my Scorpio moon neptune…

  22. The funny thing is, when I first read it, I was kind of aware that it was a pivotal point in my life, and now, I’m pretty sure it’s one of those times again. And lo and behold, I find myself reaching for the same book as twenty years ago!

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