Juno Conjunct The Sun, Libra To Scorpio

Juno“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.”

Juno is just moving out of its conjunction with Saturn, following the Sun to the end of Libra. The Sun is newly in Scorpio and Wednesday Juno leaves Libra for Scorpio. This week has been the last push for examining commitments in one on one relationships. As Juno moved from contact with Saturn and closer to the Sun it made its move from an emphasis on commitments to boundaries to that of their daily implementation. It’s the energy of, “Okay, these are my boundaries, now how does this work for me?”

Now with the Sun firmly in Scorpio and Juno following on its heels, we go deeper. The lesson (Saturn) has taken hold (Juno commitment) and in Scorpio the roots go underground to strengthen our ability to send its message throughout our entire system. This is the transformational process where we take in the new, make it part of us and begin the basis of the formation of its “fruit.” We begin interacting with others from our new position and this interaction helps form how we implement our new understanding.

Through the next year with Saturn in Libra we’ll still be working on relationships, but right now we’re preparing the ground for the new crop of lessons, for when Saturn hits Scorpio. With Juno and the Sun together at early Scorpio there’s an opportunity to take a look (the Sun illuminates) at how the commitments formed in Libra are working their way into the rest of your life. We also see the beginning of a deepening of our commitments.

Where is Juno transiting your chart? Have you made commitments in this area?

6 thoughts on “Juno Conjunct The Sun, Libra To Scorpio”

  1. t. Juno is conj my n neptune exact in h7. t. nn is conj my natal juno in h9. I claim neptune, I am committed to the dream that relationships are one big illusion. Let’s get real without a job or money I would be nothing but someone else’s burden.
    Focusing on 2nd, 6th, and 10th house matters.

  2. WoW! Satori, you have such a way of linking the energy that makes so much sense! Thank YOU.

    When Saturn was going through Virgo- I realized I had built a wall and wasn’t investing in ‘real’ relationships, just social/superficial ones that were shallow and not very satisfying. I began investing, actively building solid, meaningful relationships.

    Then Saturn hit Libra and I now had relationships, but they weren’t very balanced. The key (for me) to balance them, was to set boundaries. Big lesson for one with a bunch of Pisces in her chart. 😉

    Now, Saturn is still in Libra, and in fact is entering my elusive 12th house… BUT – I really felt a shift as the Sun hit Scorpio, and although still in my 12th house, is inching towards my 1st where my Moon/Neptune lives.

    I hope your still following (I’m not nearly as good at cataloging the progression of energy as you are)…

    There’s this light (Sun) piercing the fog (Neptune) that is now enabling me to see how the work it took to build (Saturn) these balanced (Libra) relationships (Virgo) has been worth every effort. I (1st house) feel (Moon) full of gratitude and am deeply (Scorpio) pleased with the results! Yah!

  3. I’m with CArRIE’s response as to wow satori, I love what you wrote.

    Juno would now be transiting my 11th. Transiting Pluto is conjuncting natal Juno. So that’s a bit of an extra push. I haven’t committed to any one group or any one effort or any one friend in the 11th. ( Perhaps you could offer some words of wisdom on the 11th.) I am working with my panic about responsibility for everything. I work in alot of groups now in my re-schooling and am practicing allowing others to take the lead. I am continually amazed that I don’t have to do everything myself. And that is allowing me to find what I have to contribute and what I do well. Who says I can’t change the spots on this old leopard.

    Again great write.

  4. Illuminations beget illuminations. Between this and your Saturn in Scorpio thread I realized I have committed(Juno) to forgo(saturn) a relationship(libra) at this time.

  5. My Venus is at 29 Libra, so Juno/Saturn right on it.

    At first I was thinking, nothing much happening in my relationship, though we are very happy (as in no marriage plans).

    But then it hit me that I’ve made a HUGE committment around art and money, that is all coming to fruition right now. So Venus is playing into it that way, rather than via the love front.

    Astrology can be so cool sometimes!

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