Does Your Lover Secretly Hate You?

Is your friend or partner constantly criticizing or complaining about you? Chances are they don’t even like you!  I received a tip for this video, the other day.  The gal said, when she initially watched the video, it was too wild to be believed… but then this happened to her!

Hear this: people date and marry people they don’t like all the time. Take two minutes to watch this video and spare yourself tons of pain and horror!

Also, you may be the one full of hate. Check yourself!

Have you ever tried to have a relationship with someone who has contempt for you?

66 thoughts on “Does Your Lover Secretly Hate You?”

  1. It goes for family members too. One of my blood brothers, who is a Sun in Taurus, doesn’t like that I’m too changeable (how Taurus is that?) and ignores me. He may feel he has to care for me as a family member, but he doesn’t like me as a person at all!

  2. Peter Kramer discusses this in his book, “Should You Leave?”. Contempt for people we love is better understood as a projection of contempt for oneself. We hate ourselves but we are denial about that; we aren’t yet ready to own our shortcomings so we “see” them in our partner where we can then despise them. It’s shadow material.

  3. People who don’t like me try to be my friend all the time. It’s very strange.
    So I recognize it and I keep them at a distance. This doesnt mean they stop persisting though.
    It’s just funny to me because when I decide I don’t like someone I go out of my way to avoid them!

  4. Sadly, I have experienced this twice. I was in a 18-year marriage to a man who literally hated my guts but made me think he loved me. He had Sun, Moon, Mercury, Neptune, North Node in Scorpio. He hated me because he was jealous of my self-confidence (Sun in the 1st house, Venus in Leo) but it took me years to see what he was doing to sabotage me. I was literally sleeping with the enemy. I had to move 2200 miles away to get free of him.

  5. the charisma thing happens with women too. If you, as a woman, are more charismatic, than the man you are with they are often jealous of the attention. But jealous because they want the attention on them, not you!

  6. the one keep bumping into is ending up friends with women who i later find out dont like their boyfriends/husbands. which makes sense, my mother openly verbaly abused my dad and didnt think much of him even though he’s a good man.

  7. I just re-watched this video and I have to say, this is so true.

    My sister is – in my opinion – always so full of contempt for my success, that I have stopped telling her about the successes I have. She won’t cheer me on, she will just sulk in jealousy and some form of righteous anger in silence later on.

    It’s come to a point where we are not talking, and I have had to pull back, so completely, that the only way we are in any form of communication, is through my BF, because I became so anxious of her jealousy and accompanying rage, that I can’t deal with it anymore. Despite cheering HER on all the time, she offers nothing in return. I have a Libra Moon, so I have tried to be polite when setting my boundaries (and the fact that I HAVE to set a boundary up towards her, is quite simply abominable in my eyes, as she is apparently so uncivilised that it’s even nessecary.) She is an angry Aries Moon that won’t back down but then clams up and break down. Of course we have the same traumas, but hers is not nearly as resolved as mine apparently are.

    From what my BF tells me about her words in their correspondence, just confirms what you say in the video. She has been badmouthing me to a point, where he is starting to become sad when he reads a mail from her, because she is apparently using him as a dumping ground for her misdirected anger towards herself.

    It’s come to a point where I know that is her behaviour continues, none of us can continue on this path with her and will have to disconnect with her completely.
    It’s exhausting and she is exasperating.

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