Mercury Rules The Hands: Describe Yours

elsa handMercury rules the hands. With Mars conjunct Mercury, my hands are typically banged up. Or they may be burned like in the Red Hand Truck story.

They have also been cut (Mars) by an incredible array of sharp things. For example, once I stuck my hand in a blender.

The marquise diamond on the wedding ring from my first marriage cut into my hand and kept it open and bleeding throughout the entire marriage.

With Mercury in the 9th (expands), my hands are large. I’d actually call them “generous”. With Mars conjunct Mercury, they’re inordinately energetic.

Describe your hands and the astrology that goes with…

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  1. Astrology, you mean there is astrology behind it, LOL, I thought it was ethnicity. I am Italian, I talk with my hands. Only kidding.

    I work with my hands, I have mercury in the 10th house conj my MC. Mercury trines my 6th house jupiter/pluto. I have been told I have a therapeutic touch. I love hands on nursing. What else is kinda funny is that I always tell people do not ask me to take care of you small pets and plants, everything I touch dies, plus I’ve hospice nursing. My hands are square, a little on the large size, I have a firm grip and long slender fingers. My jupiter/pluto conj is out of sign, pluto in leo, jupiter in virgo, yes people notice my hands too and always comment on them.

  2. Now you got me thinking. I am a pisces rising, when I get nervous or anxious my palms sweat alot, and I find myself pacing back and forth while wringing my hands, sometimes I feel like I could twist my fingers off.

  3. im sure you know parts of hand are ruled by different planets ie plane of mars
    little finger mercury wedding finger sun (apollo)middle finger saturn
    index finger jupiter
    thumb mars
    base of thumb venus
    cros over to that fleshy bit of other side of hand moon (lunar)
    i find rings on fingers telling!!

  4. ideal being no rings
    rings draw attention to a planet
    most common wedding and sun…blocking what guys not hard to figure?!!

  5. Gemini rising, conjunct 12H Merc in Taurus

    I’ve got large, squarish, earthy looking hands, but I talk with them and I usually have a gadget in at least one. (My shiiiiiiiiny)

    Also my nails tend to be gold or glittery, heehee.

    I haven’t been able to wear rings or bracelets comfortably since I had my carpal tunnel surgery, so I tattooed my inner arms.

  6. my mercury is in aquarius in the 5th with sextile, trine to venus and mars and oppostions to pluto and uranus

    my hands would probably be considered creative looking with longish fingers….lately i’ve taken to wearing an antique indian amethyst ring surrounded by 50 diamonds, marquise cut… and surely my 5th house likes the flattering attention by the sparkling setting! i’ve often worn rings that had some sort of questionable or mysterious karma, for lack of a better word and this might be pluto/uranus….i bought this ring on ebay and later found out the man who sold it was wanted for jewelry theft….

    i detached myself from the karma, though….: )

  7. Mercury in the 10th/Pisces… well.. I’m not sure if it has anything to do with anything… I have always loved giving massages, and people say I do an excellent job. 🙂 I do talk with my hands (but also half Italian 😉 ) I’ve always like learning things in a “hands-on” approach. And I adored taking English Based Sign Language in College… so much more fun actually speaking with the hands than with the mouth.
    My Merc. is also retrograde… what does this do? Anything?

  8. Mercury in Virgo, opposed to Mars. Small hands. Powerful hands. I garden, sculpt, do energy work, these days usually on animals. And yes, I talk with my hands. A lot. I had a very uptight Irish manager once who told me that I was being rude because I gestured towards him during a back and forth where I got written up for something I didn’t do. I had to explain that as a nice Jewish girl from the east coast, talking with my hands was part of my culture, and he couldn’t make me wrong just because our cultures might clash on this subject.

  9. My Mercury is sexy Scorpio, so my hands are always grabbing my husband’s…. taxes, joint finances, will, stocks, bonds… 😀

    And his is in Gemini, he falls asleep with his hands twitching and honestly, though I could describe any other important person in my life’s hands, his I cannot because they are never still.

    Mine are small– there are kids with bigger hands than mine– but I always thought I kinda willed them to be small when I was younger and reading Little Women and books like that and small hands were ladylike (Merc conj Neptune :)). Soft skin, short nails. No claws. But I do like gorgeous rings, Harry Winston stuff.

  10. Another Aquarius Merc in the 5th (hi Lindsey!)conjunct my Sun.

    My hands are quite long with big palms. I’m good at making things, and also talk with my hands – I was quite shocked once when I saw a video of me giving a talk – the hands, the hands, they were up, down, drawing shapes, waving, gesturing non-stop. Oops.

  11. My hands, euhhh, mercury in 5th (in Gemini) and Gemini on cusp of 6th House…I play the piano? not for a living though. And my hands are small, short fingers with a palm that is quite wide. They got hurt quite a bit when I was a child. one piece of finger chopped off in a train door and “poor” old same finger bitten on all its length by a poodle that I’d wanted to pat because he looked so sad…pfff. I don’t take care of my hands (and used to bite my nails – gemini nervosity), but that’s quite in line with my general approach to my health in general.

  12. I have little hands with flexible joints, shortish fingers, lots of lines on the palm and some scars. I don’t like wearing rings, and when I’ve tried to wear polish, it chips within hours. (A coworker who bit her nails to the quick once slammed my hand in a drawer. For months I tried to use polish because because the blood scar was ugly.) I either let my nails grow a centimeter past my fingers or chop them down. I cook, I clean, I draw, I write, I play stringed instruments. Mercury in the 6th on the Aries point, no major aspects to any planets or the angles.

