Mercury Retrograde In Aries: Little Fires, Everywhere!

mercury retrogradeI’m sorry if you had problems making a purchase on this site, yesterday.  I didn’t realize there is an issue with the stripe plugin, until late in the evening. I disabled it and contacted support.  Hopefully they’ll fix it today. Until then, we have Paypal.

I also got a paypal case opened against me.  It’s for un-delivered reports, which were delivered, twice (most likely to spam).  Working to sort that too.  I possibly compounded the problem by hitting “send” on the paypal response, before I’d finished writing it.  Impossible to redo it or add to it.  Gah.

I’m also unable to update a plugin, due to a server problem. Yep!  Put a ticket in there as well.

I have a few errands today and seriously think, I should walk backwards to get them done, with less hassle!

What’s happening in your world?

2 thoughts on “Mercury Retrograde In Aries: Little Fires, Everywhere!”

    1. I am already so sick and tired of being told to ‘put a ticket in’. I think the phrase should be banned. The retrograde is starting off with a bang, hopefully it will mellow as we head into the month.

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