Jupiter Conjunct Uranus: Off-Ramps To Freedom Everywhere

The Jupiter Uranus conjunction is wrapping up but there is still a chance to make a quantum leap in your life. Jupiter expands.  It also leaves. If that’s confusing just consider a wild horse.

The horse expands by exploring what is over the next horizon.  If the current conditions are bad or unsatisfactory in some way, a Jupiter type will leave on faith, feeling optimistic and willing to gamble on what might be ahead.

Like anything else, the urge to leave can become pathological but this post is on the positive potentials of this aspect because at this very moment, there are off-ramps to freedom everywhere.

There are two ways to work this aspect and it’s possible to hit them both which is what I am going to do. One is to stay where you’re at but expand your reach.  The other is to leave your location or current MO, trusting that what what you’ll find over the horizon will be positive.

In my case, I am going to stay on this blog but I had an impulse to quit making remarks on the state of our society.  This type content does not dominate the blog but there has been consistent and significant offerings on this topic, particularly in the the last three years and I’ve decided to give it up.

The fear is that there will be nothing to take it’s place but this is not what has or will manifest. The universe will always fill a void for one thing but besides that, throughout my life I have always moved on when the time came to do so.

A good example of this would be my travel to Mexico. I have made 30 or 40 trips to Mexico but the last time I was there, I looked around and knew I’d never be back.  It’s years later now and this has held true.

Making this choice has not hindered me when it comes to travel. After all, this is a big (Jupiter) world.  The same is true when it comes to topics on the blog. If I don’t write about one thing, it does not preclude me from writing about another.

If you want to make a quantum leap towards your liberated (Uranus) future (Jupiter), you’ve got to be willing to leave your current pasture or mindset.  Some people are more geared to this than others but that aside, you can’t go anywhere new if you won’t go anywhere new.

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14 thoughts on “Jupiter Conjunct Uranus: Off-Ramps To Freedom Everywhere”

  1. I’m just watching for the exit sign… Hubby just went back to work, and is waiting to find out when he leaves for Florida for a 3 week job, that could turn into a 3 month job, or possibly a year long job… So many ‘if’s’ that it’s impossible for me to ‘plan’ anything… Not complaining, just wish I had a clearer view of the horizon!

  2. Me and my friend dicided yesterday to open a vintage store online. We will try atleast. I think we can do well, we both have great taste(arrogant I know:)) and great eye for value.My taurus mars has to give in someway. I am super exited, and willing to take the risk that it might fail. Sending reg papers tomorrow. And I am applying for a job I think I might be able to get to , going there personally tomorrow.

  3. I thought you were writing this piece for me..whew!

    I’m quitting teaching at the local women’s college – even though I’m good at it, I found my integrity was being compromised and I have NO authority. That’s demoralizing and unprofessional, so after 6 yrs. I’m out the door.

    Also, I’ve decided to take a break teaching Yoga and focus on my own practice. Not sure how long this will last, but it feels right for now.

    I have faith and trust that whatever is coming next will fill that void of time and who knows what will come next?? *eager smiles*

  4. It just happened. Yes, it’s true. After 20 months of the depression/stagnation of unemployment, the shift occurred.
    A friend had offered me temporary, part time work to start in Feb some time. I had already arranged to get training on computers, to start next week, just so I could expand my employment horizons, and tonight he came over, and there are some changes in his office, and he will need me earlier. He wants me to continue with the training because it might help him later on, so here I go.
    Thanks Elsa, there were a lot of times where I have been truly, deeply questioning whether or not things would ever start to move again. Because of this site, learning about astrology has explained so much of my past. By telling me of the future, astrologically, its helped me open up to the possibility of things being able to shift. Thank you.

  5. “You can go with THIS, or you can go with THAT. Or you can go with THIS, or you can go with THAT. -Black Sheep

    My son’s contribution, offered as commentary tonight when I figured out I was in a very stuck place. In spite of the considerable progress and opportunities on many fronts, I was really feeling stuck. Looked at the transits and see that Saturn is conj. moon in 12th Libra, and will be moving through the house for the next two years. Also still square natal Saturn (which is conj. sun) in capricorn.

    Just saying. There’s the possibility of committing to the new and different while not denying the fact that I’m feeling down and running into some old heavy. There is a decided urge to quit, and retreat, it seems. I’m not gonna do that, but I’m not gonna deny that I can see the storm clouds brewing. It has always been a fear of mine that if I really let myself FEEL what I have to feel I’ll not be able to function day to day. Here it comes again, and I’m going to experiment with giving myself more emotional range inside, and keeping my life focused on what’s good for me outside (keep it simple, do the dishes, stay out of trouble at work…:-})

  6. Carrie, good to hear your husbands work is panning out:)

    I’m off to pastures new – don’t know anyone there, but yeah, I have faith. It’s not happening fast enough though, and I’m stamping and snorting at the gate. Sag, Jup, Uranus – I haz it!!

  7. this transits my 5th, trine my natal jupiter-uranus in sag conjunction to ascendant. my capacity to enjoy life, love it, appreciate, express it, is growing, developing.

    it’s not that my mood has lifted, but my faith and inner resolve is solidifying. i reached a new point in my grief over my dad, who passed away in 2007. i loved him so deeply, and i didn’t know just how much till last night.

  8. Mena, I can relate. I just had Saturn square Saturn, and it’s now in my 12th (it’s also going to move back for another square, I think).

    Jupiter/Uranus in my 5th. The love life side of things, I don’t like – that’s been icky since Uranus entered my 5th. I’m more creative again, though, and am trying to keep things simple, like mena – I’m just trying to keep my head above water right now.

  9. I have horses and lately they have been very not tame even though they are quite ancient now , I really don`t have an answer for it . One of my never finished poems is called planet of horses , its where they look when out in the field sometimes when the wind blows the right way.

  10. Being a Gemini man I love Sagittarian/Jupiter energy!

    I once had a Sagittarius friend who left all his ‘friends’ once that were using him for his money. That’s a horse for you! He got better friends and I love that about Jupiter energy; if you don’t like the current place or person you’re with, then leave! It’s a big world and there are
    better people to be with so why stay with people who try to use you or just plain never liked you in the first place?

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