What Happened During Your Saturn Return?

Saturn PlanetFrom an email…

“I’d like to read about everyone’s Saturn Return experiences. I have a slight case of anxiety about mine coming up here pretty soon but I am ready. There are changes within myself I need to make and I hope my return will push me into it. Has anyone come out of it with a positive experience, or did it take years after to realize the affects it had? I’m hoping to come out with more confidence and faith in myself.”

What happened at your Saturn Return (roughly age 27 1/2 to 30 years old)?

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  1. l felt like getting serious about my life!
    l wanted to commit for real in a couple of months we moved in together and had a big party celebrating our love sort of a wedding party where we also performed.
    we started a band and performed.
    l felt l needed to get serious about creativity and share it with a big group of friends/people….it went from there! It was a good time for me! l finally felt l was a part of something and it made me really happy! l have lost being a part of something now… l would not worry about the Saturn return it could be a really great time!
    l have Saturn Leo 11th h.

  2. I went back to university after 7 years away from school, I moved out of my party house with lots of druggie roomates and into a quiet residence on campus. I had lived out west for 7 years but moved 4590 miles east upon graduation to get away from the coke scene, basically couch surfed until I worked my tail off to get a “real” job. That took almost a year. I got into the hottest relationship of my life with a total commitment-phobe for two years and on my 29th birthday (9/11, btw) I met a really nice guy. But I stayed with Mr. Smooth Moves until I was (no joke) hit by a bus the following March. The bus incident left me unable to work for six months and I had a lot of time to think. Then one late evening on my front steps after a great time I suddenly told hotness to never call me, never show up at my house, never try to seek me out again – we’re done. Then I immediately sought out the nice guy who was wondering all that time if I would ever call him. Thank god I did. We got married shortly after. Still have the man, still have the job, I never could have predicted any of it but I’m soo happy now. Basically my saturn return got me up off my a$$ and going on things that were real, not superficial.

  3. I’m about to go through mine in October and I’m am already starting to feel it. Not sure what to expect. . . . .

  4. I’m 29 years old now so I guess I’m going through Saturn right now (my natal Saturn is at 8 degree Saggitarius). I finished a Master program abroad then flied back home, moved to a city far away from where I used to live, 1 year ago. It’s been a really hard time for me when I thought I learned so much to grow into a more matured person, problems appeared in my relationship with my family, who meant everything to me but has completely brought me down recently leading me to think more seriously about having a small family of my own. lies, coldness, abuses in family, evil relatives…clearly show dark and material side of life, which I didn’t have the experience of dealing with previously. I’m expecting changes in my career though.

  5. Hello. I have Saturn kicked my butt several times. I am 63 and have gone through two Saturn Returns. First Saturn Return my husband was killed tragically, leaving me with a 2 and 1/2 yr old. Much more to that story. I was 26 yrs old.
    Second Saturn Return, my son got married and I lost several members of my family, since I am the youngest one. Everyone has passed from illness.Parents, sisters, brothers in laws, etc.

    My Saturn is in Libra in the 4th House. I have had several relationships and have never remarried.

  6. Quoting Arte Johnson, from the TV show Laugh In (1967-1971): “Verrry innnteresting..” 😉
    *he’s been on my mind, lately*

  7. My saturn return completely destroyed my life. I used to be married, live in a 3 floor house, part of a church with friends and close family ties and helped in my community and had just graduated university as a late bloomer. All of the above mentioned were obliterated.

    – Married, but now divorced…but that wasn’t enough, my ex wife spread rumours around and broke up all the close friends and family relationships, i now don’t even consider my family as family anymore, and that’s both sides of my family.

    – 3 floor house, but now been homeless for 7 years.

    – Part of a church, but obviously i gave up that belief in such nonsense after what i was experiencing.

    – i do not help anyone anymore unless truly compelled to.

    – after years of dead end jobs and ending self defeating beliefs, i plucked up the courage to go to university, but had to start from the very bottom, taking various studying courses to get entry to university. After graduating as one of the top in my class, then the saturn return kicked in. Didn’t manage to get a career because all hell was breaking loose, and everything i tried to do was blocked…. eventually all that i had studied had disappeared from my mind. I also had mental blocks due to stress and began having memory problems regularly.

    to add to this i had to watch and take care of my mother as she was deteriorating from liver complications, for which she had transplants.

    i used to be very confident and out-going…
    now some days i wonder why i live…

    im in a much worse off situation than ive ever been…

    dont know why im seeing so much positive stuff on the internet about saturn being a teacher and giving gifts of some sort, when it has clearly brought me nothing but pain and disappointment and has robbed me of everything i worked so hard to get.

    Now im just lost… saturn is a fucking piece of shit!

  8. I’m in my saturn return right now and it’s been devastating. My now ex boyfriend broke up with me not long after getting pregnant and changed his number didn’t hear a word from him. That in itself broke me to be dumped like that and then 4 days ago I find out VIA Facebook that weeks later he was already in another relationship and that he has been diagnosed with stage 3 stomach cancer .I’ve never felt so heart brokenhearted in my life. Right now I’m depressed and can’t think straight. This saturn return broke me and can’t wait for this Saturn return to be over.

