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elsa heavenI just got off the phone with a discriminating client. At the end of the conversation, she told me she’d read my book. My reaction when this happens, is silence.

She broke the silence, telling me my book was one of the most enjoyable she’s ever read in her life. She’s got a stellium in Virgo, including Venus and Mars, and she’s a Sun Pluto conjunct in Leo person… in the 9th house. I think this fits!

But then she said she wanted more of my writing. She suggested I sit down and start from my very first memory and document my entire life. The comment hit me, like how does she know? How does she know, I could actually do this? I mean, I have the ability to do this, for sure.

She said she read the book through, non-stop, which people have told me before, though it’s about 600 pages long. She thinks I could write the memoir of all time, which I know sounds over the top, but I think I know what she means.

She also said she left a review so after the call, I went to find it.

“This is a marvelous and fascinating book.

She really suckers you in with outrageous humor and then slams your head into her abusive father.

I have so many questions after reading this.

I was sorry when it ended. I wanted more.”

She suggested I take an hour in the morning and bang it out, in chronological order.

I am seriously considering doing this.  It may be a Jupiter Uranus, thing.

And here is my book: Heaven, I Mean Circle K

13 thoughts on “Writing Idea, Odd & Unprecedented”

  1. I agree with this … it is a vivid and meaningful story. I know you had an editor who quibbled with some things because he thought it went too dark. Well, you made it out the other end, so perhaps it is not so dark?

  2. I heard with writers in general they are kind of possessed by the desire to write.

    I also have this theory that people have one fundamental form of creativity that kind of works for them (much to the chagrin of some that want to do all things!) So writers, artists and musicians. Writers do both fiction and non fiction and they actually care about others, like, engagement and depth. Musicians tend to be seeking something transcendent, and artists tend to be these measured people, like they are analysing everyday situations with a ruler, positive thinkers.

    For me, I have tried my hand at a few things but the only form that takes an emotion from one place and puts it into a more positive place is music. I wonder if since you had the desire to write the book originally, that your channel remains the same and thus, on top of this blog (which seems to be in tune?) if you were to return to writing you would feel that you were doing what you are here to do.

    There is this idea that we shift in life from one way of being to another. But I don’t think we do. I think our energy configuration is set at birth and we never really change. We go through shifts and clearing as such on our spiritual path but without the MECHANICS changing we can’t change, for instance, a musician into an artist.

    Then you have other models I have not considered more deeply such as healers, comedians, and people that are not creatively inclined but generally are devoted to family life and simplicity.

    1. I never had a desire to write a book. I was just having fun on the internet, telling jokes and stories. The book was another person’s idea and vision, entirely. I just created the raw material because it was fun to do. He saw the potential.
      I can tell you for sure, I’d have never had done it on my own. Zero ambition in that regard. I just like to chat and interact.

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    Catherine A Dougherty

    Elsa, you are one of a kind. You are always a good read. Your story is real and it will fascinate/mesmerize.
    I had a near death. It promoted within me natural herbal formulas to make myself/others well. Then it went further by creating a business as a remote healer for 29 years! Life will give and give till you’re “full”. You’re far from done yet. Neither am I. I regularly check your posts as they are my compass. Keep going Elsa! Peace & Love to you!

  4. Yes, pls do it 🙂 I always liked the way you put thoughts in writing, its funny and down to earth at the same time…Life well described is the best telenovel one could wish for…you want more of it…cause Life gets you in ways beyond imagination. I am on for some more of your stories 🫶

  5. After a search, it appears it is only available on Amazon and in Kindle form. Both no gos for me, unfortunately. Unless you can point me to a physical version?
    I had similar experiences being SA’d by my dad. I am also a writer and have been blocked for years, so I’m grateful to see someone has written biographically about this issue. More of us need to. Dad was Piscean and my Chiron is in Pisces 5th house, Mars in Pisces 6th.
    Gathering courage. Thank you for the inspiration!

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