What Rules Bad Luck?

good luck charmHi Elsa,

Is there such a thing as bad luck in astrology? I’m curious, because we’re often told to persevere in face of difficult times but I wonder if it wouldn’t be smart to actually call some things `bad luck’ & move on. What are some signs/aspects/transits that mark bad luck, if you believe there’s such a thing?


This is a great question. I don’t have a definitive answer but I’ll take a run at this off the top of my head and we can see what others think.

Luck is associated with Jupiter. Jupiter is a benefic. Simplistic, maybe, but “benefits” and “luck” are not bad.

If you study tarot or something, you may think in terms of things being “reversed”; but astrology is not tarot.

Vedic astrologers do believe in bad luck… long periods of bad luck but again, Western astrology is not Vedic astrology.

Jupiter is also associated with God who I don’t believe is bad.  You may have less or more luck (or blessings) but I’m not sure this adds up to “anti-luck”.

It may be that “bad luck” is misidentified.   For example, you see someone who seems to have everything. The person appears to win all the time and routinely land on his or her feet. That’s good luck!

Does the person who does not enjoy these things have bad luck?
Or do they simply have heavier burdens or a harder road to hoe?

In my mind, the person who is saddled can have great luck. I’m probably like this myself. I don’t have any bad luck but I do have impediments and hardships, out-of-bounds responsivities and torturing of all kinds. It’s been this way throughout my life but “luck” is not what’s brought this upon me.

My husband feels he has bad luck but I don’t agree.  If luck is a blessing, he was certainly was blessed with looks and brains, creativity, ingenuity, charisma… does this sound like bad luck to you?  He’s dodged countless bullets and gotten away with murder. His life is arduous and always has been, but it’s because he chose the hard road, which he believed he was destined for.   Free will, okay?

I think we’re the same. We both exercised our free will and we’ve both be very, very lucky, throughout our lives. I guess you have to define “bad luck”.  If something bad keeps happening to you, is is bad luck or more a situation where you fail to discern you’re barking up the wrong tree?

I once worked with a man who had looked for a job for three years and found nothing. Is this bad luck?

I don’t think it is.

“You’ve been fishing the same hole the same way for three years. Has it not occurred to you to fish elsewhere or at least change your bait?

There’s another angle worth mentioning. Most people agree, you can have the “bad luck” of being caught in a traffic jam but in reality, you’re being spared the accident you were going to have, a mile down the road. Or maybe you just need to pause a minute?

It almost comes down to your perspective (Jupiter). Glass half-empty or half-full? I’m going with full.

To answer the last part of this question… I think it’s fine and healthy to blow off bad happenings in your life, especially if it only happens once. It’s when you find yourself in the same story, over and over again, you should probably take a look.

But even if you take a look, you may not figure it out. Luckily, some things in life are mysterious.

What do you think about astrology and luck?

11 thoughts on “What Rules Bad Luck?”

  1. I suspect/believe that bad luck and fate are really just karma. We created it. We also have the power to create good karma and good fate and good luck. So we may have to deal with our past karma but we can also create new karma in the process. the problem is if you don’t understand that you might stay stuck in the old karma and just believe that is your fate as opposed to your actual own doing.

  2. I think this is fascinating. I think “bad luck” could be luck misperceived, good luck in disguise, or lessons one might need to keep learning.

  3. I beg to differ on this ,being Indian and having studied Vedic astrology *BASED ON THE ACTUAL or TRUE placement of the Planets*

    Each planet has a plus and a negative.
    Much like human beings,who have both positive and negative qualities.
    What brings out these qualities depends on what’s aspecting the planets.
    According to Indians,both the Nodes North Node Rahu the headless one ,Ketu the South Node depicting the Body are usually considered Malefics.
    If badly aspects to enemy houses.
    Saturn is also considered a malefic.
    Though he also gives very Good results in his house or if placed with a friend or friendly house.
    However Saturn is in Vedic astrology considered to Be The giver of Karma which can be harsh.
    He is a disciplinarian,that’s why he rules government, education,even justice.
    According to Vedic astrology (some) people have 7years of Shani or Saturn this is referred to as 7years of Tribulations or bad luck.
    There are some remedies to pacify Saturn.
    Not wearing his dark colours,Black or dark blue or purple.
    Plus other remedies.
    Even Mars can be considered Malefic,and as I am a Palmist, I remember studying Cheiro at a young age.
    I read the palm of one of my colleagues
    Who told me her husband died in an accident, car crash ,her daughter was injured,only she escaped with a few wounds.
    I found out Mars was strong in her hand with deep furrows and dots marking the lifeline too.
    On asking her birthday, I found out she was *Manglic*
    Something in Indian astrology known as under the strong influence of Mars ,we believe those people should ONLY marry ANOTHER Manglic Person.
    Otherwise the Spouse who is not a manglic would die,or suffer a terrible fate under Mars heavy influence.
    After researching this, many many cases this is true.
    Even a close friend of mine who is born on April 13 th ,ARIES has heavy Mars ,he has had multiple accidents , freak accident,broken bones,can barely walk ,and now stroke.
    I truly believe negative aspects of natural malefic planets can cause”bad Luck” or Unlucky events in a Person’s life .

      1. No not all Aries are manglic.
        Mangal Dosha can affect other signs too, there is no generalisations.
        Here is a simplified explanation of what is ” Manglic Dosha”
        Manglik Dosha occurs specifically when Mars manifests in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th houses of the individual’s birth chart. Mars can also become malefic when it is in conjunction with other malefic and inauspicious planets. It is a fiery planet and a person with Manglik Dosha inherits this fiery trait. Mars also represents ego, arrogance and unpredictable temper. When Mars is the ruling planet in one’s horoscope, he/she tends to be hot-tempered and egotistical. Such a person thus finds it difficult to compromise with his/her partner. For this reason, a marriage where one of the partners has Manglik Dosha may face many problems.

        Hence it is advised to marry another Manglic ,so both partners are strong enough to bear the brunt of Mars aspect.
        That’s why many (Not all), suffer from accidents, burns, painful divorce.
        Fights or situations of abuse.

        There are remedies for this placements in Vedic astrology

  4. For perspective, remember Cormac McCarthy’s great line: “You never know what worse luck your bad luck has saved you from.”

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