    1. Vicky87, he may be claiming “stomach cancer” so you don’t pursue child support. I don’t want to upset you further but be aware, people do things like this. I’m sorry. 🙁

  9. I got engaged, married, became a television producer, and moved to LA. Right before I turned 31, my dad became what was to be fatally ill, I got pregnant, we bought our first house, the LA Riots happened, I got my first network writing job, my baby was born and my dad died 3 weeks later.

    This was 27.8-32–not exactly sure when my SR was but this had to be it.

  10. My second Saturn return was a doozy! Having been married for a few decades and raising six children, my relationship with my husband had been a certain dynamic. He’s a Leo I’m Aquarius. He tended to be dominant, confident, in control, yet a playful loving father. Circumstances led to me finally speaking up for myself and no longer tolerating certain behaviors. I was so unaccustomed to standing my ground that at times it felt physically painful and I just wanted to give up since it took so much energy to do so. I kept telling myself to stay the course. After about three years, the dynamic shifted to a more equal give and take relationship. I’m almost a different person and the marriage is stronger than ever. BTW, I journal my dreams and they helped me immensely with revealing the core issues and giving me guidance.

  11. I got in my first serious-serious relationship, which resulted in marriage. Started out long distance, and lasted more than 3 months – which was my max in all previous relationships. Ended up dropping out of school to go live with him. We got married when I was 31, which was now over 4 years ago. I’ve got Venus-Saturn signatures in my chart.

  12. Sagittarius Saturn on 10H and 11H cusp.

    First Saturn Return: lost two jobs; miscarried; father-in-law died; began a term pregnancy; bought first house.
    Second Saturn Return: as a divorcee, I moved to a new city and bought a smaller house; began a new personal relationship.

  13. 1st Saturn return – got drunk and crashed my motorcycle, 2 weeks in hospital, 2 months recovering and 3 month lose of license! People were not happy with me!

    2nd Saturn return – overtired and rolled a full 44ft rear trailer, no damage to myself this time. People were not happy with me!

  14. When I had my son I stopped working and decided to stay home (2 years prior to Saturn return). When my Saturn Return came, I got a call from my old boss who asked me to come back to work to help him in a new position (promotion) and I had a new house built.
    My Saturn in Scorpio, 6th house.

  15. I let go of my lifelong dream up until that point… stopped trying to fix what was broke, consolidated, moved home to get my shit/finances together (Saturn in 2nd) and began a new personal era shaping with new values

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    Elizabeth McGee

    I have had two Saturn Returns. Both dealt with losing my job. The first was losing my job, plus traveling to Europe for the first time. The second , again, was losing my job. The company was sold. Saturn (Taurus) is in my 12th house. It is in an exact conjunction with Jupiter. Will have my third return in about six years. However, I feel as though I have experienced a “dry run” of the next return. Transiting Saturn (Aquarius) has been giving my 10th house a mega work over the last two years.

  17. Saturn in Sagittarius 10th house. 1st Saturn return went back to school full time and many changed relationships. 2nd Saturn return…training customers online and many changed relationships! Going back to school at 29 allowed me to work from home since Covid March 2019

  18. Starting at 27-
    All my traumas came back to haunt me
    I developed what I call “feeble baby syndrome (I felt hopeless)
    Had contemplative thoughts of hurting myself
    Lost the person I fell in love with (thought so was going to marry this person)
    My childhood dog died
    I was arrested
    Almost set my face on fire
    Moved back home to my parents
    Lost friends
    Created new ones
    Learned that my mind is the greatest strength to my well-being
    Learned to see the silver lining through any situation if stared into the abyss long enough
    Realized that I am not victim
    Realized that I can conquer if I face my fears
    Forcing shit doesn’t create change, steady paces do the trick
    Entered therapy with a psychotherapist
    Dove more into stoic philosophy
    I’m in a great place now. I feel the strongest I ever have with that I overcome.
    I’m redirecting my arrow and perspective.
    I just turned 30 last month.

  19. I cut loose a relationship that was going nowhere but was hanging on to because of fear of real intimacy. I let it go. He sniffed around a time or two but I held strong and ended up with my eventual husband two years later.

  20. My first Saturn return I quit drinking (I was going to die, that kind of alcoholic) and a year later moved to Italy to live with an Italian I’d met in a chat room. All of this was terrifying but I had to do something radical!

    I’m in the last month of the 1st year of my 2nd Saturn return now. I’ve shed a lot of “wants” and “needs” and am ready to find a tiny home and live as simply as possible. I’ve divorced my blood relatives this year ( without drama, I’m just not here for them anymore) and am loving my friends, attempting to be less judgmental and enjoy life (Capricorn sun, Scorpio rising, Moon in Cancer.) I’m a human doing rather than human being and instead of urging myself to relax I’m just being me.