  13. My Mercury is in Pisces in the 5th, conjuct Mars. I too have burned my hands in a nasty hot oil accident and have cut them often, I also have been a life long nail biter to the extreme.

    One way I think that Pisces has influenced my hands was when I was a waitress. My secret weapon was that I made a point to briefly touch just about every person I served. Just lightly, usually on the shoulder, and especially the person I assumed would be paying/tipping. I just thought it made a non-verbal connection, and continued doing so for years because I attributed it to the extraordinary tips I got. 😉

  14. Mercury in Cap, with Sun and Venus, and Mercury is prob my chart ruler

    My hands are quite long and were elegant – now quite wrinkly and veined alas. I no longer wear rings, as they’ve all been lost or stolen – I did have some very lovely ones in the past, mostly antique: my favourite was a cornelian scarab set in a square of silver, which was my Godmother’s and which she gave me for my 13th birthday. It vanished from the house in Italy while I was in England learning to drive.

    I’ve used my hands for a living all my life – either typing or writing (inc typing as part of my publishing, cataloguing, and other publishing work) all typically Mercury-related
    – or doing practical things like sewing, cooking, decorating and gardening – apparently having lots of jobs is typical of a Gemini MC.

    I’ve a couple of deep cuts (from cooking accidents) but my main job-related hand problem is a painful and swollen top joint on the index finger of my right hand, which I’m sure began as a result of the particular publishing work I was doing in the late 80s and early 90s, which involved sending 100s of faxes a week mostly to the US, with the loooong fax numbers involved. Typing doesn’t help – I’m pretty well a 4-finger typist – but spending hours at the fax machine using that finger … !! Ouch

  15. My hands are smallish with long but proportionate fingers. Knuckles tend to get red because I’m always cleaning. My fingernails literally grow like weeds so are usually long, which tends to annoy me once they keep me from doing stuff. They look nice even without polish, but I have friends who spend big bucks to make their nails look like mine so they get exasperated because I don’t usually do anything with them. But when I do, I’m particular–only matte reds. Oh, so used to navigating the world with them until they start curving under, my mom would have a conniption when our kids were infants and I hadn’t gotten around to trimming them down. Kids still have all of their eyeballs intact!

    (Mercury in Leo conjunct Virgo Sun on the Desc and sesquisquare to 1st house Moon.)

  16. I’m just like CArRiE – Merc conj. Mars in Pisces in 5th..perpetual nail biter from birth – to the extent they were actually bloody and awful to look at *hangs head in shame*.

    Also, brittle nails so I has been nearly impossible to have “nice” looking hands.

    Just last year I decided to quit biting, use emollient every night on hands, and voila!, my hands look better..*satisfied sigh*

  17. Curiosity got the best of me, I just checked a mundane chart for the country of Italy drawn in 1871. Mercury in Gemini at 29 degrees in the 9th house.

  18. I have Merc in Gemini in the 1st. My hands are on the small side and right now I have some splits on a couple of fingers due to the dryer weather. I feel my hands are rough from working with them. I too talk with my hands so much that one server had asked if I was deaf,lol.

  19. Small. I like to think they’re graceful, but I could be fooling myself. Plenty of scars; I scar easily and do clerical work so there’s lots of paper cuts that left tracks.
    I always get comments on my nails, even when they’re unpainted (which is most of the time). 🙂

    And I talk with my hands, too. *grins*

    I’m pretty decent with the manual dexterity, yo. I like my hands, they’re both functional and pretty.

    Merc in Leo/2, conjunct sun and Saturn, trine Neptune. I have no clue what that means. *chuckles*

  20. I have very wide square hands that aren’t that long but are very thick. I don’t get much in the way of cuts anymore but I get lots of burns and all my fingers have been broken.

    Merc in Scorp rising inconjunct Saturn in Aries.

    [‘Not much fun really.’]

  21. Huh…I was just talking about hands (and feet) with my bf yesterday, we were discussing the differences in hands and how interesting that is.

    My mercury is in cancer on the MC, square moon and pluto, trine jupiter.

    My hands are very soft, everyone comments on it, kind of dainty compared to my long and wide feet. I think it’s interesting that my Mom’s feet are smaller and daintier than mine and her hands are longer and wider than mine.

    I am an acupuncturist so my soft dainty hands help me quite a bit in my profession!

  22. I have small, well shaped hands. My nails have always grown strong and easily.

    Mercury in Aries, square Jupiter, opp Uranus, trine Midheaven.

  23. Another 5th house Aquarius merc here! How interesting!

    Opal & Misty: I’ve also been told that I have piano hands. 🙂

    I don’t play any instruments… Though I paint and draw alot & do graphic design for a living. I love having wet paint on my hands more than anything. Also love to knead dough & chop vegetables.

  24. Mercury in Pisces, 3rd house, trine Saturn. Very sensitive hands – can feel energies in bodies, plants even stones and personal items sometimes. Square to 1st house Moon – chemical sensitivity, especially when I am stressed brings out nasty, itchy rash that used to last for months sometimes until I had some healing for it. Now it is mostly possible to control and even useful as a stress barometer!

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