Can You Develop Psychopathy

Most agree that most psychopaths are born that way.  Some feel nurturing or lack of nurturing can affect a person in this regard.  In other case, developing psychopathy in a child may be the goal.  See, Are Psychopaths Born Or Bred?  Also, the Evil, Diabolical Brainwashing post, further down.

I’ve come across another theory which some may think is a bit “thin”. I don’t think so.  And this is not a political post. It has nothing to do with the current climate. My reference goes back more than seventy years.

This post is a follow on to an earlier post – Hard Times Lead Us To Think Deeply.  There are people who would rather not!  These people want to think easy, pleasant thoughts and avoid uncomfortable facts so they can stay in their comfort zone. It’s often an unconscious process.

If you deny facts, it’s nearly impossible to draw correct conclusions.  As time passes, this becomes a habit which leads to subconscious substitution of easy lies for difficult truths.

Now imagine someone up to their neck in this scenario. There is a point where they will skirt the edges of psychopathy. Let’s say you watch your neighbors being rounded up and taken…where? To a party? To a beach?

Or maybe you don’t want to think about it, so you go off to a party or to the beach. Now do you have a conscious?  Are you still good? Or have you developed psychopathy at some point along the way?

Here’s Berkowitz:

Evil Diabolical Brainwashing

To add the astrology, Mercury is opposing Pluto in Capricorn. I have that Progressed stellium in Scorpio in the Mercury-ruled 6th house so of course I love this chat!

What do you think?

7 thoughts on “Can You Develop Psychopathy”

  1. TRAUMA (Pluto)

    Trauma breeds psychopathy, you most certainly don’t have to be born with it.

    It sets the stage for Magnum opus (alchemy), aka – personal and spiritual transformation. The outcome and direction it unfolds depends on many factors and most importantly the medium (human psyche in a point in time) in which it occurs in. Is it the degree of trauma that dictates the outcome of psychopathy or is it how it is dealt with.

    Does the trauma (event) and human go thru (just throwing the 12 stages of alchemy out there) Calcination, Dissolution, Separation, Conjunction, Putrefaction, Congelation, Cibation, Sublimation, Fermentation, Exaltation, Multiplication, Projection?

    TODAY- HERE & NOW, WE ARE ALL being faced with a massive trauma based experiment, how are we we fairing collectively and individually? This remains to be seen.

    1. McGill University Montreal, Québec

      MKULTRA CIA experiment by Dr. Donald Ewen Cameron

      (including Cornell University) they shuffled many of the “patients” from Montréal to Ithaca.

      The psychopath can be the Dr electrocuting and depriving but it can also be all those that participated- the nurses, the top University committee that allowed this etc.

    2. thank you for speaking of trauma…
      I have been studying trauma to heal myself and see how trauma wreaks havoc on people lives and they do not even know what is going on…
      and yes this big ‘experiment has traumatized pretty much everyone 🙁

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