  21. At my first return, I moved from Nebraska to Los Angeles with my husband and two kids aged 2 and 4. I’m still here but looking to change that up as this City has run its course for us.
    The second return was more problematic as I see it now. Changed career completely and had a big fight in my faith community. Made the mistake of expecting them to practice what they were preaching. 13 years later, I am happy I made the big moves I did and looking forward to my final Saturn return!
    Do not fear! Whatever happens, you CAN handle it. It’s all good in hindsight and you will continue to get stronger and happier as you overcome all adversity!

  22. I got clean off drugs, i had a baby, and i went to prison for an old warrant from when I was messed up on the drugs and had committed a crime… they went easier on me because i had straightened out my life, went back to school and had a family but still I had to pay my dues. I never looked back thank god for it every day 🙏🏼 saturn 2 cancer on the cusp 7 and 8th houses in a T square with pluto and venus

  23. I got divorced from my first husband. Lived on my own away from family, truly learning who I was. Met & married my second husband and had my first baby girl.

  24. Left abusive marriage, got a CDL license, made it through court, bought my home, acquired real Estate license, septic inspector license
    And eventually got state certification from state for Real estate appraisal.Took on
    Work as town board of health agent
    However , not yet using anything but CDL
    Grab job immediately as judge so I can just sell my house needed a paycheck I get in a groove and I can’t get out I’m hoping I change lanes soon as the work I Have is keeping me solo, wanting a change

  25. During my second Saturn return (second house) in 2013, my spouse and I left the large city where we had lived in for 30 and 23 year respectively. We had jobs with corporate health care.

    I had a great urgency to leave. All of our parents had passed on and there was no need to be living near a big airport. We were moving to an area where my spouse lived as a free spirit during the 1970s. My spouse refused to pack or to help in any way. Instead of seeing this as an obstacle, I saw it as an opportunity to do things my way and not spend time debating tactics. In 2 months, I had a job, housing and the old house (with 20 years of stuff) was packed up and sold.

    Everything changed. We moved to what I called “the end of the world” where the nearest Costco is 200 miles. We first moved into an old mining housing located at the foot of the Sierras. My closest friend is an individual that left her big city job to become a cowgirl and embrace the equine lifestyle. My spouse works on his music fulltime. I took on new work roles and acquired skills that never would have been available to me due to my lack of educational degrees and access in the big city.

    My assessment of my second Saturn return is that there is great change accompanied by hard work. I have no regrets. My spouse after the move, told me that coming back to his old stomping grounds and renewing old friendships was the best thing ever.

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    I made the biggest mistake of my life at 26 right before my 27th birthday. I’m 29 and I’ve spent the last couple years coming to terms with my decisions, mistakes, and regrets. I have grown up so much these last couple years. I don’t think I knew who I was or what my purpose in life was until my Saturn return. So although it hasn’t been easy I am grateful for the experience. I am a 6th/7th house cusp 0 degree Saturn in Pisces.

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    Deborah Strifler

    I haven’t had trouble with the 1st or 2nd return. Oh, I’ve had problems in life, but at these times I didn’t. I’m very religious and always try to go in the direction that God is telling me. My first return was having my 2nd child and finishing my Masters while I was busy teaching 3rd grade. My second return, I was getting ready to retire from teaching and wanting to work in a nursing home doing Activities with the elderly. A lot of people were discouraging me, but it was a 20 hr. workweek. The pay was horrible, but it was very fulfilling.

  28. I got married. My relationship with my siblings pretty much completely fractured. I pretty much distanced myself from my own family (officially moved out at 28), and through therapy brought light onto a lot of the unhealthy dynamics which contributed to my personality. I also fully embraced being a full-time artist (though still working on it). My Saturn is in the 3rd house in Aquarius.

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    Happy Saturn Return

    I had been in a tumultuous mental and emotional state since puberty. Awful depression. I was dreading my Saturn return because at the same time Pluto would be squaring my 12th House Moon. I couldn’t imagine how my life could get any worse, and I was told on this blog that, in fact, it would get much worse.

    I’m about to turn 29, I’ve currently been disconnected from astrology and spirituality for 2 years (best decision ever made, even though it was hard at first), and I just remembered that I’m supposed to be experiencing this awful period when in fact, it’s been the complete opposite. For the first time since I was a child I can truly say that I’m happy and content and at peace with the world. Everything has been falling into place.

    I hope this comment helps at least one of you to get far away from people that only speak of doom. They may feel they have the authority on it because it’s been *their* experience, but it does not have to be yours.

  30. My first Saturn return was quite traumatic I would say. It conjuncted my natal pluto Saturn conjunction in 4th house and it just brought chaos. The last three years before the return I had been working really hard, long hours and I was expecting to go to something better but I ended up unemployed and struggling. It didn’t bring marriage or family either. It made me want to be left alone since I had no job or money.
    Saturn is pure evil

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