Stay Too Long Or Leave To Early?

leavingHow fast do you pull the trigger? Are you fast to exit a “toxic” relationship or some other bad situation?  Doesn’t have to be “people”.  Personally, I’m talking about changing webhosts.

Do you tend to stay with the known quantity?  Do you avoid change, in general?

Do you keep friends, through thick and thin? Roll with punches? Wait, patiently or otherwise for a person to move through a crisis?

Or do you get a read of some kind and just bolt?

I used to bolt, now I stay.  It’s the same aspect in my chart, implicated, which I think is interesting.

What’s Your MO? Is it static or varied? Has it changed over the years? Why?



6 thoughts on “Stay Too Long Or Leave To Early?”

  1. I will move locations in a minute, As soon as I move in, I am ready to move out. As far as relationships I tend to hold on longer than I should.

    1. That’s interesting, opalina. I wouldn’t have put it that way, but I’ve done this too! Until the last three years I’ve moved just as you described because I was learning what my body’s sensitivity could actually tolerate; not much of the old normalcy!

      Setting down roots come with a learning curve and there are two of us and we are old. Like Elsa, I think it’s the same Venus-Jupiter conjunction in my 11th House that incites these choices. Itchy but at this age other factors play and I believe that’s a good thing.

  2. Wherever pain is in play I want to solve it whatever it takes. And that takes too long, most of the time.

  3. I’m the one who keeps friends through thick and thin – despite the warning signs
    the same with my marriage . Loyal to the bone and often at great emotional cost . I’m sure it’s my Venus in Pisces opposite Saturn . However at least I am more conscious of this now , which allows me to consider what is in my best interests .

  4. Avatar
    the laughing goat

    I am usually a bolter. 7H Virgo, Uranus 29 degrees. Once you cross whatever expectation I have or line I have drawn, I’m out. Click – lights off. Just like that, no turning back.

    Usually someone screws me over and tries to wrap it in a pretty package, but you can see the BS through the wrapping paper. Adios MFer.

  5. Mine seems to come from outside of myself. It might be Uranus trine my Sun/Mercury, I don’t know. But I can’t let things go until suddenly it’s “time.” Then I’m out.